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Top 7 Fall Cocktails

Apples, pumpkins and some mulled wine - sounds like the perfect recipe for a warmed up Fall evening. In fact, the best way to warm yourself on a chilly evening is to indulge in some hot cocktails made with the choicest of Fall ingredients. Here’s presenting... -

Top 8 Fall Breakfast Ideas

Autumn inspires healthy cooking and breakfast, being the most important meal of the day ought to be the healthiest as well. So, here are 10, very enriching, nutritious and autumn-inspired breakfast recipes. Start making them today – (breakfast) -

Healthy Fall Alternatives

Golden autumn is almost on us! It’s time to start indulging in hot, comfort foods that make us feel cozy and secure. However, do think twice before allowing the cream, oil, and butter to pass your lips. Can’t you switch the traditional for something... -

11 Berries To Improve Your Health

Berries are nature's most delicious superfoods, which store antioxidants in abundance. Anti-aging, heart-friendly, low blood pressure – these are just some of the benefits that eating berries will give you. With so many berries in the market, it is... -

10 Best Cancer-fighting Foods For Your Health Arsenal

April is the National Cancer Control Month and since about 35% of cancers are due to nutritional factors, it makes sense to eat those foods that help your body protect itself against the cancer cells. Here is a list of 10 such foods, which, if consumed... -

Foods That Give You Headache

Not just loss of sleep or too much noise, but even your daily food can cause you headaches. More than stress, work pressure or anything else, some of the most common food and drink items can give you headaches. You wouldn’t have imagined: -

Top 10 Foods To Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer cases are reaching alarming levels in the world and by 2020, the "World Health Organization (WHO)" predicts that one in every eight women will be at risk of this disease during her life. While treatments are available for women... -

Chef Rahul Massey's Creations

These are some food photos that had been clicked during my career as a chef. -

Pasta Carbonara Florentine By Orange Pomegranate

To make a delicious pasta dish, follow along with Chef Lisa Brisch as she demonstrates how easy it is to prepare this meal at home! Simplify. Cook. Enjoy. -

Strawberry Shortcake By Orange Pomegranate

Photos created during the Strawberry Shortcake video. Visit www.orangepomegranate.com. -

Food Design

Food plating, and design by the Kitchen Shaman -

Raw Menu

I have seen people sticking on to raw menu. Raw diet, as it is mostly commonly known, is based on the belief is that uncooked or raw food renders maximum benefits to human body. You have in raw menu ideas – veggie salads, juices, dips, milkshakes, sorbets... -

Autumn Menu

It is autumn time which means it is time to try out some cool Autumn menu ideas. You can look forward to our autumn menu for munching some really delicious dishes that are quite simple and easy to prepare. The dishes are so versatile that you can enjoy them... -

Cakes And Desserts

Here I present a collection of desserts and cakes from around the world...some exotic, some popular, and a few queer...but each one sinfully sweet and delectable. -

Cookin' Greens Dishes

Here are some delicious pic's of our favorite Cookin' Greens dishes. -

Top 10 Exotic Aphrodisiacs

When was the last time you had a good sexual encounter with your partner? Long ago you say. Why?? Is it due to high stress levels resulting in reduced sex drive or is it due to lack of knowledge on how to perk up yourself for sex. Well like most problems food... -

My Food Gallery ( Pakistani Foods).

 Pakistani foods are full of spices as good as mughlai foods.  On the other  way mixture of All mughalai and hydrabadi Delhi cusines is almost Pakistani cusine,even Frontier provice and Balochistan have few own cusines. -

Indian Breakfast

This gallery will have pictures of yummy breakfast recipe. -

Top 10 Wierdest Delicacies!!

From Bull Penis to Lizard Soup, here is the Top 10 weirdest delicacies from the world -

Top 10 Chocolate Creations!!!!

What would life be without delicious gooey and addictive Chocolates.  Over the years they have been used and seen in many forms for many purposes!! Here are the best 10 Chocolate Creations that I have seen!!! -

Top 10 Christmas Cookies

It is the season of Joy!! It is the season of cookies!!! Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is gearing up fr the packing and most importantly..the yummy cookies!!! Here is a list of Top 10 cookies to help those of you who still haven't... -

State Dinner Photos

President Obama's first The State Dinner welcoming the Prime Minster of India was carried out with class and elegance..symbolism related to the flowering American Indian relations and the purposeful blend of American and Indian flavors were rampant and... -

Yummy Desserts Photo Gallery By Vibs

Most mouthwatering desserts..By Vibs -

5 Best Celebrity Diet Secrets You Weren’t Aware Of!

If you thought all top celebrity diet secrets meant working their ass off inside and outside the gym and a big No-No to the favorite indulgent foods, then that’s definitely not the case, at least with a clever few. When some prefer to sweat out for the... -

Top 10 Natural Aprodisiacs

Ever watched "Chocolate" and wondered if only you could get hold of the chocolate she sells to the messy woman to improve her husbands sex drive? Then you have stumbled upon the right gallery for you. Food and Sex has had an inevitable and... -

Top 5 Thanksgiving Budget Tips

Hunting for Thanksgiving Budget tips this season? Understandably, you and I, who are bandaging our wounded bank accounts, can do with some really fabulous Thanksgiving Budget tips now. With just two weeks to go start planning now and save up on that extra... -

The Indian Food Calendar - 12 Months And 12 Great Indian Dishes!

The iridescent variety of Indian food is as rich as the countries culture. The Indian cuisine has been gloriously diversified by the scores of enticing dishes that has sprung froth from the various cultures of cooking styles within the country. Here are a few... -