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"black Queen" The Magnicent Black Queen Of Vodkas

"Black Queen", the magni cent Black Queen of Vodkas Taste revolution on the spirits market.   Vodka is now seducing a wide panel of consumers. Although large in number, there are between 4000-5000 of them,... -

The Secret Of John Abraham's Muscles!

The secret of Muscle Man!   John Abraham : one of the hottest muscles star from bollywood!     Fitness, says John Abraham,is like a tripod stand .” It has three legs-good food, good sleep and good... -

Christian Bale Diet

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } The most interesting thing about Christian Bale is that he has been in different sizes over different periods of time. The Christian Bale diet has always been under scrutiny of the media for all the wrong and... -

Walk For Your Health: Top 8 Benefits Of Walking

One of the easiest and the most effective ways to lose weight and stay fit is walking. Those who indulge in regular exercise stay active throughout the day and fall ill less often. However, walking has even more benefits! Go through the top 8 benefits of... -

How To Prepare Cake Without An Oven

How to prepare cake without an oven make cake mixture ready. take pressure cooker, keep inside small dish upside down (ulta), keep on it the vessel full of cake mixture & close the lid of pressure coolker without... -

How To Make Egg Wreath

Easter is the best time to make colorful egg wreaths. Both older as well as smaller children can take part in the exercise and come up with lovely looking wreaths to decorate their rooms and homes. Younger children would be better off making their wreaths... -

Travel & Culture

Hoshiarpur- Hoshiarpur is a small and a quiet town in the Doaba region of Punjab. It is ight in the heart of Punjab. It is located in the lap of the Shiwalik and is considered the greenest of the districts of the state. Lot of the people of... -

How To Scramble An Egg Without Breaking The Shell

Eating scrambled eggs for breakfast is one of the most pleasurable things in life . But prepping the eggs isn’t too pleasurable, especially, if you have to do it right in the morning. Plus think how good it would be to crack the shell and find a ready-made... -

Why Do Indians Eat With Their Hands?

  If you visit India or visit an Indian friend’s home, you’d probably be surprised to see people eating with their hand. Being a westerner, it is normal to wonder why they use their hand instead of spoons and forks. Some... -

14 Romantic Ideas For 14th Feb

Here some ideas for making valentine's day more romantic: 1.Take a ride to see the trees in spring blossom. 2.Take a horse-drawn carriage ride. 3.Watch the sunset together (best at the lake, ocean, or mountains).... -

Food At 'jama Masjid'

On the eve of Eid, we went to Jama Masjid (Delhi) at midnight. As expected, the area was brightly lit, the atmosphere was festive. The ambience outside Jama Masjid has always intrigued me. I've been there quite a few times, especially for inexpensive but... -

Top 5 Easter Cocktails

Welcoming spring during Easter with a cocktail in hand is an ideal way of celebrating the renewal & rejuvenation  of life.  However, you must remember to take care that your Easter cocktails  are  refreshing enough to reflect the festive spirits. Here... -

Better Sex Diet

                Mood Enhancers Foods like oysters really can ignite passion in the bedroom. How? They're good for your heart. And what's good for your heart is good... -

5 Popular Desserts For Easter

Each household owns its own set of traditional desserts associated with each festival. The case remains the same with the popular desserts for Easter also. I have put together five such Easter desserts. While some of may be familiar to you, others can be a... -

Next Food Network Star - Week 5 Recap

It never ceases to surprise me when reality show contestants act like they've never seen a reality show before. You pretty much see that on every season of Survivor. But "Next Food Network Star" takes ignorance one step further: I don't... -

"paan" Flavoured Condoms

  “PAAN” FLAVOURED CONDOMS India ’s first customized condom for sex workers and World’s only condom available in “Paan” flavour. The good old paan with its addictive flavour is now... -

The Stuff About Making A Cooking Show That Nobody Tells You

So, you have a video camera. You can use Windows Media Maker. You can cook. And you’re ready to seek your fame and fortune on the fertile landscape of the World Wide Web. Ready to start filming? Not so fast! It is true that websites like... -

A Sneak Peek At Indian Fast Food

Vaddas and Dose Vaddas are savory donuts deep fried and served with sambar & chutney. Yum! Masala Dose (pron. DOSA) is a rice-flour pancake stuffed with a veggie malasa and rolled burrito style with plenty of ghee.   Frankies... -

More Food Network Sucks

This is the 2 nd part in a (hopefully humorous) multi-part dissertation/dissection on how the Food Network is failing its’ viewers.   Many of the private and public comments I’ve received on my first blog seem to attempt to “remind” me of how... -

Ifood-way To Go!

          I was pleasantly surprised to find out that   is actually getting very popular here (I’m writing from Mumbai and I have been featuring stuff…mainly street food).... -

Spices: King Of Flavours 1. Turmeric

Spices and herbs are two broad categories from different plant parts used in different forms for seasoning in cooking or culinary industries having medicinal, aromatic, preservative, ritualistic, and cosmetic significance.   ... -

Vegetarian Sloppy Joes

When I was growing up my parents were fairly strict about what I ate. While my best friend across the street ate Fruit Loops for breakfast, I was having sugar free granola. Potato chips and ice cream rarely made appearances in our house. I was a... -

Samosa:the King Of Indian Snacks

Samosa is a very popular snack in India and also the rest of Southern Asia. Due to its overwhelming popularity, Samosa is conferred the title “ The King of Indian Snacks ”.               ... -

Importance Of Newspaper In Our Life

                         Researchers have long been interested in adolescents' media use. Surprisingly, however, few studies have investigated young teens' newspaper consumption habits. These studies document the... -

"spookey" Halloween Treats

Halloween is my least favourite holiday that is celebrated in the US.  Many pumpkins are carved for this holiday.  Halloween is the second most popular holiday after Christmas.  Sales of decorations, customes, treats and such are only second to Christmas. ... -

Healthful Aspects Of Tropical Fruits

  Healthful Aspects of Tropical Fruits   Pineapple Guava-flowers are also edible and so pretty   Recent research conducted by scientists from USDA’s Agricultural... -

Legumes The Source Of Inexpensive Dishes

I know many who won't eat legumes/beans for the fear of flatulence. Once you understand the cause of gas, it's fairly easy to remedy. Beans contain a sugar called oligosaccharide and we lack the enzyme required to break the sugar down. When the... -

Win A Copy Of My Indian Kitchen And Simplify Indian Cooking

Let My Indian Kitchen help you unlock the “hidden magic” of Indian cooking...     When asked our Featured Partners if they would like to create a video using recipes out of  Chef Hari Nayak's  newly released... -

Are You A Chocoholic?

Human Metabolics Creates Chocoholics I often hear people say I am a Chocoholic.  I often wonder about this craving that people talk bout, as neither Steve nor I particularily like chcolate.  On rare oacssions we'll share a pieces of really... -

25 Members Will Win Amazing 7 Minute Meals Book

25 members received the printed book “Amazing 7 Minute Meals” free, if you tell me why you need my book too, I will send you my e-book version. ... -

Tandoori Chicken

I have been making Tandoori style chicken since I was a student in London and first tasted this amazing dish. This is a new recipe I tried that is different in that it has a two step marinade. It is very flavourful indeed. Even people who say... -

Donut Pics

Had the opportunity to shoot the start to finish donut making process at the AMERICAN DONUT SHOPPE ( ) in Mumbai. Here are some pics. You can also watch the video at Dough being cut... -

Invite A Friend Contest Winners

It was a thrilling contest with nail-biting finish. Nikko of Florida was the leader for a long period of time and appeared all set to be crowned as the leading Community Builder. In fact we were looking for... -

Dinner? From The Sea

These ocean creatures are very creepy and more terrifying than sharks. They are deadly, incredibly large, and they all are very scary.     Giant Halibut   Can you imagine swimming next to that thing? ... -

Have You Eatern Biryani Like This?

Well, i love Biryani (a North Indian dish in which rice is cooked with goat or other meats and spices). I have had a lot of Biryani and at many places. I have had biryani at home (where it is the best - my friends also swear that the mutton birynia my MOM... -

Buying Organic Meats And For You And The Environment!

By Blanche from Feast in the Middle East We hear the advice time and time again, that if we eat whole foods we can help the environment, lose weight, beat diseases from cancer to heart disease, have a sharper mind and clearer... -

Foodie Thoughts For February 6 - Nutella Day

   Foodie fans today is Nutella Day!  Hazenut chocolate goodness...  Nutella goes well with just about any type of bread, any type of frut - and good just by itself on a spoon...   Some Nutella info from Wikipedia... ... -

World Food Day

Today is World Food Day, a day to remember how many go to bed hungry while most of us here sit groaning from eating too much in the evenings.   There is something very wrong about this dichotomy of food consumption. This sort of... -

How To Make Yogurt

Make Yogurt Yogurt is very easy to make at home. Many homes in India still make yogurt at home each and everyday. It is almost a ritual. Yogurt can also be bought fresh in India from a milk vendor. Special yogurt-making... -

Rhodes Across Indian Recipes

Rhodes Across India recipes Explore real Indian cuisine from pavements to palaces with these authentic recipes that showcase the very best regional specialities. Royal Palace Brought to India by Mughal... -

Happy Birthday Message Wall Delivered To Shahrukh Khan

  How I got the Life Size Print of the Message Wall containing 1000+ Happy Birthday Messages Delivered at SRK's House/office!! 8.30a.m.- Chintan , Nitin and Sharib have to send me the pdf file for the messagewall... -

Wine Pairing With Indian Food + Recipes

Pairing Wine with Indian Recipes Everyday Yellow Dal. Styled by Kacie Ratner and Alex Malamud. Photo by John Lee, special to the Chronicle Wine pairing with Indian and other spicy cuisines can be a challenge for some,... -

Goodwill Hunting

In order to film the man on the street and get his views on our “Flavors Beyond Borders” event, yesterday, Raavi and I went to The Gateway Of India, Mumbai to “hunt” for goodwill messages. The people were a bit hesitant to speak (mainly because they... -

Global Community Mourns 9-11

  Beams of light mark the spot of the missing towers. Although this is a food site, it is much more than that we are a Global Community and each of us is expierencing saddness on the anniversary of that tragedy against all mankind 6... -

Top 10 Anti Aging Apple Varieties

Apples have polyphenols and antioxidants which are capable of slowing down the aging process. There are hundreds of varieties of apples of different origins being distinct in their flavor, taste, color and health benefits. Scroll down this blog to know... -

Shahrukh Khan Tips For Developing Six Pack Abs Srk Style

The whole world knows that Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan went from drab to fab with six-pack abs just for his son, Aryan Khan. But what every health fanatic wants to know is that how did he manage to do so. While exercising must be a part of it, diet... -

Top 5 Chinese Dishes That The Chinese Don’t Eat

Looking forward to a Chinese dinner tonight? Well, do enjoy but are you really eating a meal fit to be relished in China? Most probably not, because what the real Chinese eat and what the Americans think of as Chinese food are as alike as chalk and... -

Lettuce Ladies

Playboy playmates wearing strategically-placed lettuce leaves at House of Representatives' Rayburn building. These Lettuce ladies were on the hill to counter National Hot Dog day on request by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). They... -

Dash Diet!

I can hear you mumbling what on earth is the DASH Diet?   Well, the DASH diet  is known as Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.  The DASH diet is low in sodium, fat, and sugar and high in fiber, potassium,... -

Win Alice Waters Newest Book-autographed Just For You

Alice Waters is considered the forerunner of waking Americans up to sustainability and healthy eating.   Alice is one of the best-known and most influential American chefs since the 1970s, is credited with single-handedly creating a... -

Shah Rukh Khan-happy Birthday!

what movie is this from? which movie is this from?   Radna & Krishna dil to pagal hai !!! SRK making the sun set in Rajasthan For non-Indians-I so highly recommend... -

Funny Food Quotes-must Read

All you see, I owe to spaghetti. Sophia Loren I do not like broccoli. And I haven't liked it since I was a little kid and my mother made me eat it. And I'm President of the United States and I'm not going to eat any... -

The Food Network Sucks - Part 1

  Oh c'mon... this pic is freakin' funny!   There used to be a time, you know, back in the days when MTV played actual VIDEOS, when I told people (with almost a snooty pride) that I watched the “Food Network”. ... -

Are You Directionless? Give A Chance To Astrology!

“In this era of modernization and technological advancement the human mental stress is on its peak. Thousand of directions are available to achieve a goal. But the most of people are unable to identify his right path. Here astrology comes to rescue” said... -

My Favorite Chef: Sanjeev Kapoor

Sanjeev Kapoor khazana is a concept of true blue Indian restaurant with ultimate fine dining experience. With Indian Cuisine as the focal point at the restaurant, the comprehensive list of beverages at the bar and of course the cigars, cognacs and single... -

Laloo's Litti, Charles' Chukka

  Laloo Prasad Yadav has by far been the most popular politician in the country, thanks to his native wit and rustic charm that has cut across people from all walks of life within India and abroad. His one-liners have made even his most ardent... -

Is It Safe To Eat Grapes During Pregnancy?

Grapes have beneficial effects against many disease conditions and may even contribute several nutrients which play a vital role during pregnancy in the form of both fruit and juice. But are they completely safe during this crucial period? The resveratrol... -

Evolution Of Dum Pukht Cuisine

EVOLUTION OF DUM PUKHT CUISINE       A 200 YEAR OLD CULINARY MYSTIQUE     "A Famine two hundred years ago, the cooking of food in... -

Navratri Specials (food Eaten During Navratri)

  1. No onion and garlic are used in the food during nine days 2. No chemical salt but only rock salt is used 3. Spices used are red chillies, cumin, black jeera, turmeric, choti elachi, saboot kali mirchi, khuskhus and water... -

Modern Indian Cooking

Win   5 autographed copies of this coveted book by joining modern indian cooking and entertaining group.   MODERN INDIAN COOKING is a cookbook that thoroughly... -

In The Big Apple

Online scalping's next territory: High-end restaurants? NEW YORK--What if you could get that coveted table for two at one of the hottest restaurants in paying $25 for the reservation? New York's famed ... -

Tomato Fest 2007

TOMATO FEST 2007 Photo Courtesy of Gary Ibsen, Hundreds of heirloom tomatoes to taste! Many people think tomatoes are always red. Heirloom tomatoes come in a rainbow of colours-red, yellow, orange, purple,... -

Ginger And Its Medicinal Uses

What is Ginger Ginger is a strengthening food that has long been used to maintain health. Ginger has a long history of both culinary and medicinal use in Chinese, Japanese and Indian medicines. In ancient China, ginger was regarded as a healing gift... -

Spanish Dinner Menu

Here is a Spanish Dinner Menu suggested by my  friend living in Barcelona (Spain). After testing this menu I got the real taste of Spanish food. Take this Spanish Dinner Menu whenever you get an opportunity and I bet you will enjoy it.     ... -


Campari stem tomatoes!   Aren't these gorgeous?  We can cook eat and talk tomatoes all year long.  Please join my Tomato Group here on iFood.TV   ... -

Soups For Body & Soul

I was browsing through Recipes From The Kitchens Of Foreign Countries, Selected And Comp. By Adelaide Keen. (1902)  and found some delightful old recipes that are still in use today.      With the weather here in .... -

Is This A Good Breakfast !

Breakfast, the name itself reflects its meaning breaking the fast after long night. I have been listening it since my childhood that breakfast should be a very small piece of light meal particularly of fruits, milk, and egg product. But this is still a notion... -

Southeast Asian Fast Food

Asia's Fast Food gives a whole new approach to fast foods.    Forget Mc D's and leave all those other high calorie fat-loaded fast foods behind. ... -

Iftar At Md. Ali Road, Mumbai

On Tuesday, we went to Mohammed Ali Road In Mumbai. I'm very fond of the Jama Masjid area in Delhi for it's awesome Mughlai food...Md. Ali Road is its equivalent in Mumbai. We relished some of the best Tandoori fare. The USP of this place is... - Food Is Fun Video Contest invites you and your videomaker friends to create a viral video about food which friends forward to friends. . We are launching “ Food is Fun” video contest. Theme: You choose a theme such as a) Food is Fun b)... -

Pani Puri

Panipuri is a popular street snack in India. It comprises of a round, hollow "puri", fried crisp and filled with a watery mixture of tamarind, chilli/chile and potato, and or chickpeas. The name panipuri literally means "water in fried... -

What Is Flap Meat?

Butchers' best-kept secret / Seldom-seen flap meat is giving better-known steaks a run for the money   Thin slices of pan-roasted flap steak are served with a red wine and shallot butter sauce, and accompanied by oven-roasted tiny... -

Strawberry Season

  Summer is here and there is no better way to celebrate than with fresh strawberries. Enjoy them drizzled with sugar, dipped in homemade whipped cream, or simply on their own ... strawberries are a perfect summer snack.  Add strawberries to fresh... -

Lebanese Outback?

Lebanese Outback Burrito We cooked this during the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, and it has become a big family favorite. If I had to eat only one thing every day for the rest of my life, this would do. Feel free to use leftover grilled beef,... -

Manni - The World's Most Exclusive Olive Oil

  Want to taste the world's most expensive olive oil? Shaved watermelon with balsamic pickled watermelon rind, sweet woodruff, Manni olive oil, yuzu honey, lime zest and maldon salt  Made in Tuscany, Manni... -

Tomato Fest First Report (tomato Fest 2007)

Tomato Fest My tomato pal Richard Ha of Hawaii, owner of Hamakua Springs purveyor to the finest chefs in Hawaii writes : Here it is, Tomato Fest time again in Carmel. We stayed in Monterey.... -

October Is Oktoberfest Time!

October is Oktoberfest time, a time for beer and German sausages . When is a sausage not just a sausage? When a feinschmecker (gourmet) wants one in the wurst way. Puns aside, we're all honorary Germans during the... -

Best Practices For Sharing Recipes, Videos And Blogs

The three simple things that can drastically improve reach of your content are a)proper naming b)detailed description c)careful tagging.   Tips for maximizing reach of your recipes.   1. Please write an inviting... -

Indian Breakfast Menu

The Indian breakfast menu is well known and liked for the huge variety of courses that it offers! Every region of the country has its own special breakfast menu. While a North Indian might start his/her day with parathas and alu sabzi, you’ll find a... -

Janmashtami Cuisine

Today is Janmashtami . Janmashtami is celebrated in India to mark the birth of Lord Krishna . The rituals and customs observed on this day are varied. There’s fasting by devotees, chanting of mantras and shlokas, singing devotional songs, dancing to... -

In India, Cricket = Religion

There are no two ways about it. In India, Cricket = Religion. Infact, the various religions that we follow, at times, pull us apart...but there's one that gets us together - CRICKET. The 25th of September was the final day of the 10 day long... -


Photography by Claire Freierman A trio of microgreens, with Red Amaranth in the front. Eating them as salad is a pleasure for those with deep pockets, but buying a few boxes for a dinner party will give you the most beautiful, delicious an -

Lupini Beans Health Benefits

  Lupini beans are powerful food full of immense health benefits. We generally consider them as awful weight inducing food but you will be surprised to know that not only this fact is untrue but Lupini beans are one the most healthiest foods.... -

Top 10 Valentine Cookies

Our local cookery club organized an essay competition prior to the cookery show; where the contestants were asked to write about top 10 Valentine cookies . The winning entries from this essay competition were considered for the cookery show. I also... -

You Are What You Eat!

Portion control, healthy choices, and get exercise - just walking 15 minutes a day helps. Frightening statistics about obesity tell of a  growing health problem around the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 1... -

Honey - An Elixir For Health, Beauty, And Taste

Honey is a common kitchen ingredient. It has so many uses that a blog might seem a bit a too restricted a place to list its benefits . Nevertheless, the following is a compilation of all the goodness that honey represents…     ... -

The Tortilla Guy & Chef Paul Prudhomme

  Hey All while at yet another food show in Chicago over the weekend I had the opportunity to meet and chat with a icon in the food business !!   Chef Paul attended the Kehe Show in Chicago over the weekend and he still does many trade shows... -

The Whole Enchilada And A Lot Of Fun! (tomato Fest 2007)

The Whole Enchilada, Moss Landing, California Fiesta of Flavor Chef Luis Solano -

6 Feet Pancake (dosa)

Last Sunday(30 April'07) we (me ,my parents and roomies) decided to have some South Indian dinner. The obvious choice was The Chennai Dosa now what to eat.... as all of us have the habit of doing things in style ..we ordered the Biggest Dosa (6... -

The Love Apple

    Nothing says Summer like a vine ripened heirloom tomato.  In the Spring when the weather is beginning to warm up I start dreaming of tomatoes-juicy flavourful  heirloom tomatoes from my garden! What is the difference in... -

Mariah’s Favorite Breakfast Hub In Nyc !

  Mother of twins and celebrated pop star, Mariah Carey, has found the perfect place to have breakfast in  Big Apple. It is ‘Cafeteria,’ an eatery in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York. After living on pregnancy food for quite a while,... -

Ashton Kutcher Looking For Love In 'racist' Ad!

  When Hollywood star and ex-husband of Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, donned brown make-up and sought love, while selling potato chips, he was not expecting to be called a ‘racist.’ Well, that is what he has been called and the criticism of his... -

What Is A Beverage

A BEVERAGE is a drink specifically prepared for human consumption. Beverages almost always largely consist of water. Water is essential for living, significantly more so than food. Death will usually occur after 1 week without any liquids but humans have been... -

North Indian Breakfast Menu

North Indian breakfasts are a sumptuous, mouth watering fare that can be surprisingly heavy as well. It usually includes a carbohydrate laden flat bread along with a spicy vegetable, all washed down by a tall glass of lassi or diluted yogurt. Sweets, often in... -

Hot Soups For Winter Meals

In the Winter there is nothing like a bowl of home made chicken soup to cure a cold or just warm you up and make you feel good.And a butternut squash soup can be a great starter course or with a hearty wholegrain bread a wonderful lunch.A piping hot bowl of... -

Lemon Tea “fights Against Skin Cancer”

  Lemon tea “fights against Skin Cancer” There are about 1.2 million new case of non-melanoma skin cancer each year in US. Arizona has one of the highest skin cancer rates . The incidence of skin cancer is... -

Midnight Birthday Festival

Now India ready for   celebrating one of the most popular midnight birthday festival Krisna Janmashtami.                   Lord Srikrishna    ( picture source: ... -

World's Most Expensive Dessert

The World's Most Expensive Dessert If you've got both expensive taste and a sweet tooth then you may want to add at a least a few, if not all, of the world's most expensive desserts to... -

World's Most Expensive Tea Bag

World's Most Expensive Tea Bag The diamond teabag worth £7,500 has been made by Boodles jewellers to celebrate PG Tips 75th birthday. The tea bag took three months to make has been hand-crafted using 280 diamonds. ... -

Fall Harvest

A favourite way to eat kabocha squash is to fry it in grapeseed or peanut oil with thinly sliced shallots, fresh rosemary, generous sprinkle of white pepper, and sea salt. Green onion slivers make a nice garnish if desired.  Easy-Peasy and so good. ... -