Thanksgiving Cookie Ideas

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Easy Thanksgiving cookiesAutumn has arrived and now it is time to thank God for good harvest and celebrate. Thanksgiving cookie ideas are innovative ideas which are the ways to enjoy the day while munching in your favorite cookies. Thanksgiving was first celebrated in United States, but now people celebrate it all around the world.  Here are some thanksgiving cookie ideas that can help you throw a special party to enjoy with family and friends.


Thanksgiving turkey cookie:

Thanksgiving turkey cookie is the easiest and can be prepared with very little ingredients. To prepare it, you need to make smooth dough by mixing butter, flour, sugar, cream, baking soda egg and salt. Cut the dough into shape using cookie cutter and bake them till they are golden brown. Once the cookie is ready, now it is time to decorate it. Place the baked cookie on a sheet and decorate it with peanut butter, chocolate frosting and different color icing.


Thanksgiving leaf cookie:

Easy Thanksgiving cookies are very attractive and it also takes very little time to prepare. Prepare basic sugar cookie dough.  Roll the dough, cut it out into pieces using cutter and bake.  All you need to decorate is yellow, red and green color icing. Apply yellow icing to the base of the cookie, then use green and the red ones to outline the veins of the leaf.


Fruits of the harvest cookie:

Preparing the cookie is very simple and you can also involve your kids while preparing it, so that they can enjoy. To prepare the cookie, you need is to have a basic sugar cookie dough   and different cookie cutters of different shapes. Your children might find cutting cookie very interesting, so you can ask them to give it different shapes. After the cookies are baked decorate it with icing containing colors so that they look real fruits.


With all these delicious Thanksgiving cookie ideas, I am sure, your Thanksgiving is going to be a memorable one!


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