Avocado Week 2010

Avocado Week 2010 takes place from October 25th to 31st, and will feature many opportunities to try avocados in supermarkets around the UK, as well as magazine articles and recipes, and the annual Avocado Brotherhood lunch at Wahaca. One of the highlights of Avocado Week will be a ‘Tweet-a-long’ cookery demonstration by Thomasina Miers, which can be followed step-by-step on Twitter. Tommi - who has just been voted the number one Celebrity Chef Tweeter - is cooking head-to head with Tom Parker-Bowles. Both will be cooking their own favourite simple avocado recipes from 7pm on 26th October. You can the keep tabs on the build up - including the ingredients you'll need to join in - and the demo itself by following AvocadoBrother on Twitter. You can also follow the Avocado Brotherhood blog, which can be found at AvocadoBrotherhood.Blogspot.com. Thomasina says: "I am delighted to be part of Avocado Week. It still amazes me that so few of us eat them – only a quarter of us in the UK have caught on to this healthy treat." In celebration of Avocado Week, Tommi has also developed some delicious avocado recipes for you to use. Check them out! More information about Hass avocados is available online at www.DeliciousAvocados.com.
  • Grilled Chorizo And Avocado Sandwiches Recipe

    Grilled Chorizo And Avocado Sandwiches

    Tommi says: "These are the most irresistible sandwiches imaginable. Creamy Hass avocado, spicy chorizo, fresh lime juice and plenty of rocket. It is both fresh and earthy; rich and light, simple yet...
    By : Avocado Week 2010

  • Buffalo Mozzarella, Avocado, Thyme & Potato Pizzas With Chili Oil Recipe

    Buffalo Mozzarella, Avocado, Thyme & P..

    Tommi says: "This recipe is inspired by the delicious open pizzas made of a wafer-thin corn dough sold at night-time in two main streets in Oaxaca, Mexico for people rolling out of nearby bars. They...
    By : Avocado Week 2010