How To Remove Bitter Taste From Your Soup

23-Dec-2010 by

bitter taste

It is important to learn how to remove bitter taste from your soup, so that when you face such a situation, you know what needs to be done. Removing bitter taste of soup is easy – you just need to know the right tricks. Here are some tips on how to remove bitter taste from your soup:


  • If you find that your soup tastes bitter, you can add 3-4 tablespoons of milk in the soup. This is very effective in reducing the bitterness.
  • Sometimes some specific vegetables cause bitterness in soups. You just need to avoid those vegetables, which cause bitterness in the soup when overcooked. If you find that your soup is quite bitter, just remove these bitter tasting vegetables like leeks and add a little bit of honey. Once you remove such vegetables and simmer the soup for sometime, it shall help to remove bitter taste from your soup.
  • Another good idea is to remove the scum from top of the soup. The skin of the vegetables is usually very bitter and often contains impurities which cause the bitter taste. This is the most time-tested tip for removing bitter taste of soup.
  • Adding bread crumbs to soup is also a good way to remove bitter taste from your soup. However, this is only recommended when you are making the soup in small quantity or there is not too much bitterness. Bread crumbs usually tend to absorb the soup and along with it, its bitterness. When you add bread crumbs, you will find that the soup is reduced. So, add a little bit more of stock and prepare the soup again.
  • Many chefs suggest the use of water to lighten the soup first, in order to make the consistency very light. You can also add some honey and a little bit of sugar. If you find that the soup tastes sweet, you can add one teaspoon of vinegar. This shall help in removing bitter taste of the soup and balance its taste.


Image credits: wholeliving