Tips To Make Homemade Snack Mix

17-Feb-2012 by

Dried fruits mix - snack mixLooking for newer ways of preparing snack mix? This is one of those few items which we look forward to especially while watching movies or enjoying otheleisurely moments with friends. There are hundreds of ways of preparing this mix and each one can be better than the other. It depends on your innovative ideas and preferences. To add to your excitement we have a few more ideas just for you!


Ideas for snack mix:


Using cereals:

  • Use a variety of cereals for preparing the snack mix and it will change the taste of this snack like never before. Use toasted oat cereal and Chex cereals of different variety or any one variety if you feel like.


Dried fruits:

  • These will not only add to the nutrition count but will also add to their taste and crunchiness of the mix. If you choose to add dried fruits or apricots you should use any kind of sauce.Homemade snack mix


Glazed honey:

  • This tastes wonderful when you are preparing the snack mix mainly with fruits. The benefits of honey adds to the nutritional value of the snack.


Pretzels and chocolates:

  • These add to the taste and flavor and are specially loved by kids. Waffle pretzels, chocolate kisses and peanut butter is used mainly in this snack mix. It is just perfect for kid’s parties and get-togethers.


Lemon pepper:

  • Add lemon pepper and bring about a great variation to the snack by adding just half a spoon of lemon pepper. It brings about a tangy taste which is loved by all.


Using sauces:

  • The common sauce used in any snack mix is the Worcestershire sauce. To add a special taste to this snack you can try out hot paprika sauce or even barbecue sauce.Delicious homemade snack mix


These ideas will change your next Snack Mix party – hope you find them truly useful.


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