Gurpreet shokar

hi i'm gurpreet and i live in england, i have 2 siberian huskys and love shopping i'm 20 years old and go to collage i would love to move to america and start my hairdressing business! i love meeting new people and love to chat lol :)i love animals as i got 2 siberian huskys, i love reading and shopping, i love to meet new people and have a nice chat, i'm fasinated by america would love to live there!Laughing 
  • Chicken Curry Recipe

    Chicken Curry

    Chicken Curry is delicious dish from Punjab. Specially great for marriage festival holiday.
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  • Indian Aam Lassi Recipe Video

    Indian Aam Lassi

    A glass of chilled mango shake or aam lassi is the ultimate refreshment for any hectic summer day. The fresh flavor of ripe mango makes it more attractive. Watch the video to learn the easy process...
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