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Honey, if you’re craving a hearty helping of life advice, or even just a good laugh, you’re in the right place. I’ve created a network of female writers who want to help others discover the strong, powerful woman inside themselves…and to set that woman free. Together, we want to help you live the “delicious” life—and we’ve got a heaping plate of inspiration peppered with positive advice, stories, articles, artwork and more. We want you to get real; to discover your strength, grow from your mistakes and love yourself from the inside out. Even when you see your reflection in a fun house mirror (eek!). We’re singers, dancers, athletes, chefs, beauticians, social media experts, spiritual gurus and business professionals. Yet we’re students and teachers. Some of us have acne scars; some of us have stretch marks and strawberry-shaped birthmarks. We’re not airbrushed. We don’t pretend to be perfect. We laugh at our flaws and hope you’ll laugh along with us. We experience life’s obstacles on a daily basis, yet we find a way to survive and help others to do the same. We try not to take life too seriously. We learn to enjoy it a little more each day.