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I was a softball pitcher on scholarship and went to Texas A&M University, McNeese State University and coached pitching at The University of Northern Iowa. I have a degree in Pre-Medicine, as well as many minors. I lived in Australia for 1 yr, and traveled by myself right out of high school. I love sports: Sports I have participated in are Softball, Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics, Swimming, Track & Field, Equestrian Riding, Basketball Jiu-Jitsu & Muay Thai. I have coached Track & Field Decathlon for the high school and the professional level, and continue to coach private softball & baseball lessons. I am currently training myself in Boxing. History: Kimberly grew up as a young child, spending much time in the kitchen alongside her mother, who loved to cook. Ingrid, Kimberly’s mom, would allow her to help prepare, mix, taste test and just assist her in general for fun. Kimberly quickly fell in love with her family’s traditional recipes, and her mother’s passion for cooking and providing delicious, healthy food for the family to share at the dinner table together every night. When Kimberly moved to Australia as a teenager, and went to University in the Southern United States subsequently, she couldn’t find the foods she wanted to eat, that she craved…comfort food from home. She quickly started learning recipes over the telephone when she would speak with her mother, so she could also recreate the foods she always loved, as well as learning new techniques as needed. Kimberly honed her skills in university, cooking for friends and athletes she hung around with, as an athlete herself. Creating the decadent, delicious dishes she loved, and combining them with more nutritious ideas is what has developed Kimberly’s style of cooking. On this site, you will see a plethora of recipes, including many different ethnic food recipes she enjoys making as well. It will be a gastronomic adventure for your mouth whenever you make a recipe Kimberly brings to you. What’s on your menu tonight? Be sure to interact with us and the rest of the world by leaving comments, answering poll questions and posing any questions you may need assistance with. Be a Champion in Your Kitchen & Eat Deliciously! P.S. Be sure to grab your autographed prints of Kimberly Turner!