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5 Tricks For Cutting Veggies Like A Chef

Do you spend some time cutting, chopping and dicing veggies everyday, just before cooking dinner? Well, this part of food preparation seems to be a necessary evil but you can certainly make the task less arduous by following a few rules . Learn to cut the... -

A School That Teaches Farming For Kids!

  With advancing technology in this internet and computer era, how do we get our kids to learn about farming – the basic activity that gives us our food? Well, if you are in the US, you have the option to get your kid to study... -

Do You Deserve To Be A Home Chef?

So you love to cook. But are you a chef? Well, if you have arrived at your home kitchen armed with a degree from ‘Le Cordon Bleu’ or any of the hundreds of culinary school on the world map, you certainly qualify. But what, if you can satisfy your... -

Here’s A Model Cookie That’s Perfect For Dunking

  Ever felt awkward at dunking your snack into a dip, only to have it smeared all over? It looks like an Italian designer found himself in this predicament and decided to create an ingenious biscuit design to save himself... -

Does Your Cell Run On Pomegranate Power?

Did your cell phone battery just die on you? Well, you may have to turn to your fruit basket next time. The ‘SLAC National Accelerator Lab’ researchers together with their counterparts from Stanford have discovered the power of pomegranate now and hope... -

Adorable Foodie Jewelry That You’ll Love!

  If you are both a hardcore foodie and a fashionista at the same time, you’ll like what we have to show you. Somebody who is just like you has clubbed both the passions together and has come up with necklaces with delectable-looking... -

Food Industry Gets A Healthy Gluten-free Boost

It is the desire of the people that drives industry and the food industry is no exception either. The buzz word of 2014 is ‘gluten free’ and the industry has been going bonkers trying to cash in on the demand . With the producers of breakfast cereals,... -

Ice Cream Stuffed Bun To Tantalize Your Taste Buds

  Offers and discounts are what you normally see when a new business starts. However, a new ice cream shop in California has proved that creating an entirely new food product is the best way to start a business and garner attention... -

How To Get Women And Get Laid - 10 Alpha Moves

ModernMaleLifestyle writer J.D. Dallas brings you 10 Alpha Moves that will have your woman begging to do things for you. Since there is no college curriculum to take you through the science of dating, JD has taken it upon himself to give you some sound advice... -

Top 5 Healthy Main Dish Recipes For Kids

  Does your home become a battlefield during your kid’s mealtime? Chances are that you prepare something healthy very meticulously, only to be turned down by your little one. How on earth are you going to get him to eat... -

Top 5 1-day-specials For 5 Different Occasions

Celebrating special occasions in your life remains incomplete without proper foods to go with it. While certain dishes like cakes for birthdays and roast turkey for Thanksgiving are marked for these occasions particularly, you are entitled to create your... -

Mad Diet Lets You Eat Cake

“Let them eat cake,” said the infamous French queen Marie Antoinette. She had her head chopped off by her angry subjects as a result and the rest is history. While it is not advisable to take a page out of the haughty queen’s book now, her dietary... -

5 Facts That You May Not Believe

Eating is one of the most pleasurable activities known to mankind. But the urge to know about facts associated with your favorite dishes & ingredients is not too far behind either . While we may be elated about Justin Beiber and his drinking habits;... -

Who Will Pick The Tab?

A dinner date is something to be super excited about. But what about picking up the tab? Hmm…shouldn’t he pay for it every time. Well, times may have changed with more and more women bringing home the bread and expecting to be treated as equals, but... -

Supreme Court Justice Rules Out Pizza Status For Chicago’s Deep Dish Delicacy

Chicago’s trademark food, the deep dish pizza  has succeeded in raising hackles yet again . This time it was the controversial Justice Antonin Scalia of the Supreme Court who declared that, “It’s very tasty, but it’s not... - Recipe App On Windows 8 Now!

Whipping up delicious, gourmet dishes in a jiffy is one of the few pleasures of life shared by all. But not everyone can be a world class chef, right? Sure, but why worry when you have your friend the app to help you out. Simply download it and run... -

Do You Have Strong Food Cravings? Here's Why!

  Ever found yourself wanting to bite into a luscious chocolate cake – i-m-m-e-d-i-a-t-e-l-y? Well, that’s food craving – a strong urge to taste a particular food, no matter where you are or what you are doing. At that... -

7 Zippy Zucchini Recipes

Zucchini is a veggie that evokes mixed feelings. While the nutritionists simply love to extol its virtues, the young kids go ‘aww’ at the mere mention of this healthy squash . Again, the Italians are loathe to cook without this popular ingredient but... -

Chinese Food Introduced To… China

Carrying coal to Newcastle? No, this isn’t a prank; the young American duo of David Rossi & Fung Lam did just that when they opened ‘Fortune Cookie,’ an American-Chinese restaurant in the heart of Shanghai last year (2013) . Now, why on earth... -

No Time For Coffee? Eat This Chocolate Bar!

  Can’t do without a cup of coffee for an instant energy boost? Carrying your coffee around isn’t always possible, especially if you are an outdoor person who spends a lot of time on travel. It is for people like you that... -

Can You Die By Eating Gummy Vitamins?

Do you swear by your vitamin supplements and feel totally lost without them? Well, you are probably downing the delicious gummy vitamins that act as a colorful magnet for kids and adults alike . What’s more, they taste superbly fruity too. Mango, orange... -

Restaurant Offers Hugs That Heal

  It is indeed moving when regular businesses forget their business motive and do some good for the society. “Tim’s Place,” a restaurant located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, leads by example to show what a hug and embrace can do in... -

French Parliament Wants Homemade Food In Restaurants

Dining in France may turn out to a disappointment especially when you learn that all that the French chef in the restaurant kitchen does is heat up a pre packaged dish and unwrap it on your plate. Hmm… while the product on your plate may look totally... -

5 Bizarre Uses Of Pepper Spray

Once upon a time the pepper rose up from the surface of soups, toasts & eggs and aspired to be a protector of damsels in distress. Now, it has gone a step further and is dabbling in politics too . The Indian Parliament was in uproar recently with... -

Simple Life Hacks To Make Dorm Living Easier

  Do you or your loved ones live in a dorm? While being away from home is a pain in itself, it can be quite frustrating to live on your own with just a few basic equipments at hand. If that is what you are going through now,... -

No Need To Get Botox! Just Eat These Foods!

  Are you eager to have a smooth, ever youthful, and radiating skin? You don’t have to get those expensive botox shots or buy imported creams to keep your skin young and supple. Nature has every medicine that you need, and... -

Do You Know The Non-food Uses Of These Foods?

  Did you know that man has found a lot of other uses for some of the basic ingredients you have in your kitchen? If you didn’t already know, you could create a deodorant, pesticide, room freshener, makeup remover, and... -

Tips To Order Wine Like A Pro!

  How good are you at selecting the right wine that goes with your meal? Well, you don’t have to be perfect at this when you eat alone. However, it does help to know some basic wine-selecting guidelines when you take... -

Top 5 Superfood Salads To Boost Your Health

  Salads are quick and healthy dishes you could make at any time. How about making them healthier with some of the best known superfoods available locally? Find below our top 5 superfood salads made with nutritious and easily... -

A Massive Rooftop Farm - An Urban Wonder!

  Love to grow your own veggies, but don’t have the space? Worry not! You can grow your food right on your rooftop! If you thought a rooftop garden isn’t a viable idea and cannot replace a traditional farm, think again! Take... -

Animal Eating The Way Humans Do

There is ruckus in the animal kingdom because of a YouTube video showing two grown up men trying to eat like animals. A hippo and a croc have especially taken offence to this video showing their eating habits being represented by a couple of goofy men. As... -

Care For A Japanese Monkey Stew?

  If you have been to Japan, you would have probably enjoyed one of their traditional dish “ nabemono ,” which is basically a hot stew made with meat and vegetables. The dish can contain any type of meat such as chicken, beef, pork, or... -

5 Foods That Docs Won’t Eat

Medicos often see their patients ruin their health simply because they don’t know what to eat . While there have been numerous resources & conferences extolling the need to eat right, quite a number of them go unheeded. Dr. Michael Hirt, internist and... -

Top 7 Black N Beautiful Dishes

A short black dress is absolutely necessary in order to make an impression at a party. But why should black colored foods be frowned upon when it comes to party eats? From mains & sides to desserts black rules, even when it comes to the culinary world ... -

How Was Lobster Promoted To Cousin Of Caviar From The Cockroach Of Sea

Do you love lobsters and make it a point to order it whenever you are in a fancy restaurant and money is no object? Congrats on your fine dining choice! But did you know that the pricey ingredient that pleases you beyond measure was something that was... -

The Return Of Paula Deen

Paula Deen, the culinary celeb, is poised for a return in style . After a pathetic year of being accused of racism, public disowning by Food Network, and a teary TV appearance, Deen had remained unseen for some time. She has been eager to bounce back... -

Pick Up Rules For Modern Man

Men pay attention!   If you have been wondering why that cute chick didn’t respond to your flirtatious repertory at last night’s office party, it may have something to do with your pick up line. Men always wonder about what... -

Santoku Vs Nakiri - The Great Japanese Knife Debate

You know I have been asked this question about three times this month from people coming into the cutlery shop where I work and they are looking for Japanese knives and they ask me this: Do you have a Santoku? or Do you have a Nakiri? So I then ask them... -

Top 5 High-protein Breakfast Recipes For You

  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the food that your body gets after a long overnight fast. So, the food you eat to break that fast has to be high in protein and nutritious to assist body functions and also... -

Eat Bacon, Drink Bacon, Breathe Bacon - Nj Fest

  If there is one culinary obsession that grips most Americans, it is the bacon. An average meat-eating person wouldn’t refuse even if you served bacon all three times a day. With so much of fan following, it is only reasonable... -

25-year-old Fermented Fish Tin Creates Panic

  You have probably only heard about bomb squad being deployed to disable explosives. But did you know that an expert was recently sent to disable a 25-year-old tin containing fermented herring? Reports say that the ever bulging tin... -

Indian Actress Apes Lady Gaga’s Meat Costume

Tanisha Singh, an actress in India’s Southern film industry, wore a dress made of goat meat in Mumbai , just the way Lady Gaga donned her (in)famous beef meat dress in 2010. Her mission behind such extreme sartorial decision was to invite public... -

Making Crepes With A Street-smart Chef

Eating crepes is fun, isn’t it but is making them fun too? Well, not necessarily, if you are a mother of three, who has to wake up early every morning and rush into the kitchen in her nightgown, getting the batter together before the kids... -

Baskin Robbins Shows Your Chocolate Personality

Everybody loves chocolate but did you know your choice of chocolate can tell your personality too? To explore this question further, Baskin-Robbins joined hands with Juliet A. Boghossian, a behavioral food expert to find out what chocolate actually says... -

Top 5 Whacky Wild Party Cocktails

Throw a bash without any regulations! It’s time to let your hair down and have fun without having to worry about the niceties. Conversation & party can certainly take an interesting twist when the booze flows freely. But you surely don’t want your... -

How To Cut Carrot Into Same Size Pieces Easily

  “What’s the big deal about it? Simply cut and recut until they are the same size” – you say? Well, while that is true, we are here talking about how to do that easily with just a few cuts, despite the tapering shape ... -

Usda’s Food Safety Guidelines For Snow Storm

  Even as a deadly winter storm clutched the Southeastern United States and is threatening the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions, USDA has recommended that you follow the food safety guidelines it has published.... -

5 Hit Films Made Cheesy

Films are known to be cheesy and the ones that rake in the moolah are no different either. What if they were about real cheese, the variety made from dairy, that could have sent our taste buds on a delightful adventure instead of boring us to death? Here is... -

El Somni: A Multidimensional Dinner

The ambitious project, ‘El Somni,’ described as a culinary opera has managed to bring the best disciplines of life together . Music, food and painting are interwoven skillfully for the very first time creating a veritable treasure house that dazzles all... -

How To Order Food In Britain

America ceased to be a British colony more than 200 years ago and its vocabulary diverted quite a bit along the way too. But does that mean that a true blue Yankee would have difficulty in making his needs understood when he is alone & hungry in... -