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I'm Warren and I love cooking from scratch. I make videos of classic simple recipes that anyone can produce. Great food doesn't have to take long to cook, so my videos are short and snappy so you can create great tasting quick meals. All recorded from my humble abode in Nottingham, England.
  • How To Make Pancakes - Basic Recipe Video

    How To Make Pancakes - Basic

    It's Shrove Tuesday and I have loads of Eggs, Flour and Milk I need to use up - time to make pancakes! This is a really simple Pancake Recipe using a basic batter mix. Plus slow motion tossing, ahem,...
    By : FitBritsGB  

  • Egg Mayo Sandwich - Back To Basics Recipe Video

    Egg Mayo Sandwich - Back To Basics

    You can't beat a classic Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich, and with a few extra ingredients such as Spring Onions and Watercress, you'll wonder how you lived without them!
    By : FitBritsGB