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Make Sure You Eat These 10 Foods In 2013

You are past health resolutions for the New Year and want some really healthy tips to see you through your busy daily life. Well, it cannot get any easier than this. Just pick up these 10 foods and add them to your diet as per your convenience and you are set... -

Where To Eat When At Guantanamo Bay

The words Guantanamo Bay do not conjure up a very pleasant image for people what with criminals of varying degrees reside their. However, for people, like journalists, who have to visit the island base for professional reasons, of course, here are the ten... -

10 American Restaurants Going For A Makeover

Restaurant chains all over the country are undergoing makeovers these days, in order to stay popular. Whether it is a new logo, new interiors or new menu design, your favorite restaurants are attempting to adapt to the changing times. What’s your verdict? ... -

10 Healthy Ways To Cut Your Grocery Bill

Grocery bills can be intimidating because even if you are the type who eats at home most of the days, the rising prices of basic commodities forces you to pay through your nose for your family's food expenses. While the supermarkets and local... -

How To Shed Super Bowl Calorie Count

The U.S. Calorie Control Council (CCC) says that an average American gobbles up 1,200 calories while watching the Championship Game. Most of these calories come from chicken wings, potato and tortilla chips, beer, and pizzas. Clearly, we are not talking about... -

Top 10 Most Popular Street Foods

Here is a list of some of the most popular street foods from different corners of the world. You may or may not have already had a taste of these but what is guaranteed is the fact that each one of these street foods has a long cultural history behind it. So,... -

Taiwan Gets World's First Barbie Cafe

After burning its hands with a similar concept cafe in Shanghai, China in 2009, toy giant Mattel has decided to open a Barbie Cafe in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. This Barbie-themed restaurant is expected to establish Barbie as a leading fashion brand, not... -

How To Eat Less

Stress often leads us to eat more food, even when we don’t want to. A recent study, published in “Psychological Science” journal, shows that people seek out more high-calorie foods during difficult times. However, if you are serious about sticking to... -

Top 10 Takeaways Ordered During 2012

Throughout 2012, people ordered takeaways every other day. With user-friendly mobile phone apps and better varieties of tablets and PCs, it became easier to order out after a hard day at work. So, what did people eat during 2012. Which foods caught their... -

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That Ketchup Ain't ‘dead’ Yet

We have all had our brush with something rotten in the pantry, refrigerator or in the kitchen. More often than not, when we stock up the pantry and refrigerator, it is with the intention to eat it all. It goes without saying that when this intention remains... -

National New England Clam Chowder Day

Celebrate Clam Chowder day on January 21, 2013 if you are a true American. People who enjoy this creamy bowl of broth will surely find ways to get their hand at some chowder on the National New England Clam Chowder Day. If you know how to cook this popular... -

Wild Creatures Go 'shopping' In Supermarkets

Have you ever seen animals and birds roaming around supermarkets? Well, watching a zebra, a raven or a tiger picking up groceries or meat products at a supermarket near you may be something you have always imagined, there is one person, Agan Harahap, a... -

Right Health Tips For A Normal Pregnancy

It is every woman’s dream to enjoy a healthy pregnancy and a normal delivery. Every expecting mother is entitled to it, provided she follows the right health tips, as given below: (health, pregnancy) -

Celebrities Show You How To Cure Hangover

Everybody has a homemade cure of hangover. From raw eggs to orange juice, you may already have your own list of hangover cures but when you have celebrities teaching you how to avoid hangover the next morning, you ought to listen. (cure, hangover) -

10 Tips To Stick To Your New Year Health Resolutions

Every year-end, you make resolutions for better health and well-being but by the time New Year celebrations are over, you find yourself already backing off. The resolutions are simple - regular exercise, eating healthy and no smoking or drinking - but each... -

Top 10 Unlikely Wonderful Dishes Of 2012

Restaurants around the world have been busy dishing out food that looks scary but is tasty too. While your fork may hesitate to plunge into the plate, but once you do, there is no turning back because these are 10 of the most unlikely wonderful dishes of the... -

Most Outrageous Fast Food Offerings Of 2012

In the simple sense of the word, the year 2012 has been an outrageous one as far as fast food goes. It is not just about the amount of food, but also about the various permutations and combinations, that has lifted the fast food scene to new extremities. US... -

How To De-stress During Holidays

Holidays are generally a time to unwind and relax but often, when on a vacation, you end up facing a lot of stress on account of many factors. That is how your holidays go down the drain, but not anymore. Here are ten ways in which you can de-stress yourself... -

Red & Green Superfoods For Christmas

Christmas is a day when you give in to your most wildest fantasies regarding food. How about you make this day an epitome of health in your life? Well, you can surely imbibe some red & green spirit of Christmas to your food too. Here is how: ... -

Top 10 Foods To Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer cases are reaching alarming levels in the world and by 2020, the "World Health Organization (WHO)" predicts that one in every eight women will be at risk of this disease during her life. While treatments are available for women... -

Drink In The Christmas Spirit With These Beverages

No Christmas party is going to be complete without set of drinks laid out on the table, which helps guests break the ice as well as set the atmosphere for the rest of the evening. People are going to ask for a variety of drinks to go with their Christmas... -

Celebrate Gluten-free Christmas With These Recipes

People suffering from Celiac disease are advised to avoid all gluten, which is a type of protein found in wheat, barley, rye and triticale. As a result, such patients find it difficult to enjoy a festive occasion like Christmas because the ready-to-eat... -

10 Must-try Christmas Cocktails From San Francisco

If you are fed up with the traditional creamy eggnog or hot buttered rums for Christmas, here are some of the choicest new winter cocktails to keep you warm as it gets colder out there. Keep in mind that these cocktails are on offer at different bars and... -

Some Christmas Fun With Bizarre Holiday Candies

What is Christmas without a bit of humor? To help you get a humorous start to this year’s Christmas festivities (if you haven’t already started) is a bunch of bizarre holiday treats. You can stuff these into the stockings, pack them up as gifts, or... -

10 Things You Don’t Know About The Fast Food Industry

How often do you visit a fast food joint? Quite frequently, right? But did you know that there are still some things that your favorite fast food chain is hiding from you, for their own good, obviously? Well, here are the 10 things that the fast food industry... -

How To Drink Enough Water Daily

Every time someone tells you to drink plenty of water daily, you groan and think how are you going to put that much water in. Obviously, drinking water is not like drinking wine or a cola. Water is tasteless, odorless, and, therefore, not much of an incentive... -

Top 10 Foods That Cause Your Chef To Sweat

Have you ever wondered what your chef goes through to put that delicious-looking meal in front of you? Well, it is not always a hunky dory experience because sometimes, even a professional chef has to struggle when he is faced with some really difficult and... -