5 Must-Have Seasonings For Your Kitchen

12-Jan-2011 by

A kitchen needs to stock up many spices that can be used for seasoning to enhance flavor and quality of food prepared. The 5 must-have seasonings for your kitchen should include the basics which are absolutely mandatory where food is concerned.


The must-have seasonings for kitchen are:


  1. Salt – salt enhances the flavor of all food it is added to. Salt is an integral part of all dishes raw or cooked. Even though table salt is the most preferred form in which it is used, there are other forms of salts with varied flavors. Sea salts have minerals in them which are beneficial to the body. They are not always homogenized and come as small granules or rocks. They should be generously sprinkled for best effects. Salts keep dehydration at bay.


  1. Freshly ground pepper – salt and pepper are table condiments that can be added to food even after cooking is done. The combination of salt and pepper can spice up your dish. This is one of the most necessary seasonings in 5 must-have seasonings for your kitchen list. Pepper can be generously added to dishes of eggs and in raw salads. They taste fresh and fiery when freshly ground. The pepper powders available in the markets usually do not have an individual taste but prefer to blend in with the dish. Freshly ground pepper on the other hand can liven up all your taste buds right up to your throat and beyond!


  1. Red pepper (powdered or crushed) – red peppers are the most fiery of the all the 5 must-have seasonings for your kitchen. But, red peppers when taken in small quantities are good sources of vitamin C and is believed to increase immunity. You need to be careful though since excess intake can give rise to gastric ailments. They are common ingredients of all stir fries and can be sprinkled on salads for than extra heat!


  2. Turmeric – used in its dried and powdered form, turmeric is a natural antiseptic that when added to food while cooking improves health. Though turmeric can be used fresh like ginger, the fresh taste is not always palatable. Turmeric would be one of the 5 must-have seasonings for your kitchen for Indians and some South Asian countries.


  3. Ginger – Garlic – a combination of freshly ground ginger and garlic is the best seasoning that alleviate the taste of a particular dish. Used all over the world either in paste form or as freshly cut ginger-garlic, they are the true taste-makers in a kitchen. Definitely they occupy an important position in the 5 must-have seasonings for your kitchen.

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