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blukarnachion says :

Recently made this recipe. Delicious. Every part of this recipe was easy to prepare and to make as well. Definitely love the sauce. The only thing I changed was how much cumin to put in. I chose less cumin and it was perfect. I also use the sauce for a chip dip:) I am don't like cabbage but I enjoyed the slaw on the taco as well as a side salad. I think the lime juice had alot to do with it. I have already seen many more recipes that I WILL be trying from this chef
Posted on: 14 weeks 2 days

blukarnachion says :

I recently made this dish for my family. Absolutely loved it. Loved it more the second day. It was a very easy recipe to prepare and I can almost guarentee that you already have all the ingredients in your home. Will definitely cook this again
Posted on: 14 weeks 2 days

sueo says :

hey Fran - do you still have the tomato-mushroom sauce recipe? I have this book at home too. I'm on vacation and want to make the lasagna but don't have the recipe with me. Would you mind posting it? MANY THANKS if possible!!
Posted on: 16 weeks 11 hours
Elaine Stenzel

Elaine Stenzel says :

I added baby bok choy diced fine/leaves and all.some marinade that I put the pork in glass bowl and also added slice scallions
Posted on: 16 weeks 1 day

jaeef says :

Very Useful information, this is both good reading for, have quite a few good key points and I learn some new stuff from it too.
Posted on: 16 weeks 4 days

kathryn22 says :

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Posted on: 17 weeks 1 day

bonappetit says :

Hi JCG4719! I am glad the recipe could take you down the memory lane! hope you try it at home.
Posted on: 20 weeks 4 days

bonappetit says :

Hi Anjack, its actually 4 carrots and not 4 oz, looks like a typing error! apologies for inconvenience caused.
Posted on: 20 weeks 4 days

firos says :

Posted on: 20 weeks 5 days

sumer says :

On reading this blog, I recollect a story: Once a husband challenged his wife that he could make better rotis than her. This Indian dish requires making thick dough using flour and water. So he started off by adding water. He then realized that it was too runny and added some flour to make it thick. Then, he felt the dough was too firm and added more water. He kept repeating the process over and over again to fix it and finally handed it over to his wife telling her that he had some emergency office work to do! And on top of it he left the kitchen counter in a complete mess, which made the wife very furious!
Posted on: 20 weeks 6 days
Shalini Dinesh

Shalini Dinesh says :

really good one
Posted on: 21 weeks 4 hours

anjack says :

is that really only 4 oz carrots for 4 people ?
Posted on: 22 weeks 2 days
Lenmore Bahe

Lenmore Bahe says :

I like more international pastry recipes
Posted on: 22 weeks 3 days

JCG4719 says :

My mother used to make this recipe more than 50 years ago and it looks to be the very same.
Posted on: 22 weeks 5 days
Wahida khan

wahida khan says :

Thnxs a lot for the recipe of tunde kababs, I will surly make this Sunday special with it and let you know my experience.
Posted on: 23 weeks 16 hours

MelanieST says :

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Posted on: 23 weeks 4 days

scotiagal says :

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Posted on: 24 weeks 2 days

joshykochu says :

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Posted on: 24 weeks 4 days

ameliyasmithz01 says :

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Posted on: 24 weeks 6 days
Indhu Hariharasudhan

Indhu Hariharasudhan says :

Good one !
Posted on: 25 weeks 1 day

wink49 says :

Posted on: 25 weeks 2 days

jlukeadan says :

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Ranjana sharma

Ranjana sharma says :

Wow it is really a very useful information for sweet lovers as well as gourmet dessert making people and I am one of them. As I am from India I am so delighted to see the image of gulab jamun.
Posted on: 25 weeks 5 days

c34e says :

in my younger days my grandmother used to make this and I would like to try and cook it to. I want to see if I can make it like hers
Posted on: 26 weeks 2 days

Albertsmith says :

Its amazing, looking at the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you provide. I'll bookmark your blog and visit it weekly for your new posts.
Posted on: 26 weeks 4 days

suhaibkidwai says :

very fine recipe
Posted on: 27 weeks 8 hours
Khadijah Ralphs

Khadijah Ralphs says :

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Posted on: 27 weeks 2 days
Khadijah Ralphs

Khadijah Ralphs says :

i cant wait to taste it! What a bright idea to combine croissant and doughnut.
Posted on: 27 weeks 3 days
Khadijah Ralphs

Khadijah Ralphs says :

fantastic!i never know peeling garlic can be that easy..thanks for sharing :)
Posted on: 27 weeks 3 days

dgbron says :

Try this
Posted on: 27 weeks 4 days

100000060068420 . . . says :

Omg even I am not an expert on the subject but I do know enough that this article is a bunch of crap nonsense
Posted on: 27 weeks 5 days

roseainsworth706 says :

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Posted on: 28 weeks 15 hours

yummyqueen87 says :

If I don't have a bread machine can I mix by hand
Posted on: 28 weeks 5 days

twozie says :

Hello, thanks for the recipe how long does it keep in the refrigerator and can I freeze these?
Posted on: 28 weeks 6 days

vetteman4040 says :

OMG! Out of this world~~~ So simple and so yummy!
Posted on: 28 weeks 6 days

vetteman4040 says :

THESE COOKIES ARE AWESOME!!!! My family loved them
Posted on: 28 weeks 6 days

vetteman4040 says :

Thanks for sharing all your awesome canning videos. They are so HELPFUL!! Love ALL your videos!
Posted on: 28 weeks 6 days
Lily Valenesco

Lily Valenesco says :

FSK (above) said it succinctly. Tell us what isn't so we still won't know anything, Was this person paid to write this dribble? My son's fifth grade reports are far better than this, and so is his grammar: "If he eats eggs then it is all the more better."
Posted on: 29 weeks 10 hours
Diane Win

Diane Win says :

How is the Kinder Egg any different than the Cadbury Creme Egg or any other imported candies? Simple, the manufacturer couldn't afford the cost of tariffs.
Posted on: 29 weeks 1 day

kriley says :

This recipe is really good and a great way to get quinoa into your diet.
Posted on: 29 weeks 1 day

LindaEccleston says :

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Posted on: 29 weeks 1 day

Lreid says :

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Posted on: 30 weeks 19 min

JPReds1 says :

I will try it this summer
Posted on: 30 weeks 1 day

ChristiNJeremy says :

@fruitlady - I am SO EXCITED to find this! I received a wine making (from fruit) kit for Christmas & have been looking for beginner recipes. Boy does this seem easy & fun!! I just followed your recipe to a "T" & it's now locked away in my pantry right now :-) said it's ready when the air bubbles stop...roughly how many weeks was that for you? Thanks so much for giving me an exciting recipe to try for my first venture!!
Posted on: 30 weeks 3 days

edwardh says :

send me some more
Posted on: 31 weeks 5 days

hoperoumas says :

How can I get a printed recipe?
Posted on: 32 weeks 14 hours

hoperoumas says :

Looks absolutely delicious.
Posted on: 32 weeks 14 hours

tamz2x says :

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Posted on: 32 weeks 19 hours