Record-Breaking Bratwurst Created In Wisconsin Family Store

08-Oct-2012 by


Bratwurst Wisconsin

In order to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of its store, a Wisconsin family created a record-breaking bratwurst, at 52-food-2-inch. The brat was constructed by the store, Ptacek IGA's, employees in-house. However, the bun came from the Pan-O-Gold Baking Company, which makes products under brand names Country Hearth and Village Hearth.


An event was organized this weekend, in which two such bratwurst sandwiches were sold to the public for $4 per plate. However, not all of it went to just the carnal pleasure of human race. Organizers of the event have donated the proceeds from the event to "Have a Heart Inc.", which provides help to kids with developmental disabilities. As for the bratwurst, the "World Record Academy" is in the process of completing the official formalities before announcing it as such.


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