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bailey242010@ho . . . says :

Can you tell me approximately how many cayenne peppers there are to a pound? Thank you
Posted on: 49 weeks 1 day
Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole says :

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Posted on: 49 weeks 2 days

Bagley says :

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Posted on: 49 weeks 4 days

Ebenezer says :

the recent study reported that 3 – 5 cups of green tea per day can help you burn more than 70 calories per day, which amounts to 7 pounds per year, we should drink green tea in the morning and try something good.....
Posted on: 49 weeks 6 days
The bat

the bat says :

I am Christian Bale and that my friend is not true. You want to know why........because I AM THE BATMAN!!!
Posted on: 50 weeks 12 hours

James44 says :

Well this is really impressive and i am surprised to see this great success of weight loss. I think everyone should be motivated with this great achievement.
Posted on: 50 weeks 23 hours

catchy says :

This is one of the best recipes for pineapple upside down cake. It is light and fluffy, and not a lot of work.I used a.p. flour. The cake was excellent.
Posted on: 50 weeks 3 days

AlbertLue says :

I feel that lights are the most important thing that plays role in house decoration. The lights must be really bright and colors must be vibrant.
Posted on: 50 weeks 4 days

meganemma says :

this was the easiest thing eve! and it was so tasty!! thank you! :)
Posted on: 50 weeks 5 days

chewy26 says :

mmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. great add ons!
Posted on: 51 weeks 2 days

Roddyboy1 says :

Way too much oil for my taste, next time I'll cut it down to about 1/4 cup and see how that goes. Otherwise, this dish was easy to prepare and has great potential, especially as a light summer meal.
Posted on: 51 weeks 5 days

stacieg38 says :

omg they look soo good!
Posted on: 51 weeks 6 days

asmulovitz says :

This doctor must be from the "Old Country" a.k.a Brooklyn, Boy do I miss those breakfasts even if it is a healthier version than when we grew up.
Posted on: 1 year 4 hours

asmulovitz says :

This is definitely the most user unfriendly site that I have joined!
Posted on: 1 year 4 hours
Barbara Votta Garcia

Barbara Votta Garcia says :

Have been looking for a recipe to replicate a dessert I used to have in Little Italy in NY. It was a tutti frutti gelato or ice cream of a sort and they served it up in little paper cups. Definitely giving this one a try.
Posted on: 1 year 1 day says :

Cream cheese icing is not linked to the recipe . Please update.
Posted on: 1 year 1 day

agedog1 says :

What should I serve with this?
Posted on: 1 year 2 days
Lydia Fang 1

Lydia Fang 1 says :

they are so adorable!!!! i love mini corndogs!!!
Posted on: 1 year 3 days

agedog1 says :

Had this at a party once and it was fabulous - first thing consumed!!! Wonderful
Posted on: 1 year 5 days
Ruth Manderson Hoernig

Ruth Manderson . . . says :

If only I could pin this somehow!
Posted on: 1 year 5 days

agedog1 says :

Great directions for me. I'm 60+ and not a great cook but would love to do more Chinese Cooking
Posted on: 1 year 5 days

eavedrop44 says :

Thanks for such a great post and the review, I am totally impressed! Keep stuff like this coming.SEO Packages
Posted on: 1 year 1 week
Vipul dave

vipul dave says :

good recipe
Posted on: 1 year 1 week
Noel Kadusale

Noel Kadusale says :

can i add powder milk and sugar to carrot shake??
Posted on: 1 year 1 week
Noel Kadusale

Noel Kadusale says :

im asking how to make carrots to shake?can i add milk and sugar to carrots shake? i have a son he is cerebral palzy its hard for him to chew. that is why i serve him smoothy dragon fruits and mangoes.i want to try carrots....
Posted on: 1 year 1 week

Ole says :

If you need to consume sunflower oil, make sure it is cold pressed! That being said, it will be knocking your Omega 3:6 ratio way in favour of Omega 6...
Posted on: 1 year 1 week

Ole says :

Fat does not cause heart diseases, and it does not cause troubles with cholesterol! There are 3 types of cholesterol: HDL (The good) LDL (The bad) VLDL (The very bad), talking about bad cholesterol is a problem, cause if your HDL is up high, it fights the LDL, and it equals out that way... Don't be scared of fat, be scared of horrible Carbs like refined sugars and starch!
Posted on: 1 year 1 week
Julia M. Schoennagel

Julia M. Schoennagel says :

I can't understand how this can be a great dish for vegetarians. It contains beef seasoning. What are they thinking? Just because a recipe doesn't have chunks of meat doesn't make it vegetarian.
Posted on: 1 year 1 week

simplyYang2 says :

we'll be making this malaysian dish this thursday. i hope it will turn out good.
Posted on: 1 year 2 weeks
Santiago Barajas

Santiago Barajas says :

hmmm you could do better then that :D
Posted on: 1 year 2 weeks
Betty Marshall

Betty Marshall says :

Great seasonings and look delicious
Posted on: 1 year 2 weeks

bronzegoddess_bright says :

He is not the definition of cute looking.
Posted on: 1 year 2 weeks

Lori13 says :

are there turkish recipes in english
Posted on: 1 year 2 weeks

bonappetit says :

Hi, here's a recipe for making Kefir, hope you find it useful.
Posted on: 1 year 2 weeks

Fowler says :

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Posted on: 1 year 3 weeks
Reetesh gupta

reetesh gupta says :

Easy yet good
Posted on: 1 year 3 weeks

tonicollier says :

Yeah sure. Showing off Your richness has become that easy these days. just have a Jerky and the world knows where do You stand.
Posted on: 1 year 3 weeks
George allan

george allan says :

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Posted on: 1 year 3 weeks

schizo12901 says :

I'm looking for you Lemon Square recipe?
Posted on: 1 year 3 weeks
Gidg Lmb Aparicio

Gidg Lmb Aparicio says :

One of the things I don't like about French Toast is that it tends to be soggy and egg tasting in the center of the bread. So what I like to do is fry the bread just a bit to get that nice golden brown on top and then transfer it to a backing pan and bake it the rest of the way. This makes it nice and crispy and insures that the toast is cooked through and through. No sogginess. I think this recipe looks good and may try it but I certainly will be baking it to get it just the way I like it. :)
Posted on: 1 year 3 weeks
Julie Davis 1

Julie Davis 1 says :

This one looks good!
Posted on: 1 year 3 weeks

smurfs says :

Ahahah, Oh my.. I love this cakes. ahhahhaha. This is quite interesting and harsh way of a delicious treat :) buying soundcloud plays
Posted on: 1 year 4 weeks

cancerianeyess says :

Yes Eid is most celebrated in India and Pakistan because in these countries muslim lives in large number and they celebrated eid with there own ways
Posted on: 1 year 4 weeks
Debra Croft

Debra Croft says :

Posted on: 1 year 4 weeks

hicksz1 says :

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Posted on: 1 year 4 weeks

KrisheaY says :

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Tomas Edn

Tomas Edn says :

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Posted on: 1 year 5 weeks

lisamgriggs says :

Has anyone tasted this salad? I am catering a wedding reception Hawaiian style in Idaho, so any suggestions.
Posted on: 1 year 5 weeks
Chaturi darshika

chaturi darshika says :

when the chocalate and butter mixure cooling it didnt granulate together
Posted on: 1 year 5 weeks

bonappetit says :

Hi, make sure that the quantity of eggs used is the same as specified in the recipe, eggs are the main binding agent here. Also use a good quality non-stick pan which will ensure that while flipping the tortillas do not stick to the base or crumble. Hope your tortillas come out well the next time, if you face any issue do write back.
Posted on: 1 year 5 weeks