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New Zealand Develops Hairless Skinless Kiwis!

  “OMG! What kind of a species is that gonna be??” – You ask? Well, let’s clarify this at the outset. We are not talking about Kiwi birds, but only Kiwi fruits. Hope that made you feel a little better! Alright, so... -

A Chocolate Pill A Day Will Keep Your Heart Ticking Away

Chocolate is a miracle ingredient for sure! Not only does it help you to boost your happiness by flooding your mouth with sweetness, it is also extremely beneficial for heart health and for maintaining your blood pressure & cholesterol levels. ... -

Dunkin Donuts Gets Ready For An Easter Peeps Show

Dunkin Donuts has gone and done it again! It has taken note of the prevailing Easter mood and has plans of introducing colorful donuts with an entire marshmallow PEEP sitting pretty on top .   Stan Frankenthaler, the executive chef as... -

How To Reduce Salt And Still Like The Food?

  Have you been asked to reduce salt in your food? Well, with salt being such a vital ingredient, reducing it alters the taste of the dish drastically. When it doesn’t taste good, how are you supposed to eat it? That’s a big... -

Wanna Try A Chocolate Fried Chicken?

  You like fried chicken , no doubt. But how would you like it when it is dipped in chocolate ? “What ??? Who likes a weird combo like that?”  – you ask? Well, there will soon be a restaurant that sells this as a... -

Look At How Dogs React To Magic!

  Who likes it when somebody gives some food and makes it disappear instantly? While we’d definitely hate someone doing that to us, what would poor dogs do? Here’s what they did when Jose Ahonen, a magician in Finland,... -

Do You Have Your Make-up On Or Is It In?

Brittoni, the 22 year old girl from Toledo, Ohio knows that her addiction is doing her no good yet she can’t stop. So, is it chocolates or peanut butter or something slightly more worrisome like ketchup? No, her addiction makes her eat what other women... -

7 Ways To Enjoy Spring

The spring is here and just like every year, it is time to get your summery dresses out, pack a picnic basket and head out to the outdoors. But that is not all that you can do this spring. Here are seven ways, in which spring brings you happiness like no... -

10 Ways To Hack Your Child's Eating Habits

It is never easy to feed a proper diet to your children, especially toddlers and teenagers, not that the years in between are any easier. You want to serve them green vegetables, milk, soy products, in short, healthy food and all they want is French fries,... -

Have You Seen This Camera Cafe?

  Which is the weirdest kind of café you’ve been to? The toilet-themed café? Or the jail-themed café? While these cafes are just built around a peculiar theme, here’s one that is structurally different too! Yes, it... -

Canadian Observes A Cheery Lent With Beer

The countdown to Easter has begun with the month of Lent requiring all sorts of dietary sacrifices from you . Going meatless on Fridays is indeed a problem especially for die hard meat eaters who abhor the vegetarian fare. What about fish then? Nah! Too... -

Stackerware To Jazz Up Kitchen Storage

Finally, all your kitchen storage woes are going to be addressed, in style! Stackerware, a practical but good looking set of containers is here. You can use these containers to free valuable drawer space and remove the chaos of plastic containers from your... -

5 Bonny Bunnies For Easter

The cute Easter Bunny is entrusted with the additional responsibility of bringing in the Easter eggs according to age old tradition. However, the bunnies themselves are a delight too, both for the eyes as well as the tongue and serving up a range of... -

Tips To Stay Productive And Achieve Your Goals!

  Are you someone who is juggling between work and home? Do you find it difficult to allocate your time to different chores? Do you end up not finishing some important tasks? Whether you are a homemaker or an office-goer, ... -

Go Eat Grass

Can you eat grass? Scientists advise against it although it is not toxic. This is because the human stomach is not meant to digest it. But Lesego Daniel, Pastor of ‘Rabboni Centre Ministries’ took this info with a pinch of salt as he advised his... -

Home Cooks Benefit From Practical Food App

Everyone likes to eat and most want to try their hand at cooking whether as a hobby or a compulsion. Making your own meals is certainly the cheapest way when you are a student with limited money to survive. However, you have to rely on your mom’s... -

Watch This Man Drink A Gallon Of Tabasco Sauce!

  Do you like Tabasco sauce ? But how much of it would you take? You’d probably add a few drops to your food or drizzle it on salad. Well, but that’s just you! You can’t expect a professional competitive eater to do... -

Colorful Boiled Egg Ideas For Easter!

  It’s Easter time again! Don’t we all look forward to all the fun making colored eggs and edible bunnies? Well, there are several ways to do these, and if you have been coloring only the egg shells thus far, here are... -

12 Tricks For Baking The Perfect Biscuit

Are you a baking enthusiast? That means that you have graduated from cakes and pies to cookies & finally biscuits of the American kind . The first time is bound to be a disaster in the form of lumpy, misshapen doughy mass that even the most optimistic... -

What To Do With The Cabbage Leftover From St. Patrick’s Day

Worried about all that leftover cabbage resting in your crisper? This is what happens when you over estimate the capacity of your family for eating corned beef & cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day. So are you determined to let your family suffer by eating... -

Change The Way You Cook Eggs For Sandwich!

  Egg sandwich is one of the quick healthiest breakfasts you can make! However, whichever way you make it, it does get a little messy when they spill out from the sides, right? Here’s a nice way to cook egg and make it... -

Your Favorite Dessert Reveals Your Personality!

  Do you have a sweet tooth? Can’t resist anything creamy and sweet? Then, what’s your favorite dessert ? Did you know that the dessert you love can actually do more than you think? Yes, it can reveal something about... -

How To Get An Apple Pregnant With Apple Pie

Finding it difficult to give up the sugar-bomb in the form of an apple pie? You needn’t worry! Just tweak the ingredients a bit by alternating them with heart healthy ones and go easy on the sugar and spices. What about quantity control though? You can... -

Starbucks Goes The Boozy Way

Starbucks, your favorite coffee joint and breakfast haunt is all set to bedazzle you in its new role as an evening eatery plus watering hole now . The coffee giant now plans to offer booze and light meals for the tired office goers who want to enjoy a bit... -

This Is What Happens When You Don't Drink Water!

  Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had no water to drink? Well, most of us don’t give that a serious thought because we always manage to get a drink, don’t we? But scientifically speaking, do you know how... -

5 Ways To Bring Home The Bacon Without The Pig

Bacon, the cured meat that comes from the pig, has delighted gastronomes throughout the world for ages now . Indeed no breakfast was deemed as complete without the crisply fried rashers  during the days of British Colonialism and the more... -

Did You Believe Any Of These Fitness Myths?

  Are you someone who is very serious about fitness? Then, you’d probably follow every single advice strewn over the internet. But did you know that most of what you hear might actually be a myth? Here’s a video that... -

These Japanese Cats Are Too Cute To Eat!

  Japanese have a great liking for cats! Remember they celebrate Cat Food Day dressed like cats and eating delicacies made from cat food? Now, here’s a housewife who created traditional sweets which look like cute cats! She makes ... -

How Sugary Is Your Easter Egg?

The Easter Bunny is about to come calling soon and your kids must be hopping impatiently for the D-Day to arrive so that they can sink their teeth into the delectable Easter eggs at last. Well, you may not have the heart to stop your kids from gorging the... -

Veggie Flowers: Very Pretty!

Carving veggies to make them resemble flowers is an art that is much admired. They look so beautiful that you are loathe to eat them at times. Why don’t you take the middle road instead and spoon up your veggies while looking at the pretty picture that... -

Spa For Keeping Your Hair On

Losing hair at an alarming rate due to age, illness or hormonal upheaval is a cause for concern indeed . Especially, if you happen to be a woman who prides herself on having a full head of thick, beautiful hair not so long ago. The usual shampoos and a... -

Here’s An All Bacon Burger - Literally!

  Are you a hard core bacon lover? Or do you wanna give a special treat to another bacon lover at home? Then, here’s a burger that is literally all bacon – from the bun to the patty! The best thing about it is that you... -

Will You Make This Curvy Building Your Residence?

  Imagine a circular structure that is built on the rocks, surrounded by sea on one side and snowy mountains on the other. Would you like to reside in such a scenic place? Well, that’s exactly what is coming up in Lofoten... -

Pepsi Plays A Terrifying Prank

  What would you do if a tiger walked towards you when you were waiting at a bus stop? Or perhaps if a meteor crashed just a few feet away from you? Wouldn’t you run for your life? Well, that’s what a few people actually did in... -

Manna Oops Sandwich From Heaven

Watch your sandwich float down to you as you gaze hungrily up at the sky ! Yes, that’s exactly what Jafflechutes, the first ever ‘float-down-eatery’ prides itself on. The name of the so called store isn’t too imaginative though. It happens to a... -

How To Peel Your Egg With A Spoon

Peeling the shell off a hard boiled egg is certainly not an easy task . You do have to reconcile to the fact that your finger tips would elucidate a ‘eouw’ from you as the hot shell comes in contact with it. You might even have to cool off your fingers... -

Eliminate Processed Foods With Natural Substitutes!

  Modernization has not only eaten into our land, but has also wiped away natural foods from our diet. Take, for instance, the different kinds of food you eat. Don’t they include unhealthy foods like sauce, mayonnaise, cream,... -

This Fork Tricks Your Mind With Different Flavors!

  If you have been hating broccoli all your life, but don’t want to lose its beneficial effects at the same time, then here’s a way to eat it without hating it! How? A new invention called AROMAFORK helps you mask the... -

Skin Responsible For Food Allergy Say Researchers

An itchy skin and ugly hives are often the result of an allergic reaction triggered by certain foods. However, eczema, a skin disorder, is a different thing all together. A recent study hints at the fact that eczema may actually cause sensitivity in infants... -

“the Descendants” Star Loves To Eat Clay

Shailene Woodley, who has starred opposite George Clooney in the movie “The Descendants,” is on a special diet these days – she eats clay to stay fit. Don’t balk! The 22-year-old subscribes to the “wild foods” diet to support her outlook on a... -

No More Overwatered Or Dead Plants With Boskke Cube

Are you often worried that you may kill your plants with overwatering? Or you are afraid that your plants will wither if you have to stay away from home for a month at least? Well, the “ Boskke Cube ” may be the reply to your worries because it employs... -

5 Donts For Pre-dawn Risers

Having a full breakfast of whole grain cereals, fruits and an egg white omelet before going to work makes you healthy, wealthy & wise no doubt, but what do you do when you have to get up at an ungodly hour of 2 A.M. or 3 A.M. and report for your daily... -

The Joy Of Feeding The Homeless

  Have you ever fed a homeless person? Are you moved by their surpised reaction to your act of kindness? Here’s how some homeless people reacted when they were given restaurant food to eat. DJ Sennett of PublicPrank who is... -

Bill Clinton Finds Youth In Vegetables

You all may be looking for a mythical, mysterious fountain of youth, somewhere in the dark depths of the Amazon basin. Former President Bill Clinton has found it right next to his home, at the supermarket or the farmers’ market, wherever he buys his... -

Adding Fat To Veggies– Is It Healthy?

  Do you hate to eat vegetables? Do you try to eat broccoli with a lot of cheese and butter to push it down the throat? While eating veggies is important, is it healthy if you add that extra fat to make it palatable?... -

A Tiny Device To Combat Food Wastage

  Why do you usually throw away food? You are perhaps worried that the food is past the expiry date or you assume it must have gotten spoilt. Won’t you be glad if there was a way to check if the food has gone bad without... -

British Couple Who Lost 200 Pounds Together

Everybody wants to look their best on their wedding day – the D day! But a British couple, Lee Coggins (the groom) and Kim James (the bride) had a long way to go before they could think of doing that for their wedding. Their path to the beautiful wedding... -

Google Glass Is A Kitchen Aid Too

Google glass, the new fangled contraption that makes your life easy has not really enthused the masses. While it is definitely smart to communicate with the Internet and get ready answers by asking, the thought of wearing a robot on your face is a tad too... -

This Is How Obesity Impacts Kids!

  Don’t we all love a fat chubby baby? But despite all the cuteness, did you know that it is a very serious issue if a child becomes overweight? That is exactly the case with baby Santiago Mendoz who weighs almost 20 kg... -

An Organic Golf Course Which Grows Fruits Too

The Irie Fields at St. Kitts Island in the Caribbean has all the right to be known as the world’s most edible golf course. This 400-acre, 18-hole vacation destination is farmable as well as organic. Located at the Kittian Hill on the island, the area blends... -