Gift Pie: How to Tips & Ideas

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gift pieYou can gift pie to someone special on any occasion. You must find out the preference of the recipient and buy the pies accordingly as taste differs from person to person. The budget of the gift must also be decided beforehand, as it will determine the varieties of pies to be purchased and gifted. This gift will surely be a big hit amongst people who receive it.


How to Choose the Best Pies to Gift

There are different types of pies available in the market. You can gift either sweet pies, savory pies, or a combination of both. Both sweet pies and savory pies are available in several flavors and variations.


Savory pies – Popular savory pies include, butter pie, pork pie, cottage pie, quiche, bacon and egg pie, chicken pie, fish pie, and curry pie.


Sweet pies – Popular sweet pies include, apple pie, sugar pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, lemon meringue pie, custard pie, cherry pie, and banoffee pie.


Ways to Gift Pies

  • An assortment of bite-sized sweet and savory pies can be packed together in a decorative platter and gifted away.
  • Homemade pies can be packed in a box and gifted.
  • The ingredients of a simple pie recipe can be added as layers in a jar. If you want to know how to make a simple apple pie, refer to the article on “how to make easy apple pie”.


Packaging Ideas for Presenting Pie

Pies can be added to a box/basket that can be beautifully decorated. Red box/basket is great for Valentines and weddings while brown or black box/basket is ideal for making a corporate gift. Add shredded papers as the lining of the basket/box and then place the pie packed in an aluminum foil or cardboard box over the base. Place it carefully and decorate the box using colorful ribbons and trinkets to complete the gift.


You can use your own creative ideas or add a personal touch in order to gift pies. They make the perfect gifts for any occasion and are appreciated by all.


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Baking a pie at home and taking to any party is a wonderful idea to gift something and also exhibit your baking skills! A perfect option for holidays and pot-lunch parties !
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