Houston Food Festivals

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Houston SkylineHouston Food Festivals are among the biggest events of the state of Texas. Being a cosmopolitan city, Houston has been the confluence of diverse cultures and traditions. By visiting any of the Houston food festival, one will be able to feel the diversity in the culinary traditions of the locality.


Important Houston Food Festivals

Epicurean Evening – A Taste of Space

The Space Center of Houston organizes this annual event of best foods available in and around the city in the month of February. This gala food event is participated by more than 40 top restaurants and food stalls with an array of gourmet cuisines. The festival also organizes live entertainment show and several fun-filled events for kids, to keep everyone busy and entertained.


The Rodeo Uncorked! Roundup and Best Bites Competition

One of the premier-most Houston food festivals, this event is all about good Houston food and fine wine. Participants of this food festival are generally the top chefs and top wineries of Houston area. The festival opens up the opportunity to sample taste the award-winning wines and signature lined exclusive food preparations. There are also quite a few interesting competitions on best food and best wine, which make the festival more exciting.


International Risotto Festival

Houston is also the city to host the International Risotto Festival, in the month of October. The festival invites leading chefs to participate in risotto making competition. Other than risotto, one can satisfy his appetite from a choice of international cuisines. The festivities also include several interesting activities for kids and family.


Menu of Menus

Houston Press organized food festival; Menu of Menus is a long-awaited food event for the local food-buffs.  The festival is celebrated in April and is joined by more than 20 top restaurants of the area with their choice of best cuisines and beverages. By visiting the festival one can enjoy the opportunity of unlimited sampling of food, beer, wine and spirit.


Houston Hot Sauce Festival

The Houston Hot Sauce Festival is one of the most interesting Houston food festivals to attend. The 11th year of this festival is going to be held in September, with plenty of hotness. The festival organizes exciting competitions on eating hot, fiery and spicy food items. On the other hand, the visitors can enjoy a wide variety of food and cold beverages to cool down after the competition. Live entertainment and various children activities are the added attraction of the festival. The winners and contestants are awarded with cash or gifts.


Other than the above mentioned festivals, Houston Restaurant Week and Houston Wine Festival – both are quite popular, even at the international level.


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