Diabetic Foodie

Diabetic Foodie presents a collection of dishes specifically designed for the diabetic. Diabetes does not mean the end of the world, as wrongly perceived by many! Diabetic Foodie's collection of recipes has an irresistible variety of snacks, main dishes, accompaniments, beverages etc. which'll make you forget that you are on a diabetic diet! Did you ever imagine that you could have a truly mind-blowing Turkey A La King or an equally delicious Applesauce Cookies after coming to know that you are a diabetic? Here you have these and many many more such diabetic recipes. Diabetic Foodie is the ideal food destination for all diabetics who want to eat healthy without compromising on taste. Change your attitude, don't let the disease rule your palate ! Win over it with these tasty and healthy diabetic recipes.
  • Ham Bollito with Salsa Verde Recipe

    Ham Bollito with Salsa Verde

    Put the carrots and onions into a pan large enough to hug the ham joint and place the ham joint on top. Add the celery, peppercorns, bay leaves and studded orange rind, then add enough water so that...
    By : Diabetic Foodie

  • Rich, Fat Free Chicken Stock Recipe

    Rich, Fat Free Chicken Stock

    Wash chicken bones and chicken pieces thoroughly. Place bones, chicken and water in a large pan over moderate heat till it starts simmering. Skim off scum as it rises to the top. Lower heat and...
    By : Diabetic Foodie