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25 Members Will Win Amazing 7 Minute Meals Book

25 members received the printed book “Amazing 7 Minute Meals” free, if you tell me why you need my book too, I will send you my e-book version. ... -

The Secret Of John Abraham's Muscles!

The secret of Muscle Man!   John Abraham : one of the hottest muscles star from bollywood!     Fitness, says John Abraham,is like a tripod stand .” It has three legs-good food, good sleep and good... -

Win A Free Ipad From Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen!

    Syfy unveils the future of food with a daring new hi-tech cooking series for the modern age, Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen, featuring Marcel Vigneron, one of America’s most notorious chefs on the cutting edge of the culinary... -

Enter To Win A Copy Of The Deen Bros Get Fired Up, Random House and the Deen Brothers are giving you the chance to win a copy of The Deen Bros. Get Fired Up!       To Enter:  check out the recipes below and leave a comment on this... -

The Tortilla Guys Reviews

Hey Guys just some in put in places to eat weather good or bad Friday the 13th April went to eat with new friend khau_khan , tried a place called Next Door in Washington Heights 813 W 187 st I thought quaint place good menu affordable... -

Traditional Spicy Punjabi Dinner Menu (veg)

Punjabi cuisine is the world famous cuisine. It can be non-vegetarian or completely vegetarian.   One of the main features of Punjabi cuisine is its diverse range of dishes. Home cooked and restaurant Punjabi cuisine can vary significantly, with... -

Miss Universe Australia Stephanie Naumoska Questioned For Being Too Skinny

It seems like Miss Universe Australia Stephanie Naumoska hardly have any time out from the controversy concerning her too skinny body to actually enjoy the fame and glory the title has brought in!   Although being one... -

Breakfast Sausage Casserole Ideas

  A breakfast sausage casserole makes a good breakfast idea for any occasion. ifood presents  you with a unique collection of easy breakfast sausage casserole ideas. To know more about the various easy breakfast sausage casserole ideas,... -

Win A Free Cookbook From & Cherie Kimmons! is excited to give 5 lucky Facebook fans the opportunity to win!   It’s simple, from now until April 29, 2011, leave a comment below with your favorite potluck dish and you’ll be entered... -

Breakfast Vegetable Casserole Ideas

  A breakfast vegetable casserole is not just a simple, but a delectable way of starting off a day. Ifood presents a rich collection of easy breakfast casserole ideas, each one unique in its own way. Dive deep into this write-up about some... -

Celebrity Food Names

Here is the start of a blog that we all can participate in : Foods That are named after People Prince Albert Filet of Beef This method of preparing a beef filet was named in honor of Queen Victoria’s significant other,... -

Food At 'jama Masjid'

On the eve of Eid, we went to Jama Masjid (Delhi) at midnight. As expected, the area was brightly lit, the atmosphere was festive. The ambience outside Jama Masjid has always intrigued me. I've been there quite a few times, especially for inexpensive but... -

Delicious Diwali Dinner Menu !

Diwali is a time for family gatherings, food, celebration and pooja. So enjoy  diwali with this   delicious dinner menu:       1.Vegetables Kababs: -

Lady Gaga Meat Dress

                           After posing with raw meat bikini wrapped on her body for the latest cover of Japanese Men's 'Vogue' magazine, the fashionista American pop singer, Lady Gaga is again here to show her meat love. Lady... -

Happy Birthday Message Wall Delivered To Shahrukh Khan

  How I got the Life Size Print of the Message Wall containing 1000+ Happy Birthday Messages Delivered at SRK's House/office!! 8.30a.m.- Chintan , Nitin and Sharib have to send me the pdf file for the messagewall... -

Hell's Kitchen

Gordon Ramsey is awesome. I have been watching him for years on BBC America and was happy to see a tamer Gordon on HELL'S Kitchen. The first two seasons winners are doing great! (Thoughts) -

What To Do With Leftover Chocolate Quick Ideas

  You have enjoyed the whole lot of chocolate that you received on Valentines’ Day, but still have some truffles, milk chocolates, and countless hearts. So what to do with leftover chocolate ? Ifood has some interesting ideas. Right... -

Vanilla Facts – To Eat Or Not To Eat

Vanilla, the tropical orchid is the second most expensive spice in the world and is highly valued for its unique, delicate flavor and its complex aroma. There are quite a few vanilla facts that are unique and most are unaware of.Vanilla is a native of... -

6 Feet Pancake (dosa)

Last Sunday(30 April'07) we (me ,my parents and roomies) decided to have some South Indian dinner. The obvious choice was The Chennai Dosa now what to eat.... as all of us have the habit of doing things in style ..we ordered the Biggest Dosa (6... -

Labor Day Barbecue Ideas - Tips And Ideas To Plan A Labor Day Barbecue

  A good  Labor Day barbecue  is not just about the food and drinks, it’s the excitement of hanging out with friends, family and enjoying the spirit of the party. If you plan this right, you can make your labor day barbecue an event for... -

New Age Sweets For Diwali – Going Beyond Tradition

Diwali, like any other Indian festive occasion, is incomplete without sweets. However, when the same sweets are commonly served in every house, how do you make a difference?  Simple, try some new age sweets for this Diwali. So, here are the top five... -

Mint Allergy-causes, Symptoms, And Cure

Mint allergy is increasing gradually according to the ‘American Allergy and asthma Foundation’ as are incidences of allergy in general. The fragrant leaves of mint can cause painful symptoms if you happen to be allergic to them. The reactions are not... -

Iftar Saviors At Jama -masjid!

Here is a glimpse of life around Jama Masjid in the holy month of fasting……RAMADAN!     Awespiring image of Jama -Masjid       Iftaari Marketing is going... -

How To Make Diwali More Delicious?

  Diwali is also known as the Festival of Lights. Light is significant in Hinduism because it signifies goodness. So, during the Festival of Lights, 'deeps', or oil lamps, are burned throughout the day and into the night to ward... -

I Love Rachel Ray

Other Rachael Ray news. 370 x 411 - 62k - jpg Feb 8 2007 3:43P Never Leave Her 240 x 300 - 30k - jpg       Dear Rachel Ray , -

Canadian National Foods

The Canadian National Foods have their roots in three major cuisines, the Aboriginal peoples in Canada, the English and the French. As the former Canadian, Prime Minister Joe Clark once said, "Canada has a cuisine of cuisines. It is not a stew pot,... -

Soups For Body & Soul

I was browsing through Recipes From The Kitchens Of Foreign Countries, Selected And Comp. By Adelaide Keen. (1902)  and found some delightful old recipes that are still in use today.      With the weather here in .... -

Diwali In Bollywood Films!

Diwali - the festival of light is regarded as one of the most important and glamorous festival among all of the festivals celebrated in India. It is one such festival, which is celebrated by all throughout the country. Diwali in Bollywood ... -

Courteney Cox Diet

Courteney Cox is our beloved Monica Gellar of Friends. At 47, she looks fabulous, and we know why she was cast in Cougar Town. She has had her skinny days for which received criticism, but right now she has found her balance. She said, "Well, first of... -

Destin Seafood Festival

The annual Destin Seafood Festival is a community based Festival on the Destin Harbor Front that sets up a great platform to showcase  Destin’s fantastic local seafood and local culture. The location puts the festival right in the middle of all the... -

Seasoning For French Fries-how To Tips & Ideas

Can you resist your appetite in front of a bowl of freshly prepared French fries? Now you can make your French fries truly irresistible with the ideas for  seasoning for French fries . Starting with simple to exotic, you can have infinite number of French... -

A History Of Halloween

    Very few people would think to associate Halloween with the Celtic culture of ancient Ireland, but that's exactly where the holiday has its origins. The Celtic celebration of Sanhain (pronounced sow-in) began 2,000 years ago... -

What Drinks To Serve On Diwali?

  Once the arrangements for sweets, gifts and food is done, the drinks have to be arranged for Diwali. Let us see some drinks to serve for Diwali.            Smoothie ... -

Popular Sauces For Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is an authentic appetizer loved by everyone since decades. Chicken pieces with bones and skin are dipped in a batter, deep-fried or pressure fried before they are served hot with different  sauces for   fried chicken   is the... -

What Is Your Definition Of " Healthy Eating " ?

Things that drive me crazy : 1) A local donut shop, out of a blue has a huge flyer that reads " No Cholestrol, No Trans Fat, Healthy Donuts". Ok now are they thinking " Who will know about the saturated fat and sugar ? ... the foolish... -

Butter-on-a-stick And Politics, Iowa State Fair Serves It All

Presidential politics and butter-on-a-stick are the two most prominent features of the Iowa State Fair , which began in Ames, thirty miles from Des Moines, on August 11, 2011 and will go on till August 21. With the sun shining over... -

Top 10 Halloween Cakes To Make

  These top 10 Halloween cakes will add zing to your Halloween party this year. These Halloween finger foods or Halloween horror cakes are perfect for people from all age  groups.           ... -

Diwali Food Tradition: Popular Deepavali Food For Celebrating The Festival

The celebrations of Diwali have always been a special thing to me just because I get the grand opportunity to eat delectable Diwali food and can spend quality time with my friends and family. We prepare certain unique and traditional specialties which are... -

Black Pepper Allergy-causes, Symptoms, And Cure

Black pepper allergy  is not widely recognized; however, they exist and people often overlook the condition due to the insignificant amount of the condiment used in food preparation. The allergy symptoms become more evident when an individual consumes  -

14 Romantic Ideas For 14th Feb

Here some ideas for making valentine's day more romantic: 1.Take a ride to see the trees in spring blossom. 2.Take a horse-drawn carriage ride. 3.Watch the sunset together (best at the lake, ocean, or mountains).... -

How To Make A Diwali Gift Hamper?

It is a very simple task to m ake a Diwali gift hamper on your own. Here are a few tips on How To Make A Diwali Gift Hamper.   Planning   In the first step, decide whom do you want to give your Diwali hamper... -

Top 10 Diwali Sweets To Make At Home

  Think about Diwali and the first thing that comes to mind is mouth-watering sweets. Check out these  top 10 Diwali sweets that can be made at home.                       ... -

Diwali Sweets Collection

Here is a delectable collection of traditional Diwali Recipes to help you make this Diwali celebrations more zestful!! The collection includes Recipes for Diwali deserts and snacks. Choose and cook your favorite Diwali Recipe with love and delight your dear... -

Paula Deen - The David Blaine Of Food Tv

So, I'm sitting here at home, watching Paula Deen's shows on the Food Network. Anyway, have you seen that movie "They Live" with Roddy Piper, where he wears special sunglasses that reveal aliens pretending to be humans? I wonder what... -

Vintage Recipe - Hungarian Fanks

Well I called my mother and I found out the Target bag of recipes she gave me in the “ Passing On of the Recipes ” post where her cast off recipes.   So I asked where are the recipes of the good stuff from my childhood, where is the Fank (a... -

How To Ship Cake

If you are wondering how to ship cake to your loved ones on a birthday, anniversary, special occasion or on Christmas, here are some shipping cake ideas which will help you succeed in what may seem an impossible task. You can successfully ship cake by... -

Seasoning For Pizza-how To Tips & Ideas

If you are planning to bake a fresh, aromatic pizza at your home; then you must learn about the seasoning for pizza . Using different types of pizza seasoning will make your pizzas more delicate and unique in taste each time you prepare them. You can buy... -

E-coli Infection: A Threat To Us Too?

  Can the  E-Coli infection  that swept across Germany   in the last 15 days find a home in US too? Quite likely believes Edward Dudley, assistant professor for food science at the Pennsylvania University. However, the... -

Is It Frightening Or Delicious?

This picture in first view looked horrible, but its taste value can't be ignored. Do you know, how to prepare this Finger cookies? Pic Source : (Funny, Finger cookies) - Food Is Fun Video Contest invites you and your videomaker friends to create a viral video about food which friends forward to friends. . We are launching “ Food is Fun” video contest. Theme: You choose a theme such as a) Food is Fun b)... -

Taylor Momsen Diet

Remember the little Cindy Lou Who from 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas?' Well, that is Taylor Momsen, who is 18 years old now. Taylor Momsen is also our television's favorite Gossip Girl Jenny Humphrey. Some say that she is quite skinny... -

Bottle Gourd Juice Leaves Scientist Dead

The Indian Bottle Gourd known as the ‘lauki’ in India has caused the experts to delve deeper into its constituents and their effects on the body. The frantic pace of investigations were initiated after Sushil Kumar Saxena, a  59 year old Indian... -

More Food Network Sucks

This is the 2 nd part in a (hopefully humorous) multi-part dissertation/dissection on how the Food Network is failing its’ viewers.   Many of the private and public comments I’ve received on my first blog seem to attempt to “remind” me of how... -

How To Cut Party Food Expenses At Home

Are you going to host a party this New Year's eve and are looking for ways to cut party food expenses ? Your search ends here because this blog will show you some great tips to limit party expenses and still host a smashing do.   ... -

Foodie Blues

Tears. My eyes sting. I squeeze them shut to ease this stinging sensation. It’s hot around. I don’t open my eyes for a while. I am sitting with my grandmother. Her wrinkled hand moves in an out of tandoor. Smoke rises from the tandoor. The... -

Tomatoes Here - Tomatoes There - Tomatoes Everywhere!

  There's been so much talk about tomatoes lately thanks to Mary-Anne and the Tomato Festival that I had to make some of my own last night. I've had tomatoes on the brain for a week now because of all the good reading, photos, and videos of... -

Healthful Aspects Of Tropical Fruits

  Healthful Aspects of Tropical Fruits   Pineapple Guava-flowers are also edible and so pretty   Recent research conducted by scientists from USDA’s Agricultural... -

Greek Salad Dressing Ideas

A salad lover had rightly said, “There is no salad like Greek salad.” Forget dolmades, souvlaki, and tzatziki! Now play up your supper fare with luscious ‘horiatiki salata’ drizzled with flavorful Greek salad dressings. A heavenly blend of olive oil,... -

Cucumber Allergy-causes, Symptoms, And Cure

Cucumber allergy is usually not an isolated condition. It is associated with ragweed allergies more often than not with several gourd related allergies being linked together with cucumber as well. Let us try to find out more about it I order to avoid... -

Ramadan Menu

Ramadan, the most auspicious month in the lunar calendar, is the month of fasting for Moslems all over the world. After fasting for more than 12 hours, when you break the fast at sun down, it is time from some splendid   Ramdan Food , to satiate your... -

Top 10 Diwali Snacks To Make At Home

Diwali, the festival of lights is all about great food and celebrations. While sweets steal the show, homemade Diwali snacks add spice to the biggest festival of India. As I love to give a personal touch to every special occasion; I am gearing up for... -

Enjoy A Three-course Meal Inspired By Fireworks

Wish to know how to enjoy a three-course meal inspired by fireworks? Well, here is an interesting menu that is truly amazing.                           ... -

Royal Wedding Cake For Prince William And Kate Middleton

Prince William is all set to marry Kate Middleton and grand multi-tiered cream and white frosting fruit cake has been ordered to glorify this wedding.   Baker Fiona Cairns who owns a cake company in Leicestershire is all set to make this cake. As... -

The Tortilla Guy & Chef Paul Prudhomme

  Hey All while at yet another food show in Chicago over the weekend I had the opportunity to meet and chat with a icon in the food business !!   Chef Paul attended the Kehe Show in Chicago over the weekend and he still does many trade shows... -

Better Sex Diet

                Mood Enhancers Foods like oysters really can ignite passion in the bedroom. How? They're good for your heart. And what's good for your heart is good... -

How To Prepare Cake Without An Oven

How to prepare cake without an oven make cake mixture ready. take pressure cooker, keep inside small dish upside down (ulta), keep on it the vessel full of cake mixture & close the lid of pressure coolker without... -

Watercress Leaf Benefits

Watercress leaf is one of the oldest known leafy vegetables eaten by human beings. This green leafy vegetable is an aquatic or semi-aquatic plant native to central Asia and Europe. Latest scientific reports prove that it is a potent candidate for... -

How To Plan A Diwali Party?

  Here are a few tips on how to plan a Diwali Party . Make the festival of lights a grand celebration with these tips. Decoration   Decorate your house with beautiful chandelier, diyas, candles,... -

Peshawari Chicken Leg.

  Hi,, lovers. Here is a tip for cooking[peshawari chicken legs],details of ingredients and cooking ,given below;-                     PESHAWARI< CHICKEN LEGS. INGREDIENTS-- 4 chicken... -

Carinitine Review - Is It Worth The Hype?

  Carnitine or L carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid and it is produced by liver and kidneys. This amino acid derivative is hydrophilic in nature. If you are a weight loss hopeful then you might have heard about this... -

10 Summer Party Appetizers

  The word summer symbolizes party, festivity, and fun with varieties of food and drinks. Here are some easy summer party appetizers that are quick to prepare. These quick and delightful recipes are perfect party appetizers , that ensure... -

Top 5 Traditional Diwali Recipes

Diwali is the time to refresh and rejoice with family and friends over the serenity of lights, aroma of incensed sticks, colored rangolis, crackers and above all savories and sweets. Although sweets and savories prepared and served during Diwali are also... -

Special Diwali Dinner Menu!

Diwali is a time for family gatherings, food, celebration and pooja. So enjoy  diwali with this traditional delicious dinner menu:                 1.PAKORA:as a starter ... -

Home Remedies For Bloated Stomach

Does your stomach balloon up often with a feeling of tightness, cramps, frequent burping, hiccups with general indigestion? Then its time you looked up some h ome remedies for bloated stomach   and bring back the digestion... -

Good News For Chocolate Lovers!

Here you are just before an exam or an interview or your first date feeling tensed and your palms are all sweaty. Suddenly in this anguished moment you catch a glimpse of a chocolate out of no where and impulsively you are drawn to it, before you can gather... -

Cheesecake Factory Menu

If you want to savor fresh selections made from the premium quality ingredients and of remarkable tastes, the Cheesecake Factory Menu is where you should be looking for. This menu holds 200 plus selections, all of which are prepared using quality standard... -

Edible Vaccines To Become A Reality Soon!

The concept of edible vaccines has taken yet another step towards reality. The Nobel Prize winner Dr Barry Marshall has identified a few strains of the peptic ulcer causing bacteria Helicobactor Pylori, that could be utilized as a vaccine to keep away... -

Maryland Seafood Festival - Information And Updates

Sandy Point State Park will once again be hosting the 44th annual Maryland Seafood Festival , a delicious and entertaining event, with music, great food, exhibits, and arts and crafts. This family fun and feasting event is expected to draw 20,000+ visitors... -

Popular Courgette Dressing Ideas

If traditional vinaigrette bores you normally, then stun yourself with delectable courgette dressing that brings to your plate a flurry of exciting flavors. Prepared using a host of different ingredients, this dressing combines unusual flavors and... -

Vanessa Hudgens Diet

  There is something about Vanessa Hudgens diet that we could all relate to. She is someone who loves junk food like a lot of us out there. She gained so much of weight that even getting into her costumes became a challenge. So, she stopped.... -

Top Three Cheese Cookbook Reviews

It would be hard to pick just one book out of the top three cheese cookbooks reviewed here. They are all fantastic in their own right and have some of the most delicious recipes you will ever taste.   1. The Great Big Cheese... -

The Stuff About Making A Cooking Show That Nobody Tells You

So, you have a video camera. You can use Windows Media Maker. You can cook. And you’re ready to seek your fame and fortune on the fertile landscape of the World Wide Web. Ready to start filming? Not so fast! It is true that websites like... -

Have You Eatern Biryani Like This?

Well, i love Biryani (a North Indian dish in which rice is cooked with goat or other meats and spices). I have had a lot of Biryani and at many places. I have had biryani at home (where it is the best - my friends also swear that the mutton birynia my MOM... -

Suggest The Birthday Menu For Aishwarya!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY   AISHWARYA !   Aishwarya Rai Bachchan   born on November 1, 1973, is an Indian actress. Prior to her career in film, she worked as a model and gained fame for winning the Miss... -

Top 5 Halloween Desserts

With only a few more days to go for the creepy festival of Halloween, it is time to gear up, get on your toes  and get planning and preparing your home decorations, gifts, the  food, and not to forget, the desserts for those trick or treat routines. Here is... -

Wrap Recipe Contest !!!

Hey all I want to have a contest - for the best 25 wrap recipes I will send out a coupon for a free package of Tumaro's Tortillas  and most retailers do carry them.   Myself and the panel of judges from Tumaro's will judge them and let... -

Fat Free Milk On The Way.........

Milk is one of the most popular an healthy beverage. Everybody enjoys a milk shake but most of us avoid milk as it is loaded with fat and calories. But here a good news for milk lovers. Now fat free milk will be... -

Some Thanks From The People That I Have Interviewed !!!

Well here is the proof that we are appreciated !!!  Thank Yous from some foodies that I have interviewed !!!   Steve:   This is pretty good.  I will get it to our marketing guy and see what he can do. Can... -

Food Expenditure Around The World

What The World Eats Germany : Food expenditure for one week : 375.39 Euros or $500.07 Favorite foods : fried potatoes with onions, bacon and herring, fried noodles with eggs and cheese, pizza, vanilla pudding... -

Baking Event - Calling All Foodies

Let’s make it happening here at ifood. Let us all get together and GET COOKING!!!. A theme based cooking event is what I would like to host here and look forward to enthusiastic participation from all of you to get our fun place “” Rocking!! ... -


Campari stem tomatoes!   Aren't these gorgeous?  We can cook eat and talk tomatoes all year long.  Please join my Tomato Group here on iFood.TV   ... -

Perfect Pill

Hello to all members on IFOOD.TV, My name is Angel. I am a 25y/o novice trying new ways to make a better living. I am also a good cook but only because I need to eat to survive. Whatever you do PLEASE READ before you move to on the next comment. ... -

How To Train Your Brain To Eat Healthy

The brain is our most important organ; a human mind can control the whole body. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that there is actually a biological reason behind a person craving ice cream instead of broccoli. The good news is, this means you can... -

Seasoning For Salsa-how To Tips & Ideas

There is an array of choices for preparing the perfect seasoning for salsa, many of which are capable of turning this versatile dish into an explosive culinary indulgence. You can definitely buy seasonings with unique ingredients, but there is something... -

San Antonio Kitchen Essentials

  A San Antonio kitchen should comprise of some simple and space-saving tools to save time and aggravation in the kitchen. Here is a list of tools that are quite essential to stock up your San Antonio kitchen. For a newbie the following... -

How To Dry Ginger

Wondering how to dry ginger ? Do not fret, for this blog outlines the easiest way to dry ginger at home. Drying ginger is one of the best ways to preserve ginger for use later on. Ginger can be preserved in vodka too where it remains fresh for a very... -

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Cheese Soup

If you are diet conscious and love cheese you will have to convert your soup into a low fat cheese soup   by making few alterations in the ingredients. Yes, you read it right – cheese soup can be low fat also. In this blog, I am going to... -

Top Three Vegetarian Mexican Cookbook Reviews

    Here is a review of the top 3   vegetarian Mexican cookbooks available in the market today. Hopefully you should find this review quite helpful. With vegetarian and vegan Mexican recipes included, these books are some of the... -

Turmeric Powder - Usage & Health Benefits

Tumeric Powder has been used for human consumption for centuries in several Asian cooking cultures. However, the West has just recently awakened to the culinary and health benefits of this rhizomous spice. The orange yellow spice contains ‘Curcumin’, an... -

Suggest The Diwali Menu For Film Stars!

O f all the festivals celebrated in India, Diwali is by far the most glamorous and important. Enthusiastically enjoyed by people of every religion, its magical and radiant touch creates an atmosphere of joy and festivity. Bollywood also... -