I am the daughter of a Naval officer and so travel has been one of my passion but the one thing you don't forget to experiment with when in a new place is, the food. I am a cocktail in the real sense as my parents belong to different parts of southern India, while I was born in Kanpur and raised in Mumbai. I am now in Delhi as I relocated after I got married. I pursued my Bachelors in Mass Communication from Mumbai and completed my Post Graduation in Journalism from Auckland University of Technology in Auckland, NewZealand. I have been fortunate to travel a good hemisphere of the world alone as part of my study and internships and some on vacations. Me being a foodie and my undying passion for writing and travel all wrapped under one, helped me transform into a lifestyle writer. I have worked with the print media mainly covering lifestyle and have been involved in large number of restaurant and food reviews. Some of them that added to my girth while majority of them that instantly brought a smile to my face. And this is the reason why I am here.