Top 5 Easter Cakes To Bake!

  Easter is a time for celebration, and what’s a celebration without a cake? With such an important occasion coming up, we are sure you’d want to bake one too. While you may have your own traditional versions that you make... -

Sleeping Less? Know Where You Are Heading To!

  Are you a night owl? Do you go to bed late at night and wake up early to attend to the day’s duties? Do you find yourself yawning and sleepy during the day ? If your answer is yes to all these questions, chances are that you are... -

Brush Your Teeth With Chocolate!

  Does your child refuse to brush his teeth? Getting little ones to brush is an everyday battle for most parents. The situation remains so even with kiddie toothpastes coming in a variety of enticing flavors and attractive... -

Celebrate Earth Day By Adding Every Part Of The Plant To Your Plate

April 22 2014 is Earth Day. The day when we honor Mother Earth and vow to reduce the carbon footprints on our atmosphere. Going green and eating organic are popular themes associated with this occasion. Why don’t you try something different this time? ... -

You Don't Have To Chew Food Anymore!

  When kitchen gadgets are always aimed at finishing chores faster and easier, here’s a new gadget that is made to make the elderly happy. Eating food is often a problem for the aged as they cannot chew and swallow food like... -

Bakery Offers Portable Cocktail

Do you love to suck on gum drops? But you are an adult, right? Well the newly introduced Rum Drops are just your thing then . Brought out by the famous (infamous?) ‘Prohibition Bakery’ of New York, these tiny drops can help you to get a taste of rum... -

5 Nations That Reject Peanut Butter

Peanut butter- the wonderfully crunchy product from peanuts that you just cannot live without! PB & J  comes to mind straightaway of course but even spicy dishes like noodles  and buns  taste out of this... -

6 Kimchi Dishes For The Die-hard American

The spicy and sour kimchi holds a special place in the heart of every Korean. Full of fiber and rich in nutrients, this extraordinary fermented dish from the Far East has made inroads into the American plate too . While enriching a stew or fired rice with... -

This Family Avoided Sugar For A Whole Year!

  Is reducing a couple of teaspoons of sugar in your drink a very tough thing to do? Imagine how life would have been for a family of 4 (including 2 kids!) who decided not to eat any added sugar for an entire year! Sounds strange,... -

What Happens When Strawberries Turn Inside Out?

You have heard of role reversals before but a color reversal? Now, what’s that? A photo negative like effect surely! Well, this very effect has been applied to strawberries now. What does it mean? Just that you have the opportunity of putting luscious... -

Omg! Superfoods Can Be Bad Too!

Veggies and whole grains are flying off the shelves at supermarkets now simply because they are labeled as superfoods. All the hype N hoopla about antioxidants have given people new hope of looking younger with every passing year as well as staying off from... -

Lack Of Iodine Can Make You Dumb!

  Are you getting enough iodine per day? Who knows – you say? Well, iodine deficiency causes more damage than we often realize. It reduces your body’s thyroid hormones, and this means you’ll have trouble with... -

Diy - A Pretty Flower Sushi That You Can Make!

  While making sushi by itself is a skill, creating an artwork on it is quite another. If you thought that sushi art was something only very experienced chefs can do, think again! Here’s a great video that teaches you how... -

Which Would You Choose: A Dirty Fruit Or No Fruit At All?

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away!’ Does this hold true anymore? Especially when you are not too bothered about washing the exterior of the fruit thoroughly before taking a bite . Well, you might as well invite the doctor home! Your unwashed... -

Can You Spot The Hidden Kitchen?

  Grabbing the attention of newspaper readers isn’t that easy. That’s why Colombian designer Felipe Salazar thought he had to do something different to  draw the reader's attention to his ad within via a second’s... -

Marinating Meat With Beer Could Save Your Life!

  Did you know that grilling and barbecuing meat can cause cancer ? Yes, cooking meat at high temperatures can make cancer-causing substances form on it. However, there’s some good news now. A study has revealed that you can reduce the... -

Know The Different Avatars Of Coffee!

  The entire world goes gaga over coffee, yet each country makes it in its own way! Despite containing the same basic ingredient and being called by the same name, did you know that the coffee you drink is not the same as the... -

Is Mcdonald’s A Victim Of The Modern Crimean War?

Crimea is the hot bed of action now! What with the overthrowing of the Ukrainian President and Russian Premier, Putin jumping in to annex it, the province is not having a dull moment at all. But trust McDonald’s to sulk and withdraw from the area too for... -

Cash N Tips Banned In La

What do you feel about tipping your server at a restaurant? Its all part of the game, isn’t it? Well, ‘Brand 58’ of Glendale in LA begs to differ. The proprietor is strongly against his waiters receiving tips and makes it clear to all his customers... -

Alphabet Sandwich With A To Z Ingredients!

  Sandwich is nothing new to you, but have you tried the alphabet sandwich as yet? You probably haven’t! For it’s another crazy invention of Nick from DudeFoods after his popular McEverything and 25 cheese pizza!... -

5 Handy Tips For Making Your Own Hot Sauce

Pouring fiery hot curry powder into your soup or topping your pizza with Sriracha  may well satisfy your spice hankerings but are you quite pleased with the outcome every time? Wouldn’t you rather have your own brand of hot sauce... -

Never Use Your Toaster Like This!

  You’ve probably heard about making meatballs with a coffeemaker and thought it was a really smart idea. However, did you know that getting innovative in the kitchen can sometimes backfire ? Yes, quite literally so! Look at... -

Ansel Is Back With A Bang!

  Despite all the chaos about mice scurrying around Ansel’s bakery , who can really resist eating a cronut? The bakery which was shut down by the Department of Health (DOH) for the last few days has opened its doors again ... -

Why Do You Say Cheese?

What’s in a name? Wondered the Bard once upon a time. Yet denoting a specific term to all things around us helps us to understand easily. But some of the strange sounding names of foods may set you thinking too. Why are the thick noodles called pasta... -

Watch How To Make Juice In Space!

  It’s amazing to see to what extent some brands go to launch their products! Look at what “ Robinsons,” a British juice brand, just did! In order to show how portable their “Squash’d” juice concentrates were,... -

How To Color Easter Eggs With Veggie Dyes

  With just a few days to go for Easter, it’s time to make those colorful Easter eggs once again! If you have been using those artificial chemical-laden colors all the while, why not try going natural this time? Using... -

Top 5 Easter Main Dish Recipes

  It’s Easter time, folks and it’s time you shortlisted your dinner menu for the occasion! Have you decided what you’d be making for the grand meal? Well, you probably have your family’s traditional dishes that you make... -

5 Secrets That A Food Stylist Won’t Tell You

Ever been tempted to try a new product that looked absolutely delicious on the television screen or a billboard? Sure you have but the real food while being appetizing does not even come close to its photographed version. The food companies have the stylist... -

How Babies React To Lemon

Life is definitely not all sweet! It can be sour too or even bitter at times. So what do you do when life hands you a lemon? Try to brave it unflinchingly or just go Boo Hoo? Do what you have to do but shouldn’t your kids be spared the ordeal? After... -

5 Super Fruit Juices You Need

Move over orange & apple juices ! The juice from the super foods or super fruits is here! True, they might not be as flavorsome as the common fruit juices, yet they pack quite a punch especially when it comes to health. ... -

You May Not Eat Meat…soon!

  Have you become a vegan or vegetarian recently for some good reason? If yes, you may at times be tempted to get back to eating meat again. It is for people like you that fake meats made of plant protein have evolved in the... -

5 Eggy Chinese Dishes That Yankees Love

Eggs- the delicious combo of nutrient dense yolk encased in a white protein-rich cover are something that most of us turn to in times of need. The Chinese are not averse to it either despite coming from a diverse culture. It is also not strange to see a... -

How To Make A Boozy Ginger Beer

A little sweet & a little fiery with the wonderful aroma of fresh ginger! This is what ginger beer, the age old drink of the Brits tastes like. Wait a minute though! Would you like to sip on the amber colored liquid that is sweet and unassuming? Or... -

Mighty Taco ‘putin’ It’s Foot Down

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, is not a popular man . Certainly not in the Western World who condemned his act of seizing Crimea from Ukraine. But ‘Mighty Taco,’ the Mexican fast food joint in Buffalo has put its foot down firmly this time. It... -

A Major Downfall For The Cronut King!

  After having been under the limelight for the last several months, Dominique Ansel is now in the news for a wrong reason! His establishment in NYC is presently closed after receiving a notice by the "Department of... -

Gordon Ramsay's Onion Trick!

  Cutting an onion is one of the most hated chores in the kitchen! Who would want to shed tears while cooking anyway? Well, you may often get away by  quickly  cutting it up in large slices, but what if you need... -

A Sure-fire Way To Get Your Child To Eat Egg!

  Does your child hate eggs? Does he put up a stiff battle to eat a boiled egg? If this is a common scenario at home, then here’s just what you need! A knight in armor called Arthur Egg Cup ! Wonder what we are talking... -

Tips To Bake Your Own Wedding Cake!

  If you are someone who is often bitten by the do-it-yourself bug, then you may be tempted to make your own wedding cake too! This is true especially, if you are an avid home baker. However, even if you have baked several... -

American Treats That Britishers Hate!

  When it comes to liking food, we no doubt like the ones we get in our own country. But have you ever wondered what people of other nations feel about our foods , including those we are proud of? What would be their... -

Top 5 Homemade Chocolates To Indulge In

  Do you know of anybody who doesn’t like chocolates? Hardly! This delicious treat is not only a favorite for children, but also for grown-ups. Just a single bite of it elevates your mood and makes you forget everything else... -

6 Politicos Who Saw Food Action

What is the use of food? Why ask this stupid question when you know that it is for eating? Well, yes, but it has other uses too! Being thrown as a sign of protest for instance! That’s right! Food particularly eggs & rotten tomatoes have made their... -

Visit ‘lulu & Me’ For A Gargantuan Gastronomic Experience

Located in the hot & happening area of NoMad (Manhattan) in NYC, ‘ LuLu & Me’  has become a restaurant/bar to reckon with over the last couple of years . Jointly owned and run by the husband-wife duo of Karen... -

Future Today Inc. Joins Amazon Fire Tv To Enrich Your Viewing Experience

Move over Roku & Apple, Amazon Fire TV is here ! The $99 device is up for grabs now and hopes to revolutionize the living room TV viewing experience. Future Today Inc. isn’t worried though. After tasting unprecedented success with Roku it has... -

How To Pair Wine And Cheese Perfectly?

  Pairing the appropriate cheese with wine can be a challenging task, especially for newbies. Both of these complement each other well when properly paired . Otherwise, a very strong flavored wine may mask the creamy... -

These 5 Unhealthy Foods Can Be Made Healthy!

  Are you often confused by the “health news” you hear these days? For example, you read about 5 reasons why you should drink coffee. The next day, you read about why coffee is bad for you. So what exactly are you... -

A Revolutionary Pizzeria For Weed Smokers!

  Why would anyone go to a pizza joint? Does that sound like a dumb question? Well, a revolutionary pizzeria in Vancouver, Canada has yet another unusual reason for pulling in people. It offers a weed pizza and also lets... -

Don’t You Need These Edible Wrappers?

  With more and more wastes reaching the landfills, it looks like people across the globe are trying to cut down on the prime culprit - plastic. But how does one create something as convenient as plastic, yet does not harm the... -

5 Two-ingredient Easter Recipes

Easter happens to be a busy time around the kitchen. You do have to start making a number of treats coupled with the classic desserts and special breads . Understandably, you would not have a minute to spare. There’s no time to sulk though! “You gotta do... -

6 Tips For Making The Perfect Burger At Home

Burgers are simply…Amazing! This has been the common sentiment expressed by thousands of people from the time this humble fast food has succeeded in setting our taste buds ringing. But try to replicate this yummy snack at home and you are in for a... -

What Your Favorite Beverage Tells About You

Tea, coffee or me? Well, this isn’t much of a choice is it? You would definitely choose yourself every time. But what about the hot beverage that helps you to go through the day? Are you one of those dainty, soft spoken persons who love to sip weak,... -