Poplar Springs Hosts Turkey-Friendly Thanksgiving Meal

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At Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary, they are preparing for a different kind of Thanksgiving. The guests are served a vegan meal made up of lentil-walnut loaves, Tofurkey, seitan slabs, beans, salads, and lots of chips. Where's the turkey, you may ask! Well, the turkey is having its own lunch somewhere on this gorgeous farm, spread over 400 acres or so. The Animal Sanctuary serves as a safe haven for the farm animals, abandoned by the roadside by their owners.


The Vegan Thanksgiving feast before the holiday season begins may not be everyone's idea of a perfect meal but one look at the lumpy head, the flappy gobbler, and those unblinking eyes, and you would never again want to have a turkey for Thanksgiving. That is, actually, the whole idea behind the vegan feast arranged at the Sanctuary.

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The guests get to meet the turkeys, and other farm birds and animals, rescued from a dreaded life. You can pet the birds, fondle them and then eat your vegan meal. The Sanctuary is run by Terry Cummings and her husband since 1997, where 200 abused farm animals are taken care of.


This year, more than 900 people attended the vegan Thanksgiving meal and came away changed. Some of the guests even admitted that they came to know about veganism as well as the way calves and their mothers are treated by the dairy industry.


Last year, America consumed 736 million pounds of turkey meat on Thanksgiving. However, if the Poplar Springs Thanksgiving meal is able to change the minds of even 10 guests this year, that would mean a real life pardon for some turkeys. That would be celebrating the real spirit of Thanksgiving!



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Image Courtesy: animalsanctuary, tranquilspace