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Food Design

Food plating, and design by the Kitchen Shaman -

Food Remedies For Winter Skin

Does your skin feel too dry during winters? Have you used up all beauty aids but are still unable to keep your skin healthy, smooth, supple and wrinkle-free? You probably need help. Help in the form of food suggestions, which you can adopt during this harsh... -

Foods That Give You Headache

Not just loss of sleep or too much noise, but even your daily food can cause you headaches. More than stress, work pressure or anything else, some of the most common food and drink items can give you headaches. You wouldn’t have imagined: -

Foods That Rob Your Skin Health

Your skin needs all the beauty care in winter and your arsenal of cosmetics may not be enough to fight fine lines and wrinkles. More than just a face cream or facial, what you need for your skin during winter is healthy foods, which give your skin a glow of... -

Foods That Steal Your Sleep

Coffee, chocolate and water, these are the worst enemies of your sleep but these are not the only three. Even a greasy pizza, alcohol, or a steak can cause sleepless nights. If you are suffering from sleep deprivation, you can try avoiding the following... -

Foods That Your Liver Loves

Liver is the filtering system of your body, which takes in the bad remnants of your food and spits out the good. Therefore, it is very important to keep your liver in good humor. Since liver helps you to digest your food properly and keep harmful material out... -

Foods To Improve Your Gut Health

Your gut health is as important as the health of your skin, eyes and heart. Gastro-intestinal ailments like bloating, diarrhea, stomach cramps and flatulence are unpleasant reactions to poor gut conditions. You can reach out for chemical solutions but your... -

Foods To Keep Bad Breath Away

As the day of love dawns upon us, it is as important to pucker up as it is to choose the right gift. After all, once the gifts are exchanged, that is where you would be heading to. So, before lay that big smooch on your loved one, make sure that your breath... -

Foods To Love & Hate When You Have Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the enemy of your heart's health and the cause behind 7.1 million deaths around the world. Your food determines the level of your blood pressure so if you are looking at keeping your BP under control, look at what you are eating.... -

Forbidden Foods

Foods being banned are nothing new, in fact, there are instances where a food banned in a country still remains popular in another or vice versa. The situation appears globally confusing, especially when the reasons given are often silly - with some of them... -

Forgotten Fall Fruits

With the excitement of using cranberries and apples reaching a new crescendo before the advent of Thanksgiving, it is time to spare a thought for the other fall fruits. There are, in fact, hosts of nutritious ones that taste every bit as delicious as the... -

Fresh From Fish Farm

This gallery will have pictures of fish extracted from fish pound. -

Fresh From Orchid.

This gallery will have pictures of two most famous and delicious fruit of the world. They are "Litchi and Aam". -

From Santosh's Kitchen

You will find quick and easy recipes here... Made of items easily available at home... No extra effort but result would be marvellous... -

From The Kitchen Of Culinary Kreations

An assortment of recipes I have created -