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Top 5 Tofu Main Dish Recipes For You

  Derived from nutritious soy beans, tofu is a rich source of protein and healthy fat. It also has a good calcium and iron content. Besides a decent nutritional profile, tofu is also a great ingredient to cook because of its... -

5 Easy Dishes For The Novice Cook

Sick of take-outs and greasy burritos day in and day out? Well, you should definitely try to know your way around the kitchen for both your health as well as your peace of mind. Don’t even think of soggy eggs and burnt toasts to say nothing of custardized... -

5 Veggies That Have Not Got Their Due

“Veggies are good for you.” This is a phrase that makes you want to cry coz you have heard it at least a million times before. But the very thought of bracing yourself to attack a plate of salad might actually make you go ballistic. Fret not; you don’t... -

10 Tricks To Fool Your Brain And Eat Less!

  If you are overweight, you’d obviously want to eat less and lose weight.  However, fighting the urge to eat just one more piece of that decadent chocolate cake isn’t that easy! When you begin to eat, your mind controls... -

Chocolates: A Threat To Your Liver

The condition known as cirrhosis of liver makes people think about drinking problems. But a complete teetotaler is often surprised to find himself/herself being diagnosed with it too. So, stop blaming your liquor for your liver. Chocolates may have had a... -

Make Many V-day Dips In A Jiffy - Fool Proof!

  Dippers and dips are great for snacking anytime during the day. For a special occasion like Valentine’s Day, it is only reasonable to make as many sweet dips as you want and enjoy with different snacks. But who has the... -

Processed Foods Affect Environment – Says Food Art!

  What do you do with a bowl of cereal or corn flakes? Pour milk and have them for breakfast, right? Well, a couple of photographers have found something better to do with these. Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman have... -

How To Cut A Pineapple Properly

Pineapple, the exotic, tropical fruit has the power to make you go weak in the knees. A taste for the sweet pineapple has the high & mighty flocking to Asian restaurants more than once too. However, it is difficult to reach the soft, juicy flesh by... -

Diy - Make Your Own Nutella!

  If there is one versatile dessert spread that is loved by people around the world, it is Nutella! Spread it on a toast, add it to a sandwich, mix it with fresh fruits, use it in baking, or simply scoop out a spoonful... -

Yelping Does Not Pay

Don’t go yelping and venting your spleen on ‘Yelp,’ the website for reviews and recommendations. The recent case of Jane Perez and her review about the contractor Christopher Dietz’s misconduct and jewelry stealing had the man up in arms too. He... -

Nutrition Demystified - 4 Tips To Eat Healthy

  Having to eat foods rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals is a pretty well-known fact. However, what do you really understand from this and how do you apply it practically in your everyday life? If you have always been confused about... -

Watch How Molten Lava Devours Coca-cola!

  You see a Coca-Cola can at least every other day. However, have you seen it putting up a hard fight with molten lava? Well, that’s not an everyday scene you get to watch, right? A daring adventurist called Bryan Lowry filmed this... -

Top 5 Delicious Pasta Recipes To Make Anytime!

  Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love pasta? We all do, don’t we! Pasta can be cooked in so many different ways to appeal to our taste and needs. If you have always wanted to cook some real good pasta and want to know... -

And Then There Were…

What happens when you put all your eggs in one basket oops egg tray? Well, they get talking of course! Not a pretty sight to watch their friend and bro-at-fridge degenerate into a white N yolk in the frying pan. Our sympathies!   ... -

How To Cook With Mcdonald’s Products

Feeling too lazy to cook or in a hurry? The best option is to pop into the nearest McDonald’s and gorge on hamburgers, French fries as well as the delicious McRibs . You can also try a salad or two, if wolfing down fast food makes your guilt pangs even... -

Gabrielle Union Thrives On Porn Diet

Gabrielle Union has no qualms about bringing it on. In a recent interview the hot-bod star revealed her latest obsession with ‘porn diet’ and how it helps her to stay in shape. Now, we’ve all heard of paleo diets and detox diets but what on the earth... -

Mcdonald’s Chicken Nuggets Contains Petroleum Not Pink Slime

McDonald’s chicken nuggets have been one of the hottest selling products for long. But the ‘pink slime’ controversy had the netizens scared with many swearing off the product for life. McDonald’s, Canada found a golden opportunity to set matters... -

5 Farm Bill Facts That You Should Know

The US farm bill 2014 is about to become law ! With $1 trillion destined to be spent on it you are required to know about it and check out the ways by, which it could benefit you. The bill will be important as it regulates the farming as well as the eating... -

10 Party Ice Cubes To Delight Your Guests

  Have you ever thought about those silly ice cubes which fail miserably to pep up your party? Well, who cares about them as long as they are there to cool your drink, right? Well, it’s time you thought better about the humble... -

Look How Chemistry Can Help You In The Kitchen!

  Are you happy that chemistry is only for the high school kids and you don’t have to put up with that boring subject anymore? Well, it is actually far more helpful and interesting than you think! Did you ever imagine that... -

Top 5 Dishes To Celebrate A Loveless Anti-valentine’s Day

Are you between dates? Ditched by your boyfriend or just find Valentine’s Day too mushy-mushy? Well, forget the heart shaped goodies and sparkle in the eyes for a moment and get set to celebrate February 14 in your own style this year (2014). Let your... -

6 Wonderful Winter Olympic Party Dishes

Whoa! The Winter Olympics are almost here! With more than 3.5 billion viewers tuning in to the event set to take place at Sochi, Russia, the games are going to be big indeed . So, why  don’t you throw a party for all winter sports fans on the D-Day i.e.... -

Easy Guidelines To Make A Healthy Salad

  A salad is one of the quickest yet healthy dishes that you could make. Do you often wonder if there are any hard and fast rules to make one? Well, not really. All you need are a few healthy ingredients like greens, vegetables, and a... -

Soon Coffee Grounds Can Make Your Cars Run!

  People who have their minds set on minimizing waste will look for ways to make optimum use of everything. When scientists do this, it results in the creation of a new technology . That is what has happened with the researchers at... -

Now, Men Have A Better Excuse To Sleep More!

  Does your man sleep blissfully well past 10 AM? Well, now he has one more excuse to his defence. A recent study has revealed that good sleep is important for men to live longer! And what about women? Well, you have the... -

Why America Is Beautiful? - Ask Coca-cola!

  Coca-Cola has made its touching mark again - this time in America. If you had watched the company’s Super Bowl ad , you’d know what we are talking about. The ad shows how the country has become home to many people... -

Let The Wine Go To Your Face

Gather all the yummy ingredients that you can think of and invite your face for a taste. Be sure to serve an appropriate wine for each course . The sommelier in you gets a long deserved break!   So its white wine for the cucumber salad... -

5 Disastrous Date-breakers

Excited about going on a date with the man you fancy? Congratulations but remember to follow a few cardinal rules when it comes to ordering food especially, if you are hell-bent on making a good impression. Be sure to take tiny sips and dainty bites,... -

Butter Is Better Believes Tv Chef

Food writer and critic, Simon Hopkinson, has no time for olive oil, virgin or otherwise. Having been taught by the Normandy chefs he believes in the doctrine of Fernand Point, the legendary French chef, ‘Du beurre! Donnez-moi du beurre! Toujours du... -

Top 5 Diet Cheats That Are Good For You

It is easy to start a diet with determination but rather difficult to see it through. People intent on losing flab often end up putting on more weight simply because they can’t resist the temptation of  a quick snack laden with calories . While... -

A Helpful Hint For Reducing Salt In Your Diet

  Has your doctor advised you to go low on salt? How good have you been at that? If you haven’t given a serious thought to it or do not really know how to effectively reduce salt in your diet, then take a look at this ... -

Top 5 No-bake Desserts For Valentine’s Day

  Valentine’s Day is fun, and you have better things to do than slog in the kitchen. Yet, we know that you would like to make something special for your Valentine. So here’s what we got for you – our top 5 no-bake dessert... -

This Underground Farm In London Will Surprise You!

It’s an irony that modernization has left us with lesser and lesser land for farming, despite the fact that farms give us the food we eat. What happens when one has the expertise and desire to run a farm, but doesn’t have the space in the city? Well, the... -

Herbs Can Cause Allergies Too

Having to cope with an allergic reaction is not easy. You have to be on your toes trying to avoid foods and pollen in order to keep your immune system from going into an over drive. Trying anti histamines and other medication is useful no doubt, but health... -

Might Of Mayo

Americans just love to drown everything in red, gooey ketchup. Well, so thought every true blue Yankee until the myth got busted courtesy Euromonitor, a market research firm, which gave a huge thumbs up to mayo, the new hero.   It has widened its hold... -

5 Celeb Dishes Of The Week

Celebs will be celebs and don’t you just love hearing about their high flying lifestyle? But what kind of news tempts you the most? What they are eating of course! From rags-to-riches Oprah, the queen of blah to a very pregnant Drew Barrymore, nothing... -

Candy Heart Conversation For 2014

The tradition of handing out candy hearts to your sweetheart on the occasion of Valentine’s Day is as old as ‘love’ itself. But don’t you feel that words like, ‘Be Mine’ or ‘Kiss Me’ and even ‘Let’s Get Busy’ is a trifle dated for the... -

How To Grab A Burger N Eat It Too

Grabbing a burger when you are hungry is the easiest thing in the world. Right? Err…not really , especially when you think of all the times that your burger had disintegrated into buns and a sliding patty leaving the lettuce and cheese to go their own way,... -

Will This New Pastry Come Close To Cronut?

  Despite the many faux cronuts that cropped up globally last year, we still have this question: “So, which is going to be the next cronut? ” Finally, something seems to be getting close to that – The doughscuit! Sounds funny to... -

Know Your Iq On Healthy Foods - Take The Quiz!

  Most of us are health conscious when it comes to food, and we know that you’d be too. There are some basic health facts one should be aware of to make wise decisions about what we eat. Find out how much you know about the... -

What Little Kids Think About Gourmet Food

  If you’ve never tasted caviar before and happen to get a spoonful of it at a rich dinner spread, what would you do? Whether you like it or not, you’d just gulp it down with a sip of water. Why? Because it is a gourmet food and... -

Why Women Flake And How To Prevent It

Flakes can happen to anyone. And if it has happened to you already, chances are you may not be knowing about it at all. For starters, a 'flake' is a girl or a woman who has suddenly started avoiding your phone calls, ignoring your messages and... -

Why Do Indians Eat With Their Hands?

  If you visit India or visit an Indian friend’s home, you’d probably be surprised to see people eating with their hand. Being a westerner, it is normal to wonder why they use their hand instead of spoons and forks. Some... -

A 12” Pizza Gone In 41 Seconds

How fast can you eat a 12-inch pizza? 1 minute or less? Well, a ‘furious’ guy called Pete just ate it in 41.31 seconds and that included the time the first bite of pizza hit his mouth to the time his mouth emptied of the last morsel. Now that has been... -

How To Turn Boring Sushi Into Beautiful Sushi

Making sushi may be an art but what you get at the end of the whole procedure is just a roll of rice, fish and condiments! Well, someone else thought so too. Therefore, you get to see this video that shows you how to make pretty pink flowers inside your ... -

Adam Richman Watch Out For This New Foodie!

How much sugar can you eat in a go? 1 teaspoon, 10, 20, 100, or 500 teaspoons? Can you down a total of almost nine pounds worth more than 15,000 calories ? Well, Matt Sonie, a YouTube user, can and he shows us how in this video.   ... -

Julia Child Teaches How To Make A Perfect Omelet

Making omelet is a routine matter for you, right? After all, you make or eat it almost every day. What is there to it, really, just put the eggs, salt and pepper together, add to a buttered pan and voila, your omelet is ready! Well, not quite! ... -

Go Tailgating With Adam Richman

When it comes to food, nobody gives a better advice than Adam Richman – the quintessential American foodie. Richman has something to tell you for the tailgating season.   Be it the legendary Osbourne BBQ event from Arkansas, roast... -

How To Make 14 Dosas In 5 Minutes

You don’t need to travel to India to learn how to make dosas faster than you can eat. Thanks to YouTube, it is possible to make fast dosas, right inside your kitchen. And these are not just some regular dosas. These are filled with spicy mixture,... -

Sink Bowl – Just What Noodle Lovers Want!

  Do you like to slurp your ramen noodles down to the last bit? Just like any little kid, do you wage a war with your bowl and fork to get the last string into your mouth? Well, if abandoning the last bit of noodle makes you miserable, then... -