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Comfort Food During Troubled Times

Food helps during crisis. But did you know that particular foods shared after shocking events that rocked the world brought solace to millions too? Here is a list of some of them. .. (comfit) -

Yummy Twists To Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is a dish that is hard to beat when it comes to popularity. However, the idea serving it with the mundane BBQ sauce all the time is a bit tedious. Why not try to give it an exciting twist? Here’s a lowdown on how to delight your palate with... -

Recipes To Celebrate National Strawberry & Cream Day

Nothing gets you drooling like a box full of ripe, red strawberries, bursting with all the goodness of summer in the form of its sweet juice. This berry signifies that the spring is in full swing and other summer delights are on their way. However,... -

Mood Boosters

We use food to nourish our bodies and our soul too. Did you know that foods can boost your mood too, when you are feeling down and out? Here is a list of such typical foods, which cheer you up and make you smile once more. Make a note of them! -

Foods That Your Liver Loves

Liver is the filtering system of your body, which takes in the bad remnants of your food and spits out the good. Therefore, it is very important to keep your liver in good humor. Since liver helps you to digest your food properly and keep harmful material out... -

Foods To Love & Hate When You Have Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the enemy of your heart's health and the cause behind 7.1 million deaths around the world. Your food determines the level of your blood pressure so if you are looking at keeping your BP under control, look at what you are eating.... -

The Superfoods You Missed Out On

Have you had enough of superfoods in your daily diet? Are you already overwhelmed with your share of kale and hummus? Well, you may have heard all there is to hear of salmon, avocado and walnuts as the so-called health stores, you apparently missed out on... -

Kitchen Trash You Can Recycle Easily

When one reads that 76 million tons of household packaging goes waste every year, of which the food packaging is a big part, the first thought that comes to mind is of recycling. Recycling plastic bottles, aluminum cans and glass jars comes pretty easy to... -

Say No To Dieting On International No Diet Day

There are days when you just want to chuck every diet plan out of the window and just enjoy your meals without any guilty conscience. Well, the International No Diet Day is one such day and it is celebrated on May 6 every year. Launched as an opportunity for... -

May Superfoods You Shouldn’t Miss

May is the season of superfoods because after the April showers, spring has just left behind its bountiful harvests, which are symbolized by some of the most delicious warm-weather fruits and veggies. Some of the ripest form of foods is available in this... -

5 Foods For Healthy Hair

Paying attention to what you eat could spell a world of difference to your tresses and if you are not attentive to your food intake, it could spell a disaster for your shining mane. It is basically not very difficult to choose the right foods to take care of... -

Cut Salt From Your Diet In These Ways

Your body requires salt to carry out its normal functions but, at the same time, excess of salt has its own harmful effects on you like high blood pressure and heart disease. Therefore, keeping a check on your salt consumption is necessary, starting early in... -

What Doctors Eat For Breakfast

How many times have you wondered what the doctors eat for breakfast? Especially after you have just been given a sound advice on your dietary habits by one of the community. More often than not, doctors are known to follow the advice that they dole out to... -

Places To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo In New York City

New York City is exceptionally kind to foodies of all kinds, who come out of their respective hiding places and indulge in their love for food, especially on occasions such as Cinco de Mayo, which will be celebrated on May 5. Be it the upscale options like El... -

10 Foods To Avoid For A Youthful Look

Food is the key to a youthful life and you all know that. You try to avoid foods that you think will harm your body or your appearance in any way but did you know that the everyday foods are as much a culprit in stealing your youthful looks? Some of the foods... -

The Tasty National Truffle Day Is Here!

When the French man Louis Dufour invented chocolate truffle in Chambéry, France in 1895, little did he know that this unassuming sweet treat would surpass every taste in the world and people would celebrate a full day in its honor. In fact, famous author... -

11 Berries To Improve Your Health

Berries are nature's most delicious superfoods, which store antioxidants in abundance. Anti-aging, heart-friendly, low blood pressure – these are just some of the benefits that eating berries will give you. With so many berries in the market, it is... -

Top 10 Advantages Of Lemon And Water

Water, the most important beverage to be had during the course of the day, is perhaps the least consumed, owing to people's obsession with tea, coffee and sundry soft drinks. Many among us drink less than a liter of water during the day, which is too... -

Cocktails For Cinco De Mayo

Two months after St. Patrick's Day comes Cinco de Mayo, which celebrates the true spirit of the Mexican culture, complete with the spicy food and intoxicating cocktails. May 5 is the day when you can hang up the boots, even if you are not Mexican, and... -

Your Healthy Fish Guide: Pick Up The Healthiest

Everybody knows that fish is heart-friendly because of its lean protein content but is all fish good for you? That is a question people have been asking lately, what with so many frauds occurring at supermarkets and inside restaurants. A good fish can lower... -

Six Celebrities Who Swear By Organic

Organic food has benefits for you and for Mother Earth because it is grown without the use of harsh chemicals as fertilizers. Here are five gorgeous actors from Bollywood and Hollywood who have realized the goodness of food grown organically and imbibed it in... -

Best Hangover Cures From The World Over

The Saturday Night Fever usually results into a lot of head-pounding and stomach-churning the next morning. Now you know we are talking about hangover and whether you live on the East Coast or West Coast or somewhere in between, you run into a hangover every... -

6 Common Dinner Time Mistakes We Do

Dinner time is probably the only time of the day when you are able to pick up the threads of your family life and spend some family time around the dinner table. It is obvious, therefore, that this meal is an elaborate affair but how beneficial that is for... -

Top 10 Vegetables You’ve Not Heard Of Yet

You will realize that carrots, potatoes, lettuce and celery are boring vegetable options when you hear about some of these rare vegetables, which are titillating the palates around the world. -

Easy Diet Tips For Teens

Parents know how difficult it is to make the teens eat a nutritious diet. The teenagers are usually uncooperative when they are asked to eat well and if you force them to, they will turn surly for days on end. Time, access and money – supposed to be the... -

These 6 Habits Can Give You A Paunch

Certain habits that you overlook in your daily life may give you a serious paunch, which may be the bane of your life. If you have fallen a victim to any of these habits, you don’t need to stay a victim. Just un-follow these habits and you can defeat that... -

National Pecan Month

Pecan is a wonderful nut, which holds a lot of health benefits in store. There are different aspects of pecans and the way you use them in your daily life determines the kind of effect you can derive from them. So, are you ready to celebrate the National... -

Britain’s Worst Drinks Are Popular Too, Unfortunately

It is not the Hobnobs or the innocent smoothies or the doughnuts that are the only worst foods in a supermarket full of sugary goodies. Britain recently found out, much to the dismay of the Brits, that what they considered their daily health drinks are in... -

Chomp, Chomp! It Is Caramel Popcorn Day

It is time to celebrate that sticky treat that you don't mind munching whether it is the movies, games or TV that you are watching. It is April 6 and you are going to celebrate the National Caramel Popcorn Day. Yes! That delicious corn, popped and... -

10 Best Cancer-fighting Foods For Your Health Arsenal

April is the National Cancer Control Month and since about 35% of cancers are due to nutritional factors, it makes sense to eat those foods that help your body protect itself against the cancer cells. Here is a list of 10 such foods, which, if consumed... -

The Yummy National Caramel Day Is Here!

America’s been making sugar syrups for the past 400 years but the chewy caramel that everyone loves so much has been a recent phenomenon. When the caramel candy appeared first in the 18th century in the market, it quickly became one of the most popular... -

Bon Appetit! It Is National Cordon Bleu Day

"Cordon Bleu" refers not only to the blue sashes worn by an order of French Knights at one time in the history but also to a dish, which includes a boneless, breadcrumbs-encrusted chicken breast wrapped around ham slices and cheese, and fried.... -

Pecan Recipes To Try For National Pecan Month

It is National Pecan Month – a time to celebrate the nut that is rich in omega-6 fatty acids and a good source of protein. If you are seriously interested in doing something with pecan this month, try out some of the recipes given in this gallery: ... -