Why Lunch Is Important

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A healthy lunchMost of us have a quick lunch to stave off hunger, but is this mid-day meal really necessary? Read on to find out why lunch is important and how it can be beneficial for you.



The Importance of Lunch

A mid-day meal is one of the main meals of the day. Not only does it help ward off hunger, it also provides you with the required nutrients to keep going for the rest of the day. The glucose that your breakfast gives your body would have been used up by mid day, and the body feels exhausted both mentally and physically after being busy for a while. Now, there is a need to replenish your glucose levels in order to help you stay active. Thus, eating a healthy lunch will provide you with the required energy boost to face the rest of the day.



Benefits of Having a Lunch

Having lunch can benefit you in many ways than you actually realize. The following are some of the benefits you reap from eating a good mid-day meal:

  • A well-balanced lunch nourishes you with protein, minerals, and vitamins that is good for the body. Find some lunch ideas here that are good for your heart and overall health.
  • It provides you with carbohydrates, which gives you an instant energy boost.
  • Having lunch makes you remain active and keeps you from feeling sluggish.
  • Your brain is energized, helping you to think clearly.
  • You are able to think proactively and make good decisions.
  • You are more productive and functional at work.
  • It brightens up your mood and helps you socialize well.
  • A hearty lunch makes you feel good about yourself.



Myths and Facts about Lunch

  • Skipping lunch helps you lose weight. – Not true. Skipping a meal actually makes you want for more. You will end up having a larger portion in the next meal or nibble snacks through the day, which makes weight loss even more difficult.
  • Having lunch makes you feel sleepy – Having too much of anything can make you feel sluggish. The idea is to eat a healthy proportion to help you stay active.



Tips for Eating a Healthy Lunch

  • Eat on time.
  • Include a variety of foods, such as vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and lean meat.
  • Eat in moderation.
  • Don’t starve.



Having known why lunch is important, it is essential that you make the necessary changes to your lunch routine. Eat heartily during the day and stay healthy! Do let us know how you feel about it!



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Is it possible to eat so much during a work filled day?
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