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Extreme Diets….extreme Consequences!

We often come across people who take up unrealistic diets in order to lose weight. These are the same folks who would try anything to shed some of that excess weight, not considering the fact that it could possibly do them more harm than good. A brief... -

Are You Making These Chicken Mistakes Too

We all love chicken so much that we end up eating it more than once or twice a week. Not to mention that its cheaper or quicker to cook, chicken makes a decent meal in different forms. However, the homemade chicken that you make and think is oh-so-delicious,... -

Yummyyum Lens

Food photography is something I found interest in very recently, although experimental cooking has always been my passion. So here is what I have been experimenting in my kitchen and how it all turned out! -

Tea Unites The World

Tea, the beverage, has been popularized all over the globe, courtesy the Englishman’s habit. However, this healthy drink is consumed in different forms in different countries with each claiming that their way is the best. Here is a look at how different... -

Quick Breakfasts For Busy People

The tendency to skip breakfast is commonplace. However, it does not make sense to subject your body to malnutrition and other malaises simply because you don’t have time for eating. You need not spare hours to cook a nutritious meal in the morning though.... -

Sugary Breakfast Items That You Can Do Without

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, is not just about sweet milk and sugary cereals. You do need to do the balancing act here too. A bit of protein and some fiber are mandatory to waive off the hunger pangs later in the day. However, most of us... -

Inflammatory Foods To Avoid

Inflammation is known to be a serious cause of major diseases such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes and obesity. Certain foods perpetuate inflammation more than others and if you don’t want to succumb to this burning sensation in your body, avoid the... -

Martini Lovers Who Made A Difference

A simple martini made out of gin and vermouth with an olive suspended in it, has enthralled the world for decades. While the modern celebs may hold a fruit laden cocktail in her hands, the real men (and women of course) still love their martini…especially... -

Forbidden Foods

Foods being banned are nothing new, in fact, there are instances where a food banned in a country still remains popular in another or vice versa. The situation appears globally confusing, especially when the reasons given are often silly - with some of them... -

What Are Celeb Chef Dads Cooking On Father’s Day

Father’s Day is almost upon us. And what are the celeb Chefs who are Dads themselves thinking to cook for their loved ones? While they would love being pampered by their kids, they are not open to the idea of giving the kitchen a miss on the D-day. On the... -

Summer Season Picks For Your June Cooking

How can you even think of starting your summer season without having a taste of these delectable seasonal fruits and vegetables? After all, what is a summer meal without the ripe goodness of the cherries, plums, papayas and cucumbers? The juicy bite, crunchy... -

How Not To Eat A Popsicle

Do you know how to eat a popsicle or ice pop? Its child’s play! But trust adults not to do it right. Here’s what you should never ever do with a popsicle! (popsicle) -

Vegetarian Quinoa Delights

Quinoa, the wonder grain is regarded as a super food. Using this protein rich grain in a number of dishes can help you make your meatless Mondays eventful. These vegetarian dishes made with quinoa are so full of flavor that they would be difficult to resist... -

Salad Art To Entice Kids

Eating healthy is something that kids are loathe to do especially when it involves something as plain as a veggie salad. Thankfully, the little angels are easily impressed and can be coaxed to eat just about anything by decorating the humble food in a unique... -

Breakfast Trends From Around The Globe

Breakfast happens to be the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, most of us make do with a bowl of cereal and buttered toast along with some fruits and coffee. But what about the rest of the world? What do they like for breakfast? (breakfast) -

Eat What Your Heart Wants, Just For A Day

May 11, the “Eat What You Want Day” may have already passed but that doesn’t mean you cannot pick a day of your choice and have your fill, without thinking about calories. So, here is a round-up of dishes, some of them very, very rich, from around the... -