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It's National Nutrition Month - Eat Healthy, Eat Tasty

  Did you know that March is observed as the National Nutrition Month ? Well, it’s true that you should be eating nutritious food every day, but do you really do so? What people end up buying or cooking is most often the... -

You Are Eating Junk

Eating used to be a pleasurable exercise not so long ago. But now it just means checking the labels painstakingly for unpronounceable names of chemicals, noting the vitamins added, debating about GMO v/s Non GMO as well as organic v/s non organic. Well,... -

Holi Classic Gujiya Travels From State To State

Holi, the colorful spring festival of India, feels incomplete without the sweet Gujia or Gujiya . Made throughout Northern India, this dish is a delicious combo of white flour, sugar, semolina and sweetened milk solids that becomes as necessary as the... -

Milkpep Decides To Shave Off Moustache And Get Healthy

‘Got Milk?’ Sadly the answer is ‘No.’ The commercial first popularized by ‘The Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP)’ is not interesting anymore believes the body, which has decided to pull off the iconic advert for milk after 20 years of... -

Would You Stay At One Of These Crazy Hotels?

  Love to go to queer spots for a vacation? For an adventure seeker, even the place of accommodation can matter a lot. What if the hotel you stay at is a strange place in itself, like one carved out of ice or a sea hotel with pools in... -

Should You Dress Like A Chicken To Stay Warm?

  There are several ways to keep ourselves warm, but this is surely the dumbest of all! A Japanese blogger claims that he has no money to buy winter clothes and squeezes himself into the only sweater he had. Well, he does... -

Eat These Foods To Stop Being Anxious!

  In this fast-paced life, anxiety gets hold of us at some point or the other. For some of us though, it becomes a debilitating condition that interferes with daily functioning. When that happens, we often end up going to a... -

Look At What Ben & Jerry’s Has To Offer!

  Ever wondered if you can innovate with ice cream? What more can you do than just make new flavors or even weird flavors like a bone marrow ice cream that many people run away from? Well, Ben & Jerry’s is not keen on... -

How To Cut An Apple Without A Knife

  Have you ever been in a situation where you had an apple, but didn’t have the knife to cut it and share? A situation like that happens often during travel, right? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just break it into two like a cookie?... -

Traditional Mardi Gras King Cake & Its Modern Avatars

You don’t deserve to celebrate Mardi Gras without the King Cake! Yes, this is what New Orleans citizens believe in wholeheartedly. The colorful cake with all the traditional trimmings plus the baby inside provides hours of fun at parties, carnivals,... -

The Art Of Baking Or Science Of Baking?

Cookies, cakes, and pies , nothing materializes without spending a good amount of time by your oven door. But the art of baking is surely something more emotional than measuring out the ingredients, mixing them perfectly with the... -

Eat These Foods To Get A Flat Belly!

  How often have you tried to hold your breath and flatten your tummy when somebody takes a photograph of you? Most of us do that to prevent looking unsightly in the picture, don’t we? Apart from affecting the way you look, ... -

How To Cook With A Coffeemaker

  If your cooking appliance goes kaput without a warning or if you are someone who is living alone without many kitchen equipments, a coffeemaker can be your lifesaver! Well, there are more things to do with this humble appliance... -

5 Reasons Your Diet Is Not Working

You choose a new diet aspiring to be the next Naomi Campbell but are unhappy with the results. Does that mean that you have been cheating? Why does your weight still stand at 160 pounds despite depriving yourself of all those delectable yummy goodies that... -

Are You Nuts About Bananas?

Bananas for breakfast, snacks and desserts pretty much sums up an average American’s choice of fruit . While sweet tropical delights like pineapples and pomegranates do tend to excite you, there is nothing quite as soothing as a humble banana when it comes... -

5 Timely Tips From Food Hackers

Hacking is serious business and considered to be an offence more often than not. Food hackers are exempt from being labeled similarly though. They are, in fact, much admired for their innovation and for the ability of taking a perfectly acceptable dish or... -

5 Waters To Taste: Find Out The Best

Water tastes like nothing say the pundits but its function as a digestion aid and for flushing out the system is unparalleled. Wrong! Say the makers of bottled water as they swear by the superlative taste and natural freshness of the liquid ambrosia in... -

Top 5 Mardi Gras Gumbo Recipes

The strong flavor of gumbo, a traditional dish of Southern Louisiana lingers in the air reminding you that it is Mardi Gras. The community affair of contributing to the gumbo and then dancing the night away before Lent is observed to date . The gumbo... -

Top 5 Healthy Drinks For Your Kids

  If there is one easy way to infuse some nutrition into kids, it is through beverages. Drinks are smooth, yummy, and easy to gulp down too. If your child is a picky eater, we are sure he won’t be the same when you offer him a... -

Prez Obama Loses Beer Bet

Canada has much to cheer about! It has managed not only to outdo Russia on its own turf in the Winter Olympics 2014, but has also managed to retain the hockey gold by beating Sweden conclusively on February 23, 2014. However, it was their solitary gold scored... -

How To Get Your Cows In Milk Boosting Mood

Working out to the sound of music or wooing your date with a fine dinner and romantic songs are some of the things most humans do. But did you know that music has the power to enhance milk flow too? Yes, but it’s not the human variety this time. The... -

5 Foods To Feed Your Cold

Down with a cold? Well, thank God for having given you a break from the humdrum of everyday life and allowing you to lie back and enjoy some of the best comfort foods that have the hidden power of making you feel better. You’ve had enough of apple &... -

Wwf's Brilliant Warning About Global Warming

  Global warming is a serious issue, but how on earth do you drive the seriousness into people’s heads? WWF found an interesting way to do this and successfully sent the message across to the people in Paraguay. How? By... -

Michelangelo’s Masterpiece Recreated – It’s Edible!

  It seems like there is nothing impossible in the realm of food art. Look at what this amazing food artist did for Michelangelo’s 450 th death anniversary! She simply re-created the famous Italian artist’s... -

Flower And Bug Delicacies From The Explorers Club!

  Who doesn’t love appetizers? The very look of the platter makes one’s mouth water, doesn’t it? But what do you think of the starters pictured above? They are gourmet dishes made using exotic ingredients like flowers and... -

Now, Pour Wine Without Removing The Cork!

  Love to taste a variety of wines each day, but can’t afford to open each bottle and let it spoil? Well, now you’ve got the right tool to pour your favorite wine every day, yet re-seal the bottle to keep the aroma and flavor... -

Japanese Eat Like Cats On Cat Food Day!

  You’ve heard of eating like a king, but what is it to eat like a cat? Well, if you are in Japan right now, you may get the chance to know that! The country’s famous cat food manufacturer Nestle Purina is operating a... -

Your Favorite Cookies Says A Lot About You

You are often spoilt for choice whenever you come across cookies! After all, there is the humble raisin oatmeal cookie, or the vintage chocolate chip, the decadent ice-cream sandwich and millions of others. But there is that one cookie, which you can never... -

5 Strange Ways To Use Honey

We have used honey in making the most scrumptious desserts over hundreds of years but there are still some uses of this delicious condiment that raise eyebrows galore. Here is a collection of some of the most intriguing but fun uses of honey -   ... -

Artist Frosts A Cake On Nyc Subway

  How would you react if a stranger offered you a piece of cake while traveling in a train? You’d probably not accept anything from strangers owing to safety concerns. But what if the stranger took the pain to frost an entire cake on the... -

Have You Had The Condom Flavor Test

Chocolate, strawberry, marijuana, banana, garlic, grape and vanilla – these are not the ice cream flavors of this season but condom flavors, which recently underwent some serious scrutiny at a media organization. The Valentine’s Day may be over but you... -

Coffee Or Beer: Which Is More Creative?

Thrashing an idea around while drinking with your friends is simply great! Many artists and/or scientists have their beer addled brains to thank for their brilliant ideas. The ability to think of newer ideas based on the germs already lurking in your... -

Rihanna Shows ‘much Love’ As She Turns 26

Rihanna turned 26 on February 20, 2014 . And the gal sure heated up the atmosphere with her b’day bash that started 3 days before the d' day. First, she goes and hires a cabin in Aspen and has some serious fun as she began hurtling on the slippery... -

Us Military Pizza Will Remain Good For Three Years

No sight is as depressing as an empty pizza box because that means there is no more pizza left now. But what to do! You cannot keep a pizza forever , right? Well, not anymore! A US Military lab, in Massachusetts, is working on a pizza recipe, which... -

Potatoes Start Tweeting Now

English social media users: Rejoice! For Birds Eye has come up with its unique snack ‘Mashtags,’ that gives you the comfort of eating your Twitter tools while using the microblogging site . With hashtags, @ signs, asterisks, and emoticons galore, there... -

Wanna Eat This Adults-only Burger?

  This is no ordinary burger that you can buy with just money. If you plan to eat this and walk away briskly to office, you cannot do that. And, you cannot feed this to your child either. Well, these hints must have given away what kind of... -

Hot Shirtless Baristas Coming Up

Move over guys, the ladies have their own ‘hot’ coffee shop now! ‘Hot Cup of Joe,’ of Spokane, Washington, now has young hot hunks serving the ladies. That’s not all! The Baristas are going shirtless so that you ladies can get an eyeball worth... -

App & Food To Fix Nearsightedness Naturally

For just $5.99, the “ UltimEyes ” app, available on iPad, will improve your vision better than the costliest of surgeries. Who knows, you may even surpass the natural 20/20 vision benchmark, like one of the 19 players from the baseball team of the... -

Roll The Dice To Decide What To Cook!

  How often have you stood in the kitchen and wondered what to cook for the day? Well, we all know that eating a balanced meal is important, but when it comes to actually making them on a daily basis, how successful are we? The... -

Could Your Plastic Water Bottle Cause Cancer?

  Plastic makes our lives easier, no doubt. But did you know that it could complicate our lives too? Scientists have expressed their concerns about the effect of toxic chemicals on human life.  It is believed that small amounts of... -

Invisible Vending Machines - Coke's V-day Surprise

  Of late, Coca-Cola seems to be bent on garnering attention in unique ways. With touchy video ads made for Chinese New Year and Super Bowl this year, their contribution for Valentine’s Day stands different too. This year, the... -

Are Fun Size Bars Fun?

Looking for a fun size treat? It is difficult to really call them a treat or even fun as the effort that goes into wrapping them is not worth the momentary pleasure . Well, to put things in the proper perspective let’s begin by asking what on earth is... -

All-new Incredible Donuts To Gorge On

  If you still haven’t gotten that ice cream stuffed donut from yesterday off your mind, here are a few more interesting goodies to think about!  Well, it always helps to know what’s the latest to arrive on the foodie scene,... -

5 Fantastic Frosting Twists

A store bought can of frosting has the power to save your day or cake. It seems like a God send especially when you don’t have the time to spend hours decorating your kid’s birthday cake. But there is more that you can do with it . It makes sense to... -

What Is Your Relationship With Water?

Trying to lose weight and then stay in shape is an ordeal indeed ! But it becomes a downright torture when you have to count the glasses of water that you drink. Sure, you must be aware of the 8-glasses-a-day rule, but can you really do arithmetic when you... -

How To Scramble An Egg Without Breaking The Shell

Eating scrambled eggs for breakfast is one of the most pleasurable things in life . But prepping the eggs isn’t too pleasurable, especially, if you have to do it right in the morning. Plus think how good it would be to crack the shell and find a ready-made... -

Can You Get Food Poisoning From Sex?

Feeling queasy after eating fish? Better not have sex then! But how are the two related? Well, doctors have uncovered a serious toxin called ciguatera found in fish that can produce symptoms of food poisoning and tends to get transmitted via the sexual... -

Top 5 Heart Healthy Dishes To Make

  Is there anyone with a heart ailment at home? If yes, they’d need special care when it comes to their food as they cannot eat everything like a normal person does. Heart healthy dishes should ideally contain ingredients that... -

Top 5 Quinoa Side Dishes For A Healthy You

  Quinoa has been the latest craze among the health conscious people around the globe. Tagged as one of the best superfoods, the grain has multitudes of health benefits. With all essential amino acids in place, it has complete... -

Top 5 Low-mercury Fish Recipes

Eating fish instead of the high-cholesterol red meat is considered to be a safe bet. However, there are many dangers lurking down in the depths of oceans too. Seafood with high mercury content is certainly not advisable for your health. This means saying... -