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The Sedar Plate & Passover Symbols

Do you know why certain foods are a part of The Sedar Plate, a symbol of liberation of Jewish people from Egyptian slavery? (passover, plate) -

10 Smart Ways To Snack On Easter

On Easter this year, chocolates are going to be aplenty – so you would, of course, want to eat as much as you can. After all, who can say no when it comes to chocolates, right? Well, now you can because you have 10 smart ways to snack on Easter chocolates... -

Drop Empty Calories From Your Easter Brunch

An Easter brunch does not necessarily mean empty calories. The reason you feel sluggish after an Easter meal, usually a brunch, is these empty calories, which come from too much fat, too much sugar, too much oil, too much cream. Now, you don’t have to miss... -

Holi Foods - What To Eat, What Not To Eat

Holi is often associated with lots of food and revelry, and you are tempted to gorge upon all those rich and sugary treats, which you otherwise can't. However, there is a catch! Not all the food that you eat is going to do you good. If you think... -

Top 10 Sweet Ways To Celebrate Holi

What is Holi without plates full of sweets? You may be the typical sugar-phobic person rest of the year but come Holi and your sweet tooth starts to tingle, right? Well, we are not going to give you any savory recipes for your Holi party this year. All you... -

Bollywood Celebrities's Holi Food Plans

Bollywood celebrities usually face tremendous pressure to look good. Because of their demanding profession, they are not able to enjoy their favorite dishes as frequently as the lesser mortals like you and me. Therefore, when a festive occasion like Holi is... -

Purple Recipes For Your Pink Health

Purple foods are rich in Anthocyanins, the health-promoting chemicals that protect cells and heal your body from inside. These chemicals play a huge role in maintaining eye and heart health as well as control the growth of cancerous cells. Purple foods such... -

Top 10 Unexplored Indian Ingredients

When you work in a kitchen, it is easy to be inspired and motivated by all that you know and also all that you don't know yet. Just like rest of the Mystical East, Indian cuisine holds an immense depth of flavor and textures, which can be attributed to... -

Celebrities Teaching Healthy Lessons

There was a time when celebrities in America were synonymous with their share of Christian Louboutins and the red carpet poses. Things have changed drastically and for good because today's celebrities are more interested in talking about their healthy... -

How To Become A Healthy Cook

For a long and healthy life, you need to know that you are what you eat. That doesn’t mean just eating fruits and vegetables. You will need all the expertise while cooking in the kitchen to ensure that along with you, your family also eats healthy. Keep in... -

Foods That Give You Headache

Not just loss of sleep or too much noise, but even your daily food can cause you headaches. More than stress, work pressure or anything else, some of the most common food and drink items can give you headaches. You wouldn’t have imagined: -

How To Keep Seniors Heart Healthy

A healthy diet is the best way to keep your heart healthy and avoid any cardiovascular condition. Since a healthy heart is even more important for the overall well-being of the senior members of the family, it would do you good to keep these tips handy while... -

10 Things To Know About Lactose Intolerance

With more than 30 million Americans suffering from lactose intolerance, it is a major nutrition issue in the country. But are you sure you know everything there is to know about this disease? Milk is no longer a harmless, nutritious food item, which appears... -

Your Coffee Consumption Break Up

The first-ever coffee survey has found that people not only love their daily cup of coffee, they are fanatic about it. At an average, people drank upto 2.2 cups of coffee (make out what you want from the figure) and even when they hit a financial hurdle, they... -

How To Chop Onions Without Crying

Have you ever wondered how the chefs, working in such fancy restaurants, deal with chopping onions when you can’t stand chopping a single one without crying a river? Well, they have a few tricks up their sleeve, which we are going to share with you today.... -

Foods That Steal Your Sleep

Coffee, chocolate and water, these are the worst enemies of your sleep but these are not the only three. Even a greasy pizza, alcohol, or a steak can cause sleepless nights. If you are suffering from sleep deprivation, you can try avoiding the following... -

Top 10 Fish Dishes For Lent

Simple dinners and work-friendly lunches are what make it easy for those who are observing the Lenten tradition of fasting and abstaining from eating meat once a week. However, leaving meat out of the equation should not feel like a burden because you have... -

This Is What Vegans Eat

When one announces the decision to go vegan, the immediate query that follows is ‘what would you eat?’ Friends, family members, colleagues, all badger you with questions about your daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. The situation turns grim when you have... -

Food Remedies For Winter Skin

Does your skin feel too dry during winters? Have you used up all beauty aids but are still unable to keep your skin healthy, smooth, supple and wrinkle-free? You probably need help. Help in the form of food suggestions, which you can adopt during this harsh... -

Foods To Improve Your Gut Health

Your gut health is as important as the health of your skin, eyes and heart. Gastro-intestinal ailments like bloating, diarrhea, stomach cramps and flatulence are unpleasant reactions to poor gut conditions. You can reach out for chemical solutions but your... -

How To Waste Less Food

Are you wrecked with guilt and sadness every time you clear out the forgotten leftovers from your refrigerator or pantry? That last piece of salami or the forgotten bunch of spinach you bought so lovingly from the farmer's market. Or is it the leftover... -

Foods That Rob Your Skin Health

Your skin needs all the beauty care in winter and your arsenal of cosmetics may not be enough to fight fine lines and wrinkles. More than just a face cream or facial, what you need for your skin during winter is healthy foods, which give your skin a glow of... -

Presidents Day: What Our Presidents Love To Eat

It is Presidents Day on February 18th and right from President Barack Obama going backward till the first president of the United States, George Washington, every one has been a foodie in his own right. So, it is the right time to celebrate the Presidents Day... -

Foods To Keep Bad Breath Away

As the day of love dawns upon us, it is as important to pucker up as it is to choose the right gift. After all, once the gifts are exchanged, that is where you would be heading to. So, before lay that big smooch on your loved one, make sure that your breath... -

10 Foods To Eat For Heart-health

With the heart disease having become a leading cause of death in the U.S., February has been declared “American Heart Month”. This is the time to raise awareness about heart disease and educate people to live a heart-healthy life. The first step toward... -

Who Wins Valentine’s Day Chocolate War?

Valentine’s Day is all about chocolates. These are not just the safest best as a gift but are good to serve to guests as well in case they drop in on this day. However, with so many chocolate brands available in the market today, it is natural to get... -

10 Red & Pink Superfoods For Valentine's Day

The only two colors that describe Valentine’s Day in its true spirit are red and pink. Whether you go to a supermarket or a pharmacy, these two colors are everywhere, announcing the arrival of St. Valentine. And we are not just talking about the chocolate... -

10 Celebrities Who Began Their Career With Mcdonald’s

So you thought that Jay Leno was always this funny and smart TV talk show host? Well, sorry to prove you wrong but Leno actually started his career with McDonald’s. But he is not alone in doing so. There are at least 10 other celebrities who started in the... -

10 Celebrities Who Started With Mcdonald’s

So you thought that Jay Leno was always this funny and smart TV talk show host? Well, sorry to prove you wrong but Leno actually started his career with McDonald’s. But he is not alone in doing so. There are at least 10 other celebrities who started in the... -