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5 Microwave Rules That You Need To Follow

The microwave is the ‘king’ of every kitchen now! There is nothing more satisfying then popping your ready-to-eat meals in the micro and tucking into them 2 minutes later. However, this friendly gadget is not synonymous with instant food. You do need to... -

Top 5 Healthy Kids Snacks

  Kids love snacks and what better way to utilize this opportunity to infuse something healthy into them! As a parent, we know that you’d always  be  on the lookout for making something nutritious for them, but you... -

Food Coma: Is It For Real?

Are you fond of siesta or do you believe in working hard after a sumptuous lunch? Well, you may not be able to be overtly active in spite of your intentions, if you go into a food coma. Yes, it’s a real condition known as postprandial somnolence in... -

Wanna Try Moss Chocolate Or Lichen Candy?

  Extreme weather hampers vegetation. However, one can still find nutritious sources of food say the researchers at the Arctic lab located in Northern Russia. To prove their point, they went ahead and created delicious dishes such as ... -

Free Beer Fridge For Canadians At Winter Olympics!

  The Winter Olympics happening in Sochi right now is the best venue for advertisement campaigns, don’t you agree? While brands try to make their mark in several interesting ways, Molson Coors Brewing Company has... -

Say I Love You With Baskin Robbins Goodies

Baskin-Robbins, everyone’s favorite treat store, has lined up sweet treats by dozen for your Valentine’s Day celebrations and you are invited along with your sweetheart. Since, it is the month of love, the ice cream chain has announced an impressive... -

President Obama Settles For A Pre-valentine’s Day Date

Valentine’s Day will not deter President Obama from his epic responsibilities. The Prez will be busy with fellow democrats in Maryland and will have to do with the company of Abdullah II ibn al Hussein, the King of Jordan on February 14 instead of the First... -

Is Your Love Like A Green Green Sprout?

Say it with sprouts this time instead of the conventional red roses! A new flower sprout has taken the U.K. by storm at present and their colorful bouquets are touted as a great alternative for pleasing your Valentine on D-Day, this year (2014) . The... -

Egg White Chips – More Goodness And Less Evil!

  Let’s confess – We all love chips despite them being fatty and fried! Don’t you wish that this crunchy all-time favorite snack was healthier, so that you could munch them away, guilt free? Well, it looks like your wish... -

5 Shortest Recipes For The Shortest Month Of The Year

‘Tweet Pie’ is a cookbook with a difference for sure! It contains recipes for starters, mains, sides & desserts all described within 140 characters . A twitter foodie’s dream come true! It will also help you to keep your cooking short and... -

Fast Food Hampers Your Happiness – Confirmed!

  If you thought that eating fast foods only made you overweight, well there is much more to it! A recent study has revealed that even looking at fast foods reduces your ability to savor good things in life or be happy!   ... -

15 Quick Tips To Survive A Winter Storm

Winter storms are not new to the USA. Yet the severity of the storms right from the very first month of 2014 has left most of the country paralyzed and chilled to the bone . New York, Georgia, Atlanta, Texas, no State has been spared the onslaught of... -

5 Foods That Complement Yoga

The age old Indian exercise of yoga helps to keep both the body and mind healthy. You can also get rid of all those extra pounds that you put on post New Year Celebrations without allowing your body to suffer unduly. But while you can achieve your... -

This Trio Lived Life King Size Without A Penny

  What do irresponsible fraudulent men do when they grow old? Continue their fraud in a better way! That’s what three retired men did at a 5-star Swiss chalet. After having a good time and raising the hotel bill to... -

Authorities Kill Starbucks’ Alter Store

The ‘Dumb Starbucks’ store in L.A. saw huge queues for the hot beverage even as Nathan Fielder, of ‘Comedy Central’ TV channel, mocked the establishment . He aped the coffee giant in every aspect and held a faux conference outside the storefront. ... -

Coca Cola Okays Home Made Variety

Coca Cola has now decided to let its consumers make the coveted soda at home . The soda giant is all set for teaming up with ‘Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc,’ the Vermont based company, famous for its single serve coffee machines. With Coca Cola... -

Study Blames Childhood Activities For Adult Obesity

A plump child is cute and often compels friends, relatives and even complete strangers to go gaga over his/her attractiveness. But being overweight poses certain dangers and may hamper the growth of the child. Also the risk of growing up to be an obese... -

Salad Dressing: From Bare Essentials To Finery

A salad isn’t a side dish anymore ! More and more members of the dieting brigade are now sustaining themselves on salads alone and a wilted lettuce leaf with a dash of olive oil and vinegar just won’t do now. It is time for dressing your salad in... -

How To Eat A Chocolate Covered Strawberry Sexily

Red luscious strawberries dipped in bitter sweet chocolate is a work of art for sure! It becomes even more enticing when you pop them into your mouth. But how do you eat them?   Crunching the chocolate coated fruit ... -

You'll Love These Magical Disney-themed Cocktails!

  Who said only little kids love Disney characters? If you ever thought that childhood fantasies fade as one gets into adulthood, you are mighty wrong! While adults don’t spend time watching Cinderella a hundred times, they do... -

Here’s How Coffee Controls Your Life!

  You feel sluggish. You head to the kitchen to get some freshly brewed coffee. You drink it and feel good within minutes. After a few hours, you get grumpy again and reach for another cuppa. Well, what’s happening? Why does... -

Fake Foods! Where Is Uk’s Food Industry Heading?

  When you order a pizza with ham topping, you don’t expect chicken – do you? A prawn dish is supposed to contain prawn, right? Sadly, this is not the case in UK! A shocking study has revealed that more than a third of the foods sold in... -

These Stackable Rings Aren’t Kids’ Toys!

  Do we ever get fed up of cool kitchen gadgets? Never! If you are someone who is always on the lookout for designs that stand out, then here’s one you may want to grab – a stackable seasoning set .  With a touch of ... -

5 Low Budget Valentine's Day Dishes

There is no need to worry, if you are between jobs at the moment or a limited income student. Celebrating Valentine’s Day on a shoestring budget is not something to be ashamed of . You can, in fact, let your imagination soar and come up with a number of... -

Salad Vending Machine Takes Chicago By Storm

  Why do people resort to junk food when they are hungry? Because fast food is easily available at a stone’s throw. Grabbing a pack of fries or chips is easier than visiting a restaurant to eat something healthy, right? What if nutritious... -

Is Orange Juice The ‘bad Guy' Now?

A tall glass of refreshing orange juice and a pretty face looking blissfully happy. This is the picture that comes to mind when you think of a conventional American breakfast accompaniment .  But is the ubiquitous orange juice really the epitome of health? ... -

Would You Like Some Loopy Tea?

Gulping down your cereal in order to get a taste of the delicious sweet milk at the bottom of the bowl is an arduous task indeed . You do have to wade through spoons and spoons of crunchy flakes or krispies or fruit flavored loops that create a barrier... -

Top 5 Microgreens That Can Be Picked With Tweezers

Have you ever had to stare in dismay at a plate holding a nano-sized piece of chicken topped with an unknown sprig of green that looks as if it has been put there with the aid of tweezers? Well, gourmet restaurants have been known to create such unique... -

10 Problems That Meat Eaters Have To Face

With veganism becoming a way of life rapidly, the meat lovers are getting increasingly sidelined. Their woes have doubled thanks to the health pundits too, who never miss a chance to put them down. But Americans still happen to love their red meat despite... -

Look At How Mcdonald's Commercials Fool You…

  Are you someone who gets wooed by catchy advertisements ? If yes, you need to know that what the ads show isn’t what you actually get! Have you ever asked yourself “is the Big Mac really so big?” Chances are that you may not... -

Food Ideas For A Superhero Theme Party

Theme parties are fun, especially when you have kids involved. However, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep the kids' attention focused as the party goes on. By the time, either the kids are tearing each other's eyes out, peeing in their pants... -

Watch Animals Eat Their Food

Ever wondered how animals eat their food? No, we know you have seen a squirrel nibbling on a lone nut or a dog licking a bone clean but we are talking about a wide variety of animals, who may or may not be similar to human beings in the way they eat their... -

Don't Do This At Your Own Wedding

If you think wedding videos are always beautiful and memorable, think again! The wedding videos we've got for you are embarrassing and painful, especially for those they feature. This collection of wedding videos is painful even to watch. ... -

Shocking Truth About Food Additives Revealed!

  The scary truth about processed foods often gets ignored in our urge to satisfy our tastebuds. These foods are not only high in calories, sugar, and salt, but also contain a  lot of chemical additives for preservation.... -

How To Be An Ideal Guest - 10 Tips

It takes two to tango, right? Similarly, for an ideal party, it takes an ideal host and an ideal guest to come together. While there are articles galore on how to organize a perfect do, there are none that teach you to be the perfect guest. So, here are 10... -

Top 5 Salmon Main Dishes To Enjoy

  When it comes to cooking fish, salmon is the first thing that comes to the mind. Being rich in flavor and texture, it is often the most preferred fish to cook for any occasion. It is also abundant in nutrients such as niacin,... -

These Watercolor Cookies Are Fun To Make And Eat!

  Looking for some fun edible artwork to do with your kids? Try making these watercolor cookies with them! Wonder what they are? A very creative mom called Brittany from onecharmingparty figured out a way to paint... -

Why You Should Have A Wedding Buffet

Weddings and good food go hand in hand! You think of weddings and in the next moment, you think of the spread available. Well, we won’t talk about weddings here but about the food served on such occasions, and also about how you should serve it. Wedding... -

Make This Yum Black Bean Popsicle For Your Kid!

  How often do you struggle to get your child to eat healthy ? For many parents, it is an everyday battle, isn’t it? If it is true of you too, then you must be looking out for new ways to add healthy ingredients to your... -

Molly Schuyler Sets Wing Bowl Record

Molly Schuyler’s appearance is seriously deceptive. One look at her and you wouldn’t ever believe that she could chow down a year’s worth of chicken wings (363, no less!!!) in just half and hour, setting a new Wing Bowl record in the... -

Top 10 Wine Consumers Of The World

Is Pope Francis listening? His abode, Vatican City, is found to be the top wine consuming country (city state, in this case!) in the world, as per the 2012 list of per capita consumption of wine by “California Wine Institute.” The other top entrants in... -

Eating Yogurt Can Prevent Diabetes!

  Are you asked to eat bitter vegetables like bitter gourd to reduce blood glucose levels? Well, it looks like you don’t have to do that. The humble yogurt sitting in your fridge can do the same trick – reduce blood sugar... -

Control Your Man’s Sexual Urges - Give Him Graham Cracker

What do you think about the Graham Cracker? While we can only guess what your thoughts are, we can tell you, for sure, what the Reverend Sylvester Graham thought about it. An early advocate of dietary reforms in the US, Graham believed that these crackers... -

How To Burn Your Money On Valentine’s Day

Want to impress your Valentine? It will not be enough to shower her with gifts or take her to an exotic location for a romantic candle light dinner this time. Go for the most expensive meal replete with a bunch of aphrodisiacs and decadent dishes, hereto... -

5 Cocktails For The Fashion Savvy

The rich & famous of Big Apple are all agog with excitement now that the ‘New York Fashion Week’ (Feb 6- Feb 13 2014) is in full swing. Not only will they get to see the latest styles being flaunted, they will also get an opportunity to go one up on... -

Junk Food Lures The Winter Olympic Athletes

The Winter Olympic athletes are busy training themselves and burning up calories speedily in the process, now that the Sochi games have begun (Feb 7- Feb 23, 2014). But do they live on fruits, protein shakes, and oatmeal when they try to replenish the lost... -

Are You Ready For A Bone Marrow Ice Cream

  Are you bold enough to eat an ice cream? Wonder why we ask that? Well, if you want to taste some of the unusual ice creams created by Salt & Straw in Portland, you’ve got to be brave at heart. What’s so unusual... -

Study N Eat The Balut

Balut , a well known snack in the Philippines, has long been a fixture on the list of the ‘World’s most disgusing/ weird/ terrifying/yucky foods .’ Although most food experts describe it as ‘one of the most loved delicacies of Philippines,’ the... -

Mcdonald’s Reels Under Ketchup Crisis

Ketchup is the cause of irate food lovers shaking their fists at McDonald’s now. Yes, all 200 outlets of McDonald’s Argentina had to serve their customers with fries and burgers minus the sticky, sweet N sour condiment known as ketchup . The... -

29 Myths About Alcohol Busted!

  Have you been told that drinking alcohol makes you gain weight? Or do you take Tylenol after drinking to help prevent a hangover? Well, these are just two of the several theories that make rounds about alcohol. But have you... -