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NicoleS1980 says :

How much butter is supposed to be used in the cupcake batter? Or is it the same amount of butter for both the batter and icing?
Posted on: 36 weeks 4 days

smurfhunter says :

Is there any short cuts in these Recipe and simple is the way for me? Because I have Barrett a STOMACH dis order so wish I could do SPICE'S?????? but I can not? so be a major help for simple recipe's be nice? a short cut and there is not?????
Posted on: 36 weeks 5 days
Phil Eddings

Phil Eddings says :

Why can you hear the commercials so well and cannot hear the recipe reviews
Posted on: 36 weeks 6 days

g07reiko says :

It is very simple yet looks very delicious. Can I use lemon instead of lime juice? Also when I one time made salsa it eneded up tasted bitter.. I tried it again but same. It was bitter. My ingrideients were almost the same as your ingridients that you used in your video. I have no idea what made my salsa that bitter. I thought it was because I used immitation lemmon so I changed it into lime juice for the second time but it was still bitter. Do you think it is because of culuntro?
Posted on: 37 weeks 6 days

g07reiko says :

I really like your video! It is fun to watch. it was not all about recipe you were showing it was very cute to watch how you communicate with your beautiful daugter. I thought it was a very good idea to start everything on the almunium foil. I use tinfoil at the end to roll it up but if you can just start it from the beggining you dont have to wash your dishes and get to save your busy morning time. I really appreciate you are sharing your idea! Thanks
Posted on: 37 weeks 6 days

gangamani says :

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Posted on: 37 weeks 6 days

lucyoscar says :

Holidays are the time that we forget all our routine plans and just do anythings. But the above plans are really important and easy to follow during our holidays.
Posted on: 38 weeks 4 days
Patty Walsh

Patty Walsh says :

My son was just diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic. I'm proactive in helping him find recipes that will allow him to enjoy his favorite foods while following diabetic guidelines.
Posted on: 38 weeks 4 days

konek says :

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Posted on: 38 weeks 6 days
Reetesh gupta

reetesh gupta says :

good to eat
Posted on: 38 weeks 6 days

Orpark says :

I am trying your sauerkraut recipe to have with my polish sausage. It is tasting good but not done yet
Posted on: 39 weeks 2 days

AlexSmith says :

This article gives the light in which we can observe the reality. This is very nice one and gives in depth information.
Posted on: 39 weeks 4 days

zkie says :

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Posted on: 39 weeks 5 days

greenswan says :

kashmiri chai This sounds tasty! There is nothing better than grinding up your own, home grown, dried herbs.. Wonderful post! Going to check out some of these shops....
Posted on: 40 weeks 1 hour
Patti Billings Brabham

Patti Billings . . . says :

Add to recipe box
Posted on: 40 weeks 5 hours

Anjaly says :

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Posted on: 40 weeks 1 day
Pam Watson

Pam Watson says :

How many servings of fruits and vegetables are in one serving of three Juice Plus chewables?
Posted on: 40 weeks 3 days

MatthewPinto says :

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Posted on: 40 weeks 5 days

susanbacchi says :

What a fantastic recipe!
Posted on: 40 weeks 6 days

susanbacchi says :

What a fantastic recipe!
Posted on: 40 weeks 6 days

RLH says :

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Posted on: 41 weeks 18 hours

jckarcher says :

The ingredient list is incomplete. They look really good and the list of ingredients that are listed and what is described in the video are different. I tried to figure out the correct combination but apparently failed. So much for the Ifood app. By the way, at least the dough tasted great.
Posted on: 41 weeks 2 days

darrdarr says :

Beer Can Chicken always a good choice.
Posted on: 41 weeks 2 days

Monica says :

I will eat anything pumpkin! Send the recipes.
Posted on: 42 weeks 3 days

Monica says :

These look amazing! Thanks for sharing.
Posted on: 42 weeks 3 days

lezincreede says :

I've read several of these broccoli and rice casserole recipes, bu I have to ask - where's the BACON?? I'm not southern fried, but when I make this casserole, I chop bacon, brown it, drain and set aside, then saute the onion and celery in the bacon drippings. This adds so much more flavor. Just saying..
Posted on: 42 weeks 4 days

mikelacon says :

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Posted on: 42 weeks 5 days

amielp says :

not to be too picky but the video mention adding ground coriander but the ingedients list says 5 coriander springs chopped with leaves. Also he add cilantro but its not listed on the ingredients list so I have no idea how much to add. Not a big user of cilantro. any thoughts?
Posted on: 43 weeks 4 days
Colby Fulton

Colby Fulton says :

You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Saying he's vegetarian then saying he'd have to eat cottage cheese, milk and eggs to gain muscle is moronic. He could eat lots of spinach and vegetables with Vega One and Hemp protein shakes. You're guessing! Do some research.
Posted on: 43 weeks 6 days
Francis Scott Key

Francis Scott Key says :

This is all speculation. The misleading link waste readers' time. Thank you. Now I'm going to click on a link to see what Angelina Jolie might not wear to the mall.
Posted on: 43 weeks 6 days
Cherrie Alfonso

Cherrie Alfonso says :

Where's the rest of the recipe??
Posted on: 44 weeks 6 days
Sylvia Wingo Brooks

Sylvia Wingo Brooks says :

Posted on: 45 weeks 1 day

addisonjones says :

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Posted on: 45 weeks 5 days

star7690 says :

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Posted on: 45 weeks 6 days

Kprincessk says :

Looks so good!!!
Posted on: 46 weeks 1 day

zacktodevski says :

Oranges is good for losing weight. Naperville Health Club
Posted on: 46 weeks 2 days

casoper85 says :

want to try
Posted on: 46 weeks 6 days

thot4food says :

Recipes are hyperlinked to the recipe names. Please try these recipes and let us know your experiences.
Posted on: 47 weeks 1 day

bonappetit says :

Hi, here's a simple cream cheese recipe that you can use -
Posted on: 47 weeks 2 days

bonappetit says :

Hi Noel, sorry to hear about your son's condition. You can try making a carrot smoothie by combining carrots and apples in a blender. However if you are looking for a carrot shake, try blending the carrots with milk, sugar and a bit of cardamom powder for some extra flavor. Let us know if your son liked it!
Posted on: 47 weeks 2 days

bonappetit says :

Hi Noel, If you prefer your carrot based beverage sweeter you can add sugar or sugar syrup to enhance the flavor.
Posted on: 47 weeks 2 days

celebrity_diet says :

Thank you for the suggestion Leena. We will definitely enhance the list.
Posted on: 47 weeks 2 days

bonappetit says :

Hi, you can serve it with garlic bread, foccacia bread or a whole wheat dinner roll.
Posted on: 47 weeks 2 days

bonappetit says :

Hi Maria, somehow while preparing the ingredient list i missed out mentioning the chickpeas! i have made the correction now, thanks for pointing it out. You can add about 1-2 cup to 3/4 cup of chickpeas depending upon your preference.
Posted on: 47 weeks 2 days

bonappetit says :

Hi Ozarkladie, this has a slightly thicker consistency and goes very well with corn bread or any crusty bread.
Posted on: 47 weeks 2 days

bonappetit says :

Hi Julia, in the recipe the beef seasoning that is being used is by mckay's their seasonings do not contain meat or meat byproducts and they are also MSG free. Mckay's has been manufacturing vegetarian chicken and beef seasonings since 1945. Give this dish a try, you will love it for sure!
Posted on: 47 weeks 2 days

ozarkladie says :

This sounds it more like a soup? What bread do you serve with it? (cornbread, biscuits, or baked bread?)
Posted on: 47 weeks 5 days
Leena Komarraju

Leena Komarraju says :

Nice article. Though you can include general plants as a part of herbal medicine, spinach is not actually a herb. You could include another.
Posted on: 48 weeks 5 days
Donna Mae Hudson

Donna Mae Hudson says :

I am in the midst of canning 200 lbs of tomatoes. I am doing hot pack, adding lemon juice.....process 45 min for qts. Why is there no lemon juice/vinegar in these tomatoes? Is it because of the amount of processing time? Do you have to add the salt? I can with no salt. If I can get an answer to this, I may try it......looks quicker for prep. Thanks.
Posted on: 49 weeks 5 hours
Maria De Sousa

Maria De Sousa says :

the recipe says chick peas and chicken but on the list of ingredients it doesn't say anything about chick peas
Posted on: 49 weeks 8 hours