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Forgotten Fall Fruits

With the excitement of using cranberries and apples reaching a new crescendo before the advent of Thanksgiving, it is time to spare a thought for the other fall fruits. There are, in fact, hosts of nutritious ones that taste every bit as delicious as the... -

Top 5 Dussehra Recipes To Celebrate

Just like other Indian festivals, Dussehra has its share of goodies too, which start with the tangy and sweet Dahi Poori and ends with the delicately sweetened Puran Poli. While there is not particular menu to follow on this day, people usually rustle up... -

Mcdonald’s Aspires To Go Gourmet

McDonald’s may be the most popular fast food chain in the world but it can never hope to become a gourmand’s delight. However, fast food chain’s management suppressed their disappointment well by throwing a party in NYC and challenging the renowned... -

Top 10 Food Superstitions

Every culture has superstitions which are handed down through several generations. With food being an important part of daily life, our ancestors have formulated such beliefs involving food too. While some of them might have a reason, there are others which... -

Entertaining Jack-o-lanterns

It is time to wrack your brains and come up with some cool, funky ideas for Jack-o-lanterns now that the Halloween season is here. Keep your pumpkins, stencils and other tools ready and start carving. Do remember to have a light source handy too. How else... -