Hello everyone! Meet me, Angel Krsna,a foodie to the core and someone so dedicated to food that she never loses a chance to dig out the best whenever, whatever and wherever the food world has on offer! But being a foodie doesn't mean I do not maintain my healthy food values and morals! It's after all because of the healthy choices I can eat whatever, whenever, wherever ;) Okay all that said, now, professionally, I am a Food Writer and Food Photographer specializing in content related to cuisines, ingredients, food news and nutrition. I hold a masters in Botany and my experience includes research in the plant kingdom and its various uses in the food world, health and nutrition. I love to amalgamate my writings with the latest research in the food world to cater to a bigger audience. That apart, I am a book-a-holic and deep diving into Mind Science stuffs is my passion!
  • Bombay Halwa Recipe

    Bombay Halwa

    Bombay Halwa is a Sindhi recipe and a popular Indian sweet that’s feared for its high calorie and high fat content but loved for its incomparable, heavenly taste.
    By : Epicure


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