Let’s face it – the kitchen can be a daunting place full of searing heat, sharp tools, spitting food and strange aromas! However, shows you just how easy it can be to cook great food for friends and family. For more skills, techniques and great tasting recipes, visit!
  • Vanilla Sugar Recipe Video

    Vanilla Sugar

    MAKING 1. Pour the sugar into a very clean and dry jar that has an airtight lid. 2. Add vanilla pods that have been washed and dried. 3. Replace the lid and leave the sugar to infuse with the...
    By : Cookeryskills  

  • Grilled Sea Bass with Asparagus Spears Recipe Video

    Grilled Sea Bass with Asparagus Spears

    GETTING READY 1. Get the sea bass filleted by the fishmonger, removing any bones but leaving the skin on the fish and cut across the fillets to give pieces of fish about 150g each. 2. Using a...
    By : Cookeryskills