KFC Mac & Cheese Bites Not Much To Talk About

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Everyone loves Mac & Cheese but deep fried Mac & Cheese? At KFC? Hmmmm. KFC Philippines’ latest offering, “KFC Mac & Cheese Bites” is all set to be unveiled again this season after having been introduced last October. The item comes with an interesting and mouth-watering description – “5 bite-sized treats with a crunchy outside and a delicious center filled with soft macaroni and creamy cheese”. To top it all off, the cheesy sauce also has bits of bacon to give you that hint of smokiness. Now, who can refuse such a delicious offer?


Since these Bites are yet not available in America, the Americans are satisfying themselves by reading the blogger reviews and descriptions being posted on the web about these Mac & Cheese Bites.


The bites are described as crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Well, what else do you expect when you have macaroni pasta and bacon bits cooked in cheese sauce. However, the bite-size Mac & Cheese is not enough to satisfy the typical hungry appetitie, so why not order it as a side to your typical KFC order?! We can't wait to hear what you think! Comment below!



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