A New Type of Wine Stopper...

03-Nov-2007 by

Do I really have to say more?  Have fun with your food (and drink)!


vikas kumar profile page

vikas kumar says :

That's funny! I love the product name, too...Genie in the bottle...actually it could be Genie's in the bottle!
Posted on: 3 November 2007 - 7:10am
CookingMyWay profile page

CookingMyWay says :

lol wouldn't that be funny... :) Nikko
Posted on: 3 November 2007 - 8:19am
Snigdha profile page

Snigdha says :

Wow..cool wine stopper! Does this genie glow in the dark?
Posted on: 4 November 2007 - 1:41pm