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Which Is Better – Margarine Or Butter?

  Like to slather butter on your toast? It does add a certain taste to your food, isn’t it? However, with all the fat content, is it really healthy for you? What about margarine? Is it a better substitute for butter? If you are a ... -

How To Time Your Oreo Dunking Technique

Dunking your Oreo in milk is a fact of life. No self respecting American would want to eat it otherwise. But did you ever spare a thought for the time required to make your Oreo sufficiently moist ? Is it gonna be 10 seconds or should you keep it submerged... -

Do You Aspire To Be A Coffee Graduate?

Students who rely on coffee to fuel their energies are in for a treat now. The ‘University of California,’ Davis has already hosted a coffee conference at its brand new ‘Coffee Center,’ on March 11 2014. The purpose of the discussion was to study... -

Fictional 5-sec-rule Becomes A Fact

Would you like to eat a food item that has been dropped on the floor? Surprisingly a vast majority (87%) have no qualms in doing it with many insisting that the food picked up within 5 seconds of being dropped remains uncontaminated. But is this 5-Sec-Rule... -

Pull Your Tacos Up!

What comes instantly to mind when you say ‘‘Taco Bell’?’ Food or rather Mexican fast food, right? But the immensely popular food chain is not satisfied with feeding its customers now. It wants to clothe them too! Yes, that’s right! ‘Taco Bell’... -

Is This An Eggplant? Think Again!

  While creating an art out of food is a skill in itself, making one food look like another is something that very few can think of. What if someone gave you an eggplant to cut, but it breaks and proves to be an egg instead?... -

Milk In A Cookie Shot Glass – Latest From Ansel!

  Did you know that Dominique Ansel is now making shots? What kinda shot does a baker make – you ask? Well, it’s not the regular one you get from a bartender, but a delicious milk shot in an appealing cookie shot glass!... -

5 Reasons Why America May Become Vegan By 2050

America, the country that loves its T-bone steaks and meaty hamburgers may just opt for living on plant produce by the 2050 . No, this is certainly not wishful thinking on part of the vegan brigade or PETA but a logical reasoning based on facts. Apart from... -

Now, Turn Water Into Wine In 3 Days – Well, Almost!

  If you ever thought wine making was a complex process that only experts can do, here’s something to defy that notion. In this technology-driven world, you can now  make your own fine wine with minimal effort in just 3 days! Yes,... -

Don't Miss This Grand Food Event In Nyc!

  All ye foodies of New York City! Wanna sample great food from over 100 fine dining restaurants in one day? Well, you’ve got the chance! Here’s a special event that brings together some of the popular chefs and sommeliers of the... -

Angel Or Devil: Who Gets Your Cake?

Good always triumphs over evil! But that happens in a utopian world and has to be taken with a pinch of salt when it comes to reality. But can cakes be good and evil too? Well, the terminology seems to suggest so. Why on earth should one be known as an... -

Top 5 Yogurt Based Dishes To Cool Off

There is nothing quite as nutritious and delicious as yogurt when it comes to beating the heat. The natural, acidity lends it a unique tartness that goes a long way in captivating our palates. Use it for tenderizing your meats or neutralizing the heat of... -

Customize Your Oreo Cookie!

  Would you like to create your own Oreo cookie with personalized flavors and colors of cream? That’s possible if you attend the South by Southwest festival in Austin right now. With the help of specialized vending... -

Swing A Cup Of Hot Coffee Without Spilling!

  Do you find yourself clumsy when it comes to serving, especially drinks? How often do you walk with that slow staggering gait holding a tray of coffee cups to serve your guests? Wouldn’t you be glad if something could magically prevent... -

Virtual Breakfasts From Around The World!

  If you are a hard core foodie, you’d be interested in knowing what kind of food people around the world eat. Visiting various countries to know this is one authentic way. But who has the time and money for a world tour just to watch what... -

Beat Your Egg Whites: Don’t Spoil Em’

You do need to beat your eggs now and then, particularly its white part. No, this has nothing to do with bad eggs and licking them into shape but you do need that glutinous albumin of the egg white to make your desserts and soups perfect. Don’t fret! ... -

Is Your Food ‘sound’ Enough?

Being tempted to eat by the delicious aroma wafting out of the kitchen or finding yourself getting hungry on seeing the beautiful collage of food on your plate is nothing new. Chefs have indeed tried to lure their customers by appealing to the sense of smell... -

How To Utilize Your Lunch Hour To Shatter World Records

Envious of men who happen to hold a world record? Well, not all ‘Guinness World Records’ are awe inspiring though. You can certainly hope to compete with them and beat them at their own game easily . But do you know the best part of shattering such a... -

This Dog Drunk Vodka To Stay Alive!

  Other than giving one some temporary bliss, does alcohol really help in any other way? Charlie, the little dog, says yes! This Maltese terrier in Australia was saved from death by drinking as much of vodka as possible. Now, who... -

Are Christians Bad Tippers?

  “I give God 10%, why would I give you 18%?” That’s what a church group reportedly wrote to Applebee's on a receipt! This is just one of the several instances where the church crowd has offended the waiters at... -

Top 5 Lip Smacking Chaats For Holi

The spicy, lip-smacking chaats of India are street foods enjoyed on every occasion as well as lack of occasions. Trying to duplicate the taste of these enticing street foods at home is no mean feat either . But nothing ventured is nothing gained, right? ... -

Why Is Starbucks Scared Of Italy?

Longing for a cup of coffee? Just step into the nearest Starbucks! This seems to be the easiest thing to do wherever you are in the world, now that the giant coffee chain has planted its footprint firmly on 62 countries around the globe. The remaining few are... -

What Is Craft Beer Actually?

Beer lover or not, it is difficult to ignore the tremendous popularity of craft beer that has been sweeping the nation of late. CNBC also reported on the amazing rise of the Craft Beer in 2013, whose production increased by 9.7% even as general beer brewing... -

Till Kit Kat Drives Us Apart

Eating a bar of chocolate or a candy or even a cream filled chocolate cookie a.k.a. Oreo is not easy. You do have to know certain rules, for instance and be ready for being subjected to a verbal whiplash, if you don’t quite follow the Dos & Donts... -

Chicken Soup For The Soul Focuses On The Body Now

‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ had been an inspirational series of true stories from people who have heartwarming anecdotes to share. Now  the publishing house has decided to come true to its name by bringing out a real brand of soup of the same name .... -

Top 5 Savory Dishes Made Delicious With Caramel

The dark brown confection known as caramel, obtained by heating sugar is a great leveler! Both desserts and savories transcend the boundaries of ordinary and become food fit for the Gods when coated with the sweet, syrupy caramel. The plain Jane chicken... -

The Best Eating Advice That You Can Get

Feeling ravished? What about a juicy pork roast ? Yucks! Would you eat a pig? An animal that never bathes? Also do spare a thought for the cute Babe, the smartest pig in the world who made Hollywood proud. How can you even think of eating his race to... -

School Kids Befriend Fruits N Veggies

Have the kids learnt to appreciate healthy foods at last? Well, a recent study report published in the ‘American Journal of Preventive Medicine,’ has confirmed it. The ‘Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010,’ saw the school children being served... -

Michelle Obama Finds Liver Too Dark

Michelle Obama is a strong advocate of eating healthy and keeps a well stocked kitchen garden, full of nutritious plants and herbs near at hand. She believes in exercising and remaining fit too. But did you know that the young  Michelle was  petrified of... -

The Ten Commandments Of Nacho Making

The fun tortilla chip with a layer of gooey cheese on top is Mexican or Tex-Mex food at its best . Yes, it is the yummy nachos that help you to pass a boring evening alone or display your love for your significant other by feeding him/her with the crunchy... -

Are You Scared Of Pruning Your Plants

We know it is a dreadful ordeal for you to take care of your plants, what with the busy schedule and you trying to fit in everything into the 24 hours. As a result, your plants are dead because of neglect. So, what to do? Well, how about a simple guide that... -

6 Food Combos For Better Health

One food to keep you fit seems like an old formula now. It is the age of food combos and we bring you eight such combinations, to keep yourself lean and fit. After all, two's a party!   1. Mango and Eggs If it is... -

Facebook Also Means Eating Disorder For Regular Users

This is something you all knew a long ago! Being on Facebook continuously not only gives you a sore thumb and fingers but also an eating disorder. The hunger for "Likes" and "Comments" on the social networking website can also take... -

International Women's Day: A Day For Progress Of Mankind

‘International Women's Day’ is about to be celebrated all over the globe this year (2014). It’s sad to think that half of the world’s population is still struggling to be equal to their male counterparts. United Nations hopes to achieve that... -

Ibm’s Supercomputer Gets Its Own Food Truck

Watson, IBM’s supercomputer is back! But now it has donned a chef’s cap and is eagerly doling out food from a truck. Well, the Jeopardy! winner of 2011 seems to have traveled eons in the spate of 2+ years as far as its career is concerned. ... -

5 Foods On The Brink Of Oblivion Due To Climate Change

The world is destined to face hunger in the near future, warned the environmentalists not so long ago. But did you know that the inclement weather and bizarre change in climate patterns can all but wipe out some of your favorite foods from the globe too? ... -

Foods That Stare N Scare

Making faces at food that you don’t like must have been your forte long ago. But do spare a thought for the poor foods too. Do they appreciate being eaten, that too so disdainfully, as if we are doing them a great favor? No wonder the banana wants to... -

Jennifer Lawrence Stuffs Herself With Junk Food And Has A Great Fall

Jennifer Lawrence spared a thought for her tummy on Academy Awards Night, which seemed to be in a habit of ‘Catching Fire’ whenever she starves. The ‘American Hustle’ star therefore took matters into her own hands and kept her clutch bag full of... -

Top 5 Mind Blowing Mango Delights

Mango, known as the King of fruits in India, surely deserves its title. The sweet, aromatic fruit is revered for its incomparable flavor even by the die-hard patriots in the USA and the Mexican mango is often bypassed in favor of the superlative... -

Veggie Juice Wins The Low-cal Race

So, you have finally decided to reduce your calorie intake by opting for juices. Hmm…you might as well live on water, for fruit juices  do not actually help you to stay lean & thin. Veggie juices  are... -

The Holy Tales - Bible Stories On Happykids

Five months ago our ambitious team launched a channel, HappyKids, in hopes of educating children of all ages through music, stories and activities; and it is with great pleasure we announce that HappyKids has reached over 10 million video views!   ... -

How Cool Is Usda’s New Meat Label?

‘Country of Origin label’ (COOL) on meat products has gone into effect November 2013 onwards . The hugely expensive bill, however, had to face two different Federal rulings, a ‘World Trade Organization’ dispute along with 2 lawsuits filed against it... -

Are You Strong Enough To Dine With The Queen?

Dining with the Queen sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and even celebs like the heads of States, movie stars, musicians and sportspersons from around the world have been overwhelmed by the honor. The dining experience is not like a dream though! ... -

Dream Run On Cranberry Turf

Harvesting the health filled red berries at Wisconsin during fall is every tourist’s dream come true. Taking a tour of the cranberry bog, clocking photos and sampling the lip-smacking berries are not the only thing that entices them though. While... -

Top 7 Spicy Boneless Chicken Recipes

Eating chicken in lieu of red meat is recommended by medicos all over the world. It’s relatively bland taste does not make it quite so palatable though. But spice it up nicely by following the Indian, Italian, Mexican and Asian chefs and you have a winner... -

This Superfood Is Better Than Quinoa

The world is looking at a new superfood and it emerges from the least-expected part of it – Ethiopia. The Ethiopian cereal, Teff Grain, is the new nutrient-rich replacement of quinoa. We don’t blame you if you haven’t already heard of this cereal grain.... -

How To Make Your Lipstick N Eat It Too

Tired of shelling out good money for making your lips look attractive? Well, you may put on a sexy pout once your lips have been painted with the hue of your choice but do you know that you have allowed a number of deadly chemicals into your body by licking... -

Top 5 Waxy Potatoes You Can’t Do Without

You just cannot hope to stay away from potatoes. Tubers, root veggies, starch storehouses, whatever you call them, the omnipresent potato is bound to turn up on your plate in some form or the other. There’s just no escaping them! But too much of starch is... -

How To Peel N Devein Shrimps In 5 Different Ways

Feasting on fresh shrimps grilled  on a spit fire or nibbling on a shrimp tail  placed on a stick happen to be tiny moments of happiness that make life worth living. Yet you cannot hope to savor these superlicious dishes unless you... -

Can You Get High On Diet Coke?

Coca Cola has found itself neck deep in controversy yet again even as its ‘You’re On’ advert began airing at the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014. Cut to the various billboards across the cities of USA, and you are bound to be convinced that the beverage... -