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Top 5 Cookie Ideas For Everyone

October is the National Cookie Month so it is only natural that we should think of making cookies at home. But what should you make that would suit every palate in your family? Well, if you are as tongue-tied for an answer as we are, here are the 5 choicest... -

Top 6 Slow-cooker Recipes For Fall

If you don’t feel like standing for hours in the kitchen, when everything outside is below the freezing point, it makes sense to keep some of these slow cooker recipes handy. Such recipes, which can be made in just one go and cook over a slow pace, are not... -

How To Express Ramen Love

Ramen noodles are something made of dreams! Yes, this is the general feeling that we get when confronted with the weirdest artifacts that have been crafted out of the ubiquitous Ramen. Making these yummy noodles at home or eating them in a restaurant is just... -

Top 7 Fall Cocktails

Apples, pumpkins and some mulled wine - sounds like the perfect recipe for a warmed up Fall evening. In fact, the best way to warm yourself on a chilly evening is to indulge in some hot cocktails made with the choicest of Fall ingredients. Here’s presenting... -

Top 8 Fall Breakfast Ideas

Autumn inspires healthy cooking and breakfast, being the most important meal of the day ought to be the healthiest as well. So, here are 10, very enriching, nutritious and autumn-inspired breakfast recipes. Start making them today – (breakfast) -

Refresh Your Veggies

Veggies left to dry in your fridge yet again? The greens have wilted too? Don’t throw them out; you can actually revive them so that they become as good as new. Interested? Learn how to do it here… -

Healthy Fall Alternatives

Golden autumn is almost on us! It’s time to start indulging in hot, comfort foods that make us feel cozy and secure. However, do think twice before allowing the cream, oil, and butter to pass your lips. Can’t you switch the traditional for something... -

Are These Vegan Too

While it is easy to stick to a vegan diet when it comes to whole foods like chicken, eggs and milk, the art of picking out the processed food products that conform with the principles of veganism is more difficult. ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of... -

Top 5 Exotic Cashew Desserts

Cashews are nutritious and can add quite a punch to our daily desserts. Sadly, the Western world, especially we Americans, prefer pecans in our pies, walnuts in brownies and other forms of nuts when it comes to cookies. Do get out of your comfort zone and... -

Top 7 Onam Recipes

Onam recipes are meant for the Almighty as well as his devotees. No wonder then that whatever is cooked as part of an Onam feast tastes divine. Here are some of the choicest recipes cooked to celebrate this major festival of Kerala in India. (onam) -

Quick Tips To Freeze Summer Veggies

You certainly do want to enjoy the few days of summer left but what about the plentiful veggies that you took for granted all throughout the warm months? If you are keen to preserve them for the long dreary winter months ahead, stick to freezing. The method... -

What Should Runners Eat Daily

For runners, food is their fuel, because it gives them energy to run - yes, it is that simple. However, does any food suffice for that purpose? Well, not exactly. Just like it is with every field of sports, running requires a special set of skills and... -

7 Must-haves In Djokovic's Diet

Many believe; the World No 1 is an unusual person and so is his diet. Well, Serbian tennis champion Novak Djokovic intends to spill some secrets and dispel some myths associated with his new book "Serve to Win." For starters, he credits Dr. Igor... -

Top 5 Fast Food Desserts

Having an impromptu office party? Or you just want to indulge your sweet tooth? A proper dessert with all its meticulous frills is an absolute no-no in such cases. The best way to make such an occasion a success is to opt for the yummy, innovative fast food... -


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What's Cooking??

I am a foodie and to know more on whats cooking in my kitchen, I have created this gallery. I will be sharing my creations here. (cooking) -

Top 12 Delectable Desserts To Celebrate Rakshabandhan

There is no occasion sweeter than Rakshabandhan - that celebrates the loving relationship of a sister with her brother. Indians, wherever they may live, make it a point to celebrate this occasion with a lot of food on the table. The most important part of the... -

Top 6 Tricks To Get Instant Energy

Life is busy and is bound to leave you tired and flustered. While we would love flying to Hawaii to recharge ourselves whenever we want, that isn’t possible every day; you still need a quick boost of energy to keep you fresh and charged through the day.... -

A Proud Indian's Tricolor Meals

Indian flag is a true representation of the diverse fabric woven out of different religions and communities, living together peacefully. Though it may not be of that much significance to those who are not Indians, what is really interesting is how Indians... -

Eid Desserts From Around The Globe!

Eid al-Fitr is a day of great rejoicing for devout Muslims all over the world. The day is celebrated by preparing all kinds of sweet dishes to mark the conclusion of the dawn-to-dusk fasting during the entire month of Ramadan. Each cuisine has its own... -

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