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Greek Cookery brings to you an authentic collection of the best Greek recipes and cooking. Greeks are known for their beauty. So don't you want to know their secret foods that are responsible for their beauty and health? Visit Greek Cookery for a wide range of excellent Greek recipes that make up an extraordinarily tasty menu. Try out a Lamb In Casserole, Pecan Bars, or Stuffed Fish from Greek Cookery. You'll surely want to try more and more Greek recipes after that.
  • Salt Cod and Potato Gratin with Garlic and Herbs Recipe

    Salt Cod and Potato Gratin with Garlic..

    Rinse all the loose salt off the bakalidros, salt cod side, then soak for 24 hours. Some people put it in a large bowl under running water, but I prefer an even larger bucket, as you can cover the...
    By : Greek Cookery

  • Bogue or Trout in Walnut Sauce Recipe

    Bogue or Trout in Walnut Sauce

    Chop the fish roughly then squeeze in your hand to remove excess liquid. Take bunches of chopped fish and press into balls about 5 cm (2m) across, according to the number to be served. Roll them in...
    By : Greek Cookery