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7 Surprising Items That Need To Be In Your Fridge

Refrigerator-a veritable store that saves us multiple trips to the supermarket and helps us to satiate our hunger pangs in the dead of the night . True, you want to plan ahead and store the cooked foods and make-ahead desserts well before a party but there... -

Eat Ice-cream To Lose Weight

Want to lose weight badly? Here’s a scoop! What about a pint …wait…5 pints of yummy, frozen desserts a.k.a. ice cream? Yes, Los Angeles, the fad diet capital of U.S. is now offering the ‘Ice-Cream cleanse’ that will help you shed the pounds... -

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Dining Outside Us

  Visiting another country? Do you know the dining etiquette followed there? Before you reach there, you ought to know what is acceptable and not acceptable when it comes to table manners. Each country has its own do’s and... -

Watch People Walk And Hunt On The Ocean Floor!

  Hunting is nothing new to us, but can you imagine someone walking on the ocean floor and hunting without any diving gear? Well, there is an entire tribe who lives on the sea and rarely comes to the land! They are so well... -

This App Helps You Find Healthy Juice Bars!

  Like to abandon junk food and adopt a healthier lifestyle by drinking healthy green juices and smoothies? Well, life is not easy for people like you! With fast food joints looming everywhere, how would you locate such a juice... -

Research Diminishes Fear Of Fat

Trying to cut out red meat, butter, and cheese from your diet in order not to succumb to a heart attack? Well, you need not do so now for a new research study hints that saturated fat alone may not be the culprit. The study was based on the findings of 45... -

A Restaurant That Has 10-year Waiting List!

  How would you like to wait for 10 years to get a table at your favorite restaurant? No, we aren’t kidding. If you wish to dine at Damon Baehrel in Earlton, New York, you’ll have to wait for a decade! Whoa! That’s ridiculous,... -

5 Killer Edibles

Every food and drink in life has its utility. Ditto for some non-edibles like toothpaste that are eagerly swallowed by kids especially, if they happen to be sweet. But remember that all good things in life come in small packages and it is the same for... -

What’s French About This Toast?

So, you are in a mood for some French toast this morning? Check out your kitchen for the supplies and count your eggs before they get hatched. Why? You have to use eggs in their shells not the chickens that come tumbling out of them, you dud!   ... -

5 Feeding Mistakes That Parents Make

Feeling frustrated with your kid who is a picky eater ? Well, you are certainly not going to be lonesome for there are thousands and thousands of parents with the same complaint. Whether it is a month-old infant, a picky toddler, a fussy school child or a... -

Curry Culture From Around The World

Curry, the generic term for a spice based dish, has gained acceptance world wide . Indeed it is so popular that the British Premier David Cameron claimed it for his country not so long ago. The fact, however, differs considerably. The curry powder aided dish... -

7 Worst Breakfast Foods To Avoid

  What did you have for breakfast today? Cereal? Sandwich? Pancake? Well, do you know that there are some worst breakfast items too? Yes, some foods that you consider healthy may play havoc with your healthy body . You,... -

How To Make Edible Apple Swans

  While cooking in itself is a skill, presenting it in an aesthetically appealing manner is quite another. If you are someone who looks for ways to improve your food presentation , then here’s an idea. With just some apples and a... -

5 Tips For A Perfect Grilling Season

The long, harsh winter is finally on its way out and the barbecue fans cannot wait to get their grills out in the open and start cooking some delicious food in the backyard. Well, before you fire up your smoker or grill and call up your friends for the summer... -

Top 10 Vegetable Recipes For Summer

Spring is all about light, airy, delicious dishes because it is the vegetable season. Asparagus, fennel, radishes, fava beans and fiddlehead ferns come to the farmer’s market and it is time to bring them into use. So, perhaps, it is time to get hold of some... -

5 Veggies That Are Way Down The Nutrition Ladder

Vegetables are chock-a-block with vitamins, right? The statement may be true to some degree but it definitely does not encompass the entire veggie world . Remember that the plant based foods can be good, bad and ugly too. While almost all vegetables have... -

Butter Up Your Body With Peanut Butter

Dipping a spoon in the jar of peanut butter and licking it off is an action strictly reserved for kids. You might not be tempted to do it but did you know that including this protein filled butter for breakfast might actually help you to stay well? ... -

Minimal Packaging Maximum Effect

Sure, you love your meat but can you buy exactly what you want every time you are at the supermarket? Well, deciphering which meat cut comes from which part of the animal or poultry is no mean feat especially when you have to find out the answer from... -

Cinnamon Is The Spice Of Life

Think of a sweet spice and the name that immediately comes to mind is cinnamon . It enlivens the exotic curries and adds flavor your life in the form of buns and rolls. Think autumn and the aroma of cinnamon in apple pie becomes irresistible too. Yet this... -

Celeb Mantra For Losing Weight

Losing weight is not an easy task! Ditto for the celebs who find it extremely difficult as well in spite of having personalized trainers, dieters and chefs at their service. Getting into a skimpy top or showing off the chiseled physique is all a part of... -

Top 5 Flavorful Pork Dishes To Make

  Pork is one of the most favoured dishes around the globe. Despite the fact that it is red meat, pork is rich in protein, thiamine, and zinc - all of which contribute greatly toward good health. Therefore, consuming it less... -

Japan Makes Candies That You’ve Never Dreamt Of!

  Who doesn’t love candies? Most of us do! However, do you know what sets us apart from the candy lovers in Japan ? It’s their obsession to make everything cute and pleasing to the eye .  If you think we are talking... -

5 Delicious Deceptions For All Fools Day

With the first day of April dawning nearer, its time to take stock of the situation and finalize the tricks up your sleeve. But would you actually go so far as to fool your own kith and kin? Why not? It’s All Fools Day after all and startling your near... -

Cooking Hacks For A No Mess-no Stress Life

Are you a reluctant cook who would love to spend the time doing other things besides peeling garlic and cleaning kitchen equipment? Here’s some good news for you at last! Whether it’s keeping your grater blemish free or serving a huge plateful of well... -

What Can You Buy For $5 Outside Us?

  Going on an international vacation? Wanna know how much you’ll have to spend on food alone? Well, it’s a good idea to know that in advance and be prepared, so that you don’t get a rude shock while you are actually... -

There's Sugar In Your Popcorn

A movie without popcorn is like eating an egg without salt! Well, the moviegoers swear by the crunchy snack and youngsters just cannot fathom life without the omnipresent tub of popcorn while at a movie theater. But why worry? This specific snack is light... -

A Smart Way To Mind Your Eggs

Do you count your eggs before they hatch? Well, its time to put a stop to that! Just rely on the new smart contraption that goes by the name of ‘egg minder’ capable of not only keep reminding you that you have to go egg shopping soon but also guiding... -

10 Ways To Use Up Stale Bread!

  How often have you scratched your head thinking about how to use up some food that you no longer want? For example, when you reach out to take a few bread slices to make a toast, you realize they have gone stale. What do... -

Buffets Not Sanctioned By Islam?

Keen on sampling the spicy desert cuisine of Saudi Arabia by going to an all you can eat buffet? Well, it might be a trifle difficult now as the Islamic clergies seem to be perturbed by this show of gluttony. Saleh al Fawzan, a man of Islam, has in fact,... -

Will Coca-cola Taste Better In This Special Glass

  Does the drinking glass really make a drink taste better? Coca-Cola seems to think so. The beverage giant has tied up with Riedel , an Austrian wine glass making company, to create a special glass that brings out the... -

How To Make Edible Chocolate Bowls Using Balloons

  You have probably seen some cool tableware that people show off during parties. Now, what if you could make some on your own? Some edible dessert bowls ,   for instance? Who has the time for all that – you ask? Well,... -

Know The Shelf Life Of Common Foods!

  How often have you stashed some food inside your refrigerator and completely forgot about it? You would probably find it after several months, wonder if it is still safe to eat, and finally throw it away in the bin. If this is... -

Top 5 Mushroom Recipes To Enjoy

  You have probably heard that mushrooms are a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. However, with the many varieties available in the market, are you confused which ones to buy and what to cook? If yes, you aren’t... -

Some Fun Facts About Your Breakfast Cereal!

  Do you have cereal for your breakfast every day? Of all the different varieties available, are corn flakes your favorite ones? Then, you ought to know some funny history related to some of the popular cereal brands! ... -

Do You Complain Too Much? Watch This!

  All of us have problems – some big, some small. What was the latest one you ranted about? Too less salt in your food? Pizza arrived late? Not enough cheese on your toast? Well, these are problems - we agree. But how do... -

Get Heaps Of Tuna For Just $8!

  If you were to order tuna at a restaurant, how much of it would you expect for $8? Well, look at the picture above. That’s what you get for that amount of money in Tokyo, Japan ! Foodies in the country have just gotten... -

Water To Wine Machine Is Well-intended Hoax!

  The Miracle Machine which caught the media attention and went viral worldwide seems to be finally a hoax, but a well-meaning one at that. That’s a big disappointment for wine lovers around the world, for now we cannot make wine... -

Hate Milk? No Problem!

  Does your child run away from milk? Do you have to cajole or threaten him every day to drink it? If yes, don’t despair! There are better ways to provide calcium than from just milk! As you may know, this mineral is ... -

Top 5 Dosa Recipes For Breakfast

  Dosa is a most popular breakfast dish in India. While the most basic version is made with rice and urad dal, there are several other types that you can make. If you’d like to make a dosa for the first time or if you want to... -

Aren’t These Maps Delicious?

  If you had been on a culinary tour to different nations, you’d probably know which foods are native to which country. With such vast knowledge about native foods, look at what two artists decided to do! Caitlin Levin and... -

Top 5 Power Snacks To Help You Study

Need to cram for your exams? Well, the hectic schedule that you have set for yourself may drain you of energy making it harder to concentrate on your studies . But downing gallons of coffee is not going to help either. You can, however, make your exams a... -

7 Steps To Swap Sugar For Health

You must have heard of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) decision to halve an individual’s recommended sugar intake allowance. Now that cannot be good news for the sugar-buffs. However, doing so is mandatory because WHO says that cutting sugar intake... -

American At A Chinese Buffet

A Chinese buffet is for small eaters. So what is a big guy like the standup comedian, John Pinette doing there? Well, he clearly has notions of tucking into all the chow mein, scampi and prime ribs. Wait! The man in charge is outraged! Pinette is scaring... -

Bed & No-breakfast In S.korea

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Well, while the people of old Victorian England had their sideboards groaning under the weight of kippers and eggs, not to say anything of a kidney & steak pie, the Americans are not too far behind... -

How To Become A Better Cook

Cooking is an art that is tried by all but mastered by very few.  Again, you may get perplexed when confronted with tips on how to cook. While some may want you to flip your pancakes  more than once, others ask you to avoid it... -

This Is What Makes You Unhealthy!

  Are you or anyone in your household suffering from obesity, diabetes, or heart disease? Do you feel that you are unable to control or manage these conditions effectively? If yes, have you really analysed what stops you from getting... -

Wanna Try A Grain-sized Sushi?

  Can you really savor a dish that is the size of a rice grain? A Japanese chef says you can, and many of his customers agree too! This chef makes sushi with all the essential ingredients, but in a miniscule form! It is so tiny... -

Dine With Arvind Kejriwal For $325

Wanna go on a dinner date with the most talked-about man in India right now, Arvind Kejriwal? Be prepared to shell our $325 or INR 20,000 for an hour-long conversation with the ‘Aam Aadmi’ over dinner and drinks on March 15, 2014 . You may... -

10 Tips To Get Your Formal Dinner Table Setting Right

Laying a table with the napkins, dinnerware and cutlery in their designated places may not always be high on your agenda, but you do need to know the basics for hosting a formal dinner. Sure, this isn’t Victorian England where your guests are likely to walk... -

A Gadget To Make Hot Dogs In A Jiffy

  Are you someone who doesn’t mind spending on a gadget to make your life super easy? Then, here’s one that helps you make hot dogs in a fairly convenient way – a pop-up hot dog toaster . With this at hand, you don’t... -