A unique and eclectic blend of cooking style and flavors developed by the parsis of the Indian subcontinent, parsi food is a mix of vegetarian Gujarati cuisine and non-vegetarian Iranian cuisine. Famed for their distinct flavor and taste, parsi meals are healthy and homely and weaves an array of comforting recipes to choose from! Find some of the most appealing and popular parsi dishes like dhansak, sali murghi, saas ni machhi, chicken farcha. Authenticparsicooking blog offers you a rich collection of homemade gourmet parsi pleasure!
  • Kachi Keri No Murrabo Recipe

    Kachi Keri No Murrabo

    Soak mangoes with enough water to cover for two hours. Strain through a colander. Caramelise three tbsp sugar by placing in a pan on gentle heat and cooking till it melts and turns brown. Add...
    By : Authenticparsicooking

  • Colmi Nu Achar Recipe

    Colmi Nu Achar

    Rub prawns with salt and keep aside. Mix garlic, chilli powder, cumin powder and salt to a paste with a little vinegar. Dip prawns in half this mixture and keep aside for half an hour. Heat half...
    By : Authenticparsicooking