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We have a great passion for good food, good wine and good company. Our activities combine all these elements in a traditional Tuscan setting, the Villa Pandolfini. With a great team of people around us, wonderful clients (though we would prefer to call them our friends!) and a true passion for what we are doing, this is what has made us the success we are today.
  • Cooking Classes In Tuscany Ribollita Part -1 Recipe Video

    Cooking Classes In Tuscany Ribollita P..

    GETTING READY 1.Peal the carrots. 2.Wash the celery and separate the stems from the leaves. 3.Peel the onions 4.Chop the celery, onions and carrots, zucchini and potatoes in small equal sized...
    By : GoodTastesofTuscany  

  • Quick Coccoli Recipe Video

    Quick Coccoli

    When you wish to serve something different from all that you have been serving, what do you prefer? We have a very nice video on how to make coccoli-the bread dough dumplings that go very well with...
    By : GoodTastesofTuscany